Annual General Meeting: 07/09/2014

AGM Minutes 070914

Attendees:   AnsteadJ BlewittS BrooksR BryantM BuswellP CaffertyB CarterK CloadA DriverJ EllistonR HossackK JellissG JozwiakU KellyP LuacesA LucasK McEvoyT MikurendaA MitchellM NorinkeviciuteR OakmanS PenfoldW RaynerF RichardsonR SharpJ SmartR SteuartL TebbsH WebbR WheelerJ WillsonG WillsonO WoodhamsM [33]

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1430.

1          Apologies for Absence: DenmanB HoughtonE HudsonJ PenfoldA PickersgillA PowerC YoungM

2          Announcement of any proxies: JDriver-RHedges, CotterillS, BedboroughP

PBuswell-EHoughton, ELewis, CPower, JHudson, APickersgill


3          One Minute’s Silence for members who have died: John Felton

JDriver requests a lift home after the Meeting.

GWillson suggested 13 be moved to 23 Election Officers moved to end of Meeting, GJelliss/JDriver

proposed to leave as it is, Vote: for-clear majority, against 3

17 Game Fee before 16 Subscriptions, Vote: for-clear majority, against 1

PBuswell stand down from Chair items 19&20 – RElliston to take Chair – agreed


4          Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 15 September 2013  (previously circulated) – accepted, signed by

the Chairman.


5          Matters Arising not otherwise on the Agenda

5.1        Minute 20:  marketing the Club – passed over


6          Chairman’s Report – PBuswell – as Written Report, Surveyor’s Report – negative item

RBrooks pointed out ‘visual’ report only and further report needed, JAnstead requested copy of Report

PKelly agreed to send to any as requested, PKelly advised that Builder this morning suggested only ceiling

in Housekeepers flat was urgent, MBryant also agreed that ‘visual’ inspection insufficient, JSharp agreed

suggesting another qualified Surveyor, JDriver pointed out ceilings were done 5 years ago, PBuswell

advised Committee meet with Surveyor asap, RBrooks added that after 40 years in building trade the report

was not as bad as it seems………….

ALARM – at this point the smoke alarm went off – after investigation low battery warning

…………PKelly suggested Heritage Lottery Funding.

HMO – to be clarified.  


7          Secretary’s Report – KLucas – as written, no questions, report noted.


8          Financial Reports

8.1     Treasurer – JWheeler

8.1.1 Report – as written – accepted

8.1.2 Accounts for the year to 30 June 2014 – examined by PSmith – accepted

Questions: MBryant asked about the drop in rent JWheeler explained 14 month period, and the junior costs

MWoodhams explained teaching resources, RSmart asked why Pelton House was under the new

Company and the Club JWheeler advised as note on Balance Sheet, RSmart asked about Corporation Tax

PBuswell explained we were liable for non-charity activities JWheeler will look into.

8.2     Accounts (provisional) of Junior Chess Educational Fund to 31 May 2014 – accepted

Questions: AMikurenda asked about the Junior Charitable Trust PBuswell advised still a separate charity…….

Alarm repeated – battery removed and to be replaced

………..MBryant gave a brief historical explanation of the Junior Charitable Trust.


9          Reports from other office-holders

9.1     Premises Officer – PKelly – advised: tree removed from back wall, new year storm damage insurance

claim, scaffolding, lead repair, water damage, additional rendering of chimney stack, buddleia

removed, plastic covering over bay area.  PKelly estimated surveyor’s report could cost £30,000.

Questions: JSharp asked when the surveyor came advised few weeks ago, JDriver asked about fire

precautions PBuswell advised action to be taken after consultation with Junior Club Leader and

Premises Officer as elected.

