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Carlsen v Giri mate in 3




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17th APRIL, 2017

2:00 p.m. CLOCKS START(arrive and pay by 1:45 p.m.)

7 Round Swiss of 10 minutes per game plus 5 seconds per move.

Results will be submitted for English Chess Federation rapid play grading.


Many modest (and often silly) prizes to be won by players at all levels.

Prize giving is expected to be finished by 6:30 p.m.

Entrance numbers strictly limited to 24 absolute tops

and people will be turned away after that number is reached

so advance booking is strongly recommended.

Book by contacting Paul Buswell

preferably on email

or otherwise phone 01424 444321.

No tournament if there are not 12 firm entries before Monday 10th April

Entry fees:

*£3.50 Club members entering before 10th April;

*£5 Club members entering later than that.

*£7 (£5 junior) surcharge for those who are not ECF members.

This is because the ECF charges for grading those players’ results.

(ECF adult membership from £15, junior from £11; £1 less if done online)

Roy’s tea time refreshments are included in entry fee.

Visitors’ parking vouchers available at cost from Jim Wheeler before the day.


4th Weekend Tournament

7th Hastings and St Leonards Weekend Chess Tournament 24/25 June 2017

Pelton House 2 Cornwallis Terrace Hastings East Sussex TN34 1EB, United Kingdom

Saturday June 24– Sunday  June 35


1 Saturday 9.30 am 2 Saturday 1.30 pm 3 Saturday 5.30 pm

4 Sunday 10 am  5 Sunday 2.00 pm


Any chess player graded 175 and under – one section only

How to enter

By post to Marc Bryant, the arbiter, at 88 Manor Road, Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 3LP

Only the first 30 entries will be accepted

Entry fee

Standard=£25, Hastings Chess Club member=£20, Under 18=£15

Prizes guaranteed

Total £265 as follows

1st £100 2nd £60 3rd £30

with three grading prizes of £25 each

U150 U125 U100

Further information

please contact Marc Bryant

telephone 01424 436313



Entry Form

7th Hastings and St Leonards Weekend Tournament

Full Name




Postcode                       ……………….

Home telephone            ……………….

Email                            ……………….

ECF Grade                   ……………….

ECF Code                    ……………….

ECF Membership No  ……………….

Membership Level       ……………….

DoB (for Under 18s)    ……………….

1/2 point bye)              ………………. (not in round 5)

Entry fee                      £………

(Standard=£25, Hastings Chess Club member=£20, Under 18=£15)

Donation (thank you)     £………

Non ECF members       £7

Total paid                      £………

Please make cheques payable to “Hastings Chess Club”

Notice of receipt will be by email if required


Other information

Game results will be sent to the ECF for grading

Refunds for non appearance will not be granted

If your opponent has not arrived within the first 30 minutes their game will be defaulted

Prizes will be handed out asap after game 5

Players may only win one cash prize

We regret that wheelchair access to the venue is not possible

Rate of play is 90 minutes +10 second increment per move

Post to Marc Bryant, the arbiter, at 88 Manor Road, Hastings, East Sussex,

TN34 3Lp

Hastings 1 v Brighton 1

Hastings & St Leonards 1  v Brighton & Hove 1
Bernard Cafferty (190) 0  –  1 Julien Carron (219)
Francis Rayner (197) 0.5  –  0.5 Simon Wilks (196)
John Sugden (188) 0.5  –  0.5 Geoff James (191)
Howard Tebbs (187)  0.5  –  0.5  John Henshaw (188)
Ollie Willson (184) 0.5  –  0.5   Callan Brewer (188)
Av(189)   2  –  3   Av (196)


Playing the top team in the league was never going to be easy especially as some of our team members had played very little match chess recently. Also, Francis was not feeling quite at his best and persuaded Bernard to play on top board meaning that he would be facing Brighton’s Swiss IM.

