Annual General Meeting of the Hastings & St. Leonards Chess Club –

NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting of the Hastings & St. Leonards Chess Club –

Hastings & St Leonards Chess Club Ltd, company registration 07737752 – will be held on Sunday 3 September 2017 at 2:00 pm at Pelton House, 2 Cornwallis Terrace, Hastings.

All Members are entitled to attend and speak but only Full Members are entitled to vote

Members are encouraged to attend but if they cannot then company law permits them to appoint a proxy and a form of proxy accompanies this notice.

Would be proxy givers are asked to consider carefully any directions they wish to give the proxy holder on how and when their vote is to be exercised or not to be exercised.

A form of proxy is enclosed for eligible members who wish to use it.

Members are strongly urged, in order to expedite the business of the Meeting, to raise beforehand with the appropriate person any points of information that might perhaps be disposed of without taking up the Meeting’s time.

Tea (complimentary) will be taken at approximately 4.00 p.m., and if necessary the meeting will adjourn for that purpose.

After the AGM, there will be the customary President’s v Chairman’s Match (30 minutes per player,
ungraded) for the Reg Cload Trophy.

It is not obligatory for most to submit written reports, but the following documents are enclosed with this Agenda:

Agenda item 6: Chairman’s Report
AGENDA ITEM 8 Treasurer Report
Agenda Item 9.1 Premises officer

Agenda item 9.4 Librarian Report
Agenda item 9.20 mid Sussex 3
Agenda item 9.19 Mid Sussex 2
Agenda item 9.10 Stevenson cup
Agenda item 9.12 En Passant Kent
Agenda item 9.13 Tom Fuller
Agenda Item 9.14 Friendly matches
Agenda item 20.10 Shadforth Boger

N.B. members who receive these papers by e-mail may find them collated differently to those receiving hard copy, but the content is the same!

The Minutes of the AGM of 4 September 2016 have been previously circulated but are circulated again for the convenience of Members. Members who attended who have issues of accuracy with them should advise the Secretary in good time.


1 Apologies for Absence.

2 Announcement of any proxies.

3 One minute’s Silence for members who have died.

4 Matters Arising not otherwise on the Agenda or reported.

6 Chairman’s Report MR Mr. Bryant

7 Secretary’s Report – vacant

8 Financial Report Treasurer – Mr. Wheeler
8.1 Report
8..2 Accounts for the year to 30 June 2017
8..3 Adopt the Accounts
8.4 Appointment of examiner of the Accounts.

9 Reports from other office-holders
9.1 Premises Officer Mr Cload
9.2 Junior Organizer Mr. woodhams
9.3 Tournament Controller Ms Norinkeviciute
9.4 Librarian – Mr. Cafferty
9.5 Membership Secretary vacant
9.6 Equipment Officer vacant
9.8 Publicity/Press Officer – vacant
9.9 Website manager – Mr. Woodhams
9.10 Stevenson Mr. Bryant
9.11 Harvey Mr Cload
9.12 EnPassant Mr Bryant
9.13 tom Fuller Mr Bryant
9.14 Friendly matches Mr. Bryant
9.15 Mid Sussex League 1st team Mr Kelly
9.16 Mid Sussex League 2nd team Mr Bryant
9.17 Mid Sussex League 3rd team MR Harvey
9.18 Mid Sussex league 4th team Mr Woodhams
9.19 representative on Committee of the Hastings International Chess Congress -Mr Elliston
9.20 Delegates to Mid-Sussex Chess League – Messrs. Bryant, Kelly woodhams Harvey
9.21 Delegate to Sussex Chess Association – Mr. Elliston Delegate to Sussex Chess Association

10 Vote of Thanks to Retiring Officers

11 Election of Directors of the Company (i.e. Committee)

Directors also serve as Trustees of the registered charity

11.1 Chairman
11.2 Treasurer

11.3 Secretary
11.4 Premises Officer
11.5 Junior Director
11.6 up to six non-executive Directors

12 Election of other Officers and delegates:
12.1 Tournament Controller
12.2 Membership Secretary
12.3 Publicity/Press Officer
12.4 Website Manager
12.5 Equipment Officer
12.6 Representative on Committee of the Hastings International Chess Congress
12.7 Delegates to Mid-Sussex Chess League (has usually been the MSCL match
captains ex officio)
12.8 Delegate to Sussex Chess Association.

14 Membership Subscriptions and related matters
14.1 The Committee is not proposing any changes to the standard rates

15 Match Captains

15.1 Paul Watson Trophy (teams of six and four respectively)
Mid-Sussex League
15.2 1team
15.3 2 team
15.4 3 team
15.5 4team
15.6 MacArthur cup

16 Kent League teams: six divisions
16.1 open
16.2 Lewis 170
16.3 Stevenson 155
16.4 En passant 140
16.5 Harvey 125
16.6 tom fuller 110
16.7 Intro 95

17 friendly matches

1 8 Date of Annual General Meeting 2018
to give any direction or guidance to the Committee that the AGM may see fit.

19 Any Other Business

20 Presentation of Trophies
20.1 Club Championship O Wilson
20.2 Pelton Cup M Woodhams
20.3 Rush Cup A.Pontonutti R.Webb
20.4 Anslow Cup 2015 (summer tourney) To be announced
20.5 Bradley-Martin 2015 (summer tourney)
20.6 Winser Trophy 2015 (summer K.O.)
20.7 Dent Cup 2015 (summer K.O. Plate)

20.8 Whyte Cup 2015 ½ hour (summer quick play)
20.9 Rider Trophy 2015 Wednesday Afternoon M Bryant
20.10 Shadforth-Boger Trophy (merit in matches) to be announced
20.11 Starling Cup (10-minute