9.2     Junior Organiser – MWoodhams – as written, read out glowing parental letter – accepted

Questions: JDriver suggested £2/session was too cheap, AMikurenda suggested the Club was

subsidizing this activity, GWillson was concerned his integrity was being challenged, RBrooks asked

about attendance and MWoodhams replied 12/week in Summer more in Winter, AMikurenda was

disappointed more didn’t join the Club and RSmart stated that the Juniors should be part of the Club,

KCarter commented on the vast improvement and SOakman added they were the future of the Club,

KLucas commented that only in this country do adults expect to make a profit out of children,

MWoodhams added that fees should be increased along with increase in benefits, PBuswell suggested

more active encouragement to membership.

9.3     Tournament Controller – RNorinkeviciute – reported: Championship won by FRayner, Pelton KLucas,

Rush shared by GJelliss and GChandler – accepted.

9.4     Librarian – BCafferty – reported no activity – accepted.

Questions: JDriver asked if the videos could be updated to CDs, RBrooks advised everything now on

the Internet, PKelly advised £100 had been spent.

9.5     Membership Secretary – CPower – no report.  KCarter advised not correctly listed as Full Member.

9.6     Equipment Officer – GWillson – reported all clocks checked and batteries replaced – accepted.

9.7     Summer Tournament Controller – JSharp – as written – accepted.

9.8     Publicity/Press Officer – vacant – GWillson thanked PBuswell for his Observer reports.

9.9     Website manager – GJelliss – reported ‘maintaining it’.  RBrooks offered to assist GJelliss and



10        Match Captains’ Reports

10.1      McArthur Cup – BCafferty – as written – accepted.  PBuswell appealed for drivers.

10.2      Mid-Sussex League

10.2.1 First team – HTebbs – reported 2nd to Brighton, successful especially FRayner JSugden.

10.2.2 Second team – GWillson – reported 2nd Team improvements.

10.2.3 Third team – RSmart – as written – 4th in 2nd division

10.2.4  Fourth team- PBuswell – reported 2nd place

10.3      Kent League

10.3.1 average <=170 – RBrooks – reported disappointed, now no grade limit, thanks to RElliston

and JWheeler drivers

10.4      Paul Watson Trophy – JSharp – reported lost in first round

10.5      Friendly matches – PBuswell reported several had taken place


11        Other reports

11.1      Representative on Committee of the Hastings International Chess Congress – RElliston reported

There were Rail problems and bad weather but about as many competitors as last year.  HBC

funding continued despite cuts in resources.

11.2      Delegates to Mid-Sussex Chess League – PBuswell,  RSmart, HTebbs, GWillson – PBuswell

reported several proposals at AGM but all rejected.

11.3      Delegate to Sussex Chess Association – RElliston reported Mr Plumb’s excellent Sussex Chess

News has full reports of last season’s events.  AGM next Tuesday at Lewes chess.  Entries for

County competitions by 26 September please.


12        Vote of Thanks to Retiring Officers – RElliston ‘They have worked hard for us and the club.  This is our

chance to thank and applaud them.’ – Applause.


Break  1600-1620


15        Integration into new Company

Proposal from Mr Buswell, seconded Messrs Anstead, Lucas, Sharp, Penfold, Wheeler, and requiring a ⅔ majority as an effective amendment to the Constitution (various Clauses):

That this AGM, having regard to the assurances given by Hastings & St Leonards Chess Club Ltd, resolves

to integrate the Chess Club’s procedures with those of the limited Company and from 1 October 2014 to

merge its governance and procedures into those of the limited Company.

PBuswell gave further explanation, Pelton House now wound-up (BCafferty June 2014) new company owns

the building.  Vote: for unopposed.


17         Proposed by the Chairman, seconded by the Secretary

‘that entry to the Club Championship, Pelton, Rush, Winter rapid-play(s), Anslow, Bradley-Martin, Whyte,

Rider, Winser, and Dent be restricted to members who are either members of the ECF (or who undertake to

become so during the season) or who undertake to pay the ECF Game Fee incurred by their games.

Chairman’s note: this is proposed to focus members’ minds on the issue and several alternatives may

present themselves in dealing with the imposition of ECF Game Fee; so it is my intention to extend some

latitude in accepting amendments or alternative proposals.  See also (18) below.

PBuswell explained this was payments for grading.

