Annual General Meeting: 11/02/2013


(Company registration 07737752)

MINUTES of the first annual general meeting of the Company held on Monday 11 February 2013
at 6:00 p.m. at Pelton House, 2 Cornwallis Terrace, Hastings TN34 1EB

Present in person: Ms L Steuart, Messrs P Buswell (Director), B Cafferty, C J Driver, K A Lucas (Director), W H B Penfold, J C L Sharp, J Wheeler
Present by proxy: Ms R Norinkeviciute, Messrs J A Anstead (Director), R A Barton, C Power – all proxies to the Chairman of the meeting.

1 Election of a Chairman of the Meeting
Mr P Buswell qua Company Secretary was elected.

2 Apologies for Absence
Apart from the proxy givers apologies had been received from Mr P J Kelly.

3 Minutes of the Special General Meeting held on 12 November 2012
These were signed as a true record

4 Report of the activities of the Company since its formation
Mr Buswell reported that the Company was effectively dormant pending a decision on its application for charity registration which was still pending; there had been no financial transactions other than in connection with essential administration, and those had been met by Hastings and St. Leonards Chess Club.

5 Election of Directors
Messrs Anstead, Buswell, Lucas and Penfold retired but were eligible for re-election; all were re-elected nem con. Mr J A Felton retired and was eligible for re-election but had effectively withdrawn from local chess activity and had left the area so was not proposed for re-election.
Mr J C L Sharp had been proposed for election by the due date and seconded and was elected nem con.

6 There was no other business.