Questions: JDriver stated that proposal was not inclusive, PBuswell advised that the Questionnaire results

asking if grading was important – 3 out of 4 to pay game fee, AMikurenda did not think there would be

enough entries for 2 competitions, RNorinkeviciute advised not play if not graded, RBrooks suggested that

not graded games were just ‘skittles’, PKelly suggested a tournament just for those not wanting grading,

MBryant request move to a vote.  Tournaments be restricted as above – Vote: passed.

RSmart suggested if there was a demand for equivalent ungraded tournaments- Vote: 19 for 6 against.


18        Proposed by Mr Kelly, seconded by Mr Penfold

that the lowest section(s) of Club tournaments be not graded.

– included in above.

PBuswell relieved by RElliston in the Chair for item 19 and 20


19        Proposed by the Chairman, seconded by the Secretary

that the AGM endorse the decisions of the Committee to give the Junior Club 90  minutes exclusive free use of the two club rooms once a week in term time, permitting entry only to tutors, students, parents, adults in loco parentis, the Club’s child protection officer.

PBuswell reported that there had been some grumbling when this had been agreed as Wednesday would no

longer be available to adult members.  The Juniors have been highly successful.  Inclusion of adults was

unsafe and would disturb the teaching.  GWillson advised would not continue if condition changed.  PKelly

advised he would continue whatever changes were made. JDriver wanted transparency, open access.

PBuswell replied it was inconsistent to have unchecked entry.  GWillson believed his integrity was being

challenged, RBrooks wondered why the Club could not close for 90 minutes once a week, ACload reminded

members of our duty of care, MWoodhams thought the current system was good for children and adults,

GWillson added that for two and half years used both rooms without complaint, JDriver stated that a DBS

check was not necessary, LSteuart replied that it was.  Vote: 29 for 1+3 against.



20        Proposed by Mr Driver, seconded by Sig.ra Pontonutti, Messrs Blewitt, Bryant, Mikurenda & Quintos.

‘that the Club should remain open to Members while the Junior Club is in session, or that the Junior Club shall

be run as an autonomous organization contributing financially to the Club, with the Club providing equipment

and safe premises’.

JDriver explained this was to avoid liability, AMikurenda added the Junior Club would become autonomous,

GWillson replied that this would close the Junior Club, SBlewitt asked if members still had access to the

kitchen, MBryant explained he had seconded the motion as everyone had a right to express their opinion.

Vote: on that the Junior Club shall be run as an autonomous organization……  5 for, rest (~25) against

Further acrimony ensued.


21        Premises:  re-location, or not?

to take the sentiment of the meeting on whether the Club should seek to find new premises.

PBuswell (returned to the Chair) advised that one third members wanted to seek new premises, one third

didn’t, one third only if circumstances made it necessary.

Questions/comments: JDriver wanted to increase subscriptions, MWoodhams advised a commercial property

would be cheaper, KCarter noted that better access would help obtain grants, PKelly that access was a high

priority, RSmart said that after the failure of an EGM the surveyor’s report made this more important, etc

Agreed to pass to new Committee.



16        Membership Subscriptions and related matters

16.1   It is proposed by the Committee to increase subscriptions for Full Members from £60 to £70, and all

other subscriptions pro rata.

16.2   Sub-Committee on discretionary subscription reductions. At the 2011 AGM it was resolved: “That this

Annual General Meeting shall for 2011/12 appoint a Sub-Committee which shall have sole and final

discretion to decide whether any particular individual member shall be permitted to pay a reduced

subscription (and/or to pay their subscription by extended installments…) on grounds of financial


The AGM will be invited to resolve whether or not to continue this arrangement for 2014/15 and, if so, to

then appoint the said Sub-Committee.

MWoodhams suggested increasing child to junior rate, AMikurenda suggested £80 seconded by RBrooks,

RNorinkeviciute advised Eastbourne was £60 for one evening, JDriver asked about keys.

Vote: that Child subscription be increased to Junior subscription – majority for, 2 against.

that the Full Member subscription be £80 per year – 17 for, 10 against

Sub-Committee: WPenfold, JDriver, SBlewitt, APontonutti – agreed uncontested (confidential to Treasurer,

Chairman, Membership Secretary).


22        Date of Annual General Meeting 2014

to give any direction or guidance to the Committee that the AGM may see fit.

AGM 2015 first Sunday in September – agreed


23        Any Other Business

MWoodhams gave a brief report on and Club progress.

JDriver advised £135 donation from the Friday Raffle


13        Elections of Officers, Committee Members, delegates, others:



Committee posts

Post                                          Candidate                              Nominated by                 Seconded by

Chairman                                  MBryant                                  JDriver                             RBrooks           uncontested

Secretary                                  no nomination received

Treasurer                                  JWheeler                                BCafferty                         MBryant           uncontested

Premises Officer                       PKelly                                     PBuswell                         WPenfold         uncontested

Committee Members                MBryant                                  PBuswell                        withdrawn

at large (5 posts)                       JDriver                                   APontonutti                     MBryant    13 for, 12 against

JHudson                                  KLucas                              PKelly             unanimous

JSharp                                     KLucas                             RBrooks          unanimous

LSteuart                                   KLucas                             RElliston          unanimous


 KLucas will undertake the duties of Minutes Secretary if so invited.


Other posts

Junior Officer                            PKelly                                      PBuswell                          RBrooks        not contested

Tournament Control’                 RNorinkeviciute                      BCafferty                         RBrooks              ~

TControl’ Summer                      JSharp                                   BCafferty                         RBrooks               ~

Membership Sec’y                    CPower                                  RBrooks                           PBuswell              ~

Publicity/Press Officer

Website Manager                     MWoodhams                          RBrooks                           RElliston              ~

Equipment Officer                     SOakman                                 MWoodhams                    KCarter               ~


External representatives

Representative on the Committee of the Hastings International Chess Congress: RElliston (RB/WP)          ~

Delegate to Sussex Chess Association: RElliston (KL/JW)  not contested

Delegates to Mid-Sussex Chess League: the MSCL match captains ex officio – not contested


Match Captains:   in line with the decision of the 2011 AGM, match captains will be appointed by the Committee “who shall have regard to the likelihood of any team fulfilling its fixtures and to its captain’s ability to carry out all administrative tasks required by the competition or by the Club”. – agreed uncontested


13.2     Tournament Sub-Committee:  Tournament Controller ex officio and BCafferty, JSharp – agreed


14        Appointment of Auditor – PSmith (KL/WP)   not contested


Thanks and applause to PBuswell


24        Presentation of Trophies

24.1         Club Championship                                                                               Francis Rayner

24.2         Pelton Cup                                                                                            Ken Lucas

24.3         Rush Cup                                                                                  Greg Chandler/George Jelliss


24.4         Anslow Cup 2014                         (summer tourney)         still in play

24.5         Bradley-Martin 2014                     (summer tourney)                            Rob Smart

            24.6         Winser Trophy 2014                     (summer K.O.)                                 Ken Lucas

24.7         Dent Cup 2014                             (summer K.O. Plate)                        Adrian Cload


24.8         Winter rapid-play A                                                                               Alfredo Luaces

24.9         Winter rapid-play B                                                                               Alfred Mikurenda

24.10       Whyte Cup 2014                          (summer quickplay)                         Rasa Norinkeviciute

24.11       Rider Trophy 2014                       (summer quickplay)                         Anna Pontonutti


24.12       Ladder tournament                                                                                Roy Webb

24.13       Shadforth-Boger Trophy               (merit in matches)                           Bernard Cafferty

24.14       Starling Cup                                 (10-minute)   not contested

24.15       Glyde Cup                                    (lightning)      not contested

24.16       Lewis Cup                                    (time handicap)                               Francis Rayner

24.17       Busbridge Shield                          (pairs)                                              not contested

24.18       the Kriegspiel Cup                        (kriegspiel)                                      not contested


The Meeting closed at 1835