As the match progressed boards 2, 3 & 4 were drawn quite quickly. Francis and John both made solid draws and I had no option but accept my opponents offer in a slightly worse position having previously missed a couple of chances to gain a small edge. Bernard had a very difficult position from an early stage but fought on heroically, finding resources to extend the game until eventually going down just before the time control. Ollie had a difficult defence and very little time with still many moves to make but he played very well and somehow held his position together. He stood no worse when the draw was finally agreed to give Brighton a deserved 3 -2 win.

Hopefully we can get win against Worthing when we play them on Monday 7th November.



I may be an old lion, but I can still bite someone’s hand off if he puts it in my mouth

(attributed to Steinitz and quoted after Korchnoi defeated Caruana in 2011)

Committee Minutes


Minutes of the Directors Meeting: Monday 29 February 2016, 1815, Pelton House, Richard Almond Room

Present: Marc Bryant, Adrian Cload, Jeremy Hudson, Paul Kelly, Jim Wheeler, Mason Woodhams [6]

In Attendance: Ken Lucas (Minutes)

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1815

1 Apologies for Absence: Bill Penfold, Lona Steuart

2 Minutes of the Meeting of 18 January 2016 (previously circulated) –
accepted, signed by the Chairman.

3 Matters arising not already on the agenda – none.

4 Library – MB advises ‘still on-going’.

5 Chairman’s matters – MB advises:
5.1 Paris match – ‘awaiting contact from them’.
5.2 Replicas – ‘still to do’.
5.3 Weekend Tournament – ‘7/8 May, beginning to promote’.
5.4 HICC members achievements: MB gave a full summary of members achievements.
See WebSite for details.
5.5 Atiyab Sultan – Granddaughter of Sultan Khan visited the Club.

6 Secretary’s report and correspondence – PK nothing to report.

7 Treasurer’s report and financial
7.1 Membership renewals – JW in discussion with MB, on-going.
7.2 Budget update- JW distributed ‘sheet’.

8 Premises officer’s report
8.1 Back wall – PK advised ‘waiting on warm, dry weather’.
8.2 Council landlord registration – PK will do this month.
8.3 Curtains rehanging – PK ‘done but will re-check’.

9 Website – MW nothing to report.

10 Junior chess
10.1 Junior Club running of – MB asked MW to leave the room and then advised that GW
unable to continue and had negotiated with MW at £25/week. Vote: unanimous.
MW returned – took over 20/01/16 with 7 students, £25/week is tutor fee, Officer
continues to be in a voluntary capacity. Students registered for the ‘Delaney Chess
Challenge’ – explained/displayed to Committee.
10.2 Spark equipment grant – ‘deadline missed’.

11 Tournament controller
11.1 Tournaments – MB advised ‘on-going’.​
11.2 S Oakman – MB advised membership complications now resolved.

12 Captains
12.1 Mid Sussex league – ‘see WebSite’.
12.1.1 1st team night – already resolved.
12.2 Kent League – ‘see Website’.
12.3 McArthur Cup draw – 3 Clubs entered, Hastings has a bye to the final.

13 Membership
13.1 New Members:
Kevin Richardson, Full Member, £20 agreed. Vote: not contested.

14 Time/date next meeting:

Monday 11 April 2016, 1815, Richard Almond Room, Pelton House

15 Any other business
15.1 Framing of pictures : ‘on-going’.
15.2 KL suggested a canopy over the doorway to provide a dry smoking area – no support

The Meeting closed at 1937.

Candidates Tournament 2016

The FIDE Candidates lasting fourteen rounds takes place in Moscow from 10th to 30th March. There are eight Candidates playing for the right to play Magnus Carlen in November in New York for the World title. Competing are two American grandmasters, Hikaru Nakamura, Fabiano Caruana and six other Grandmasters namely: Anish Giri from the Netherlands, Vishy Anand from India, Peter Svidler and Sergey Karjiakin of Russia, Veselin Topalov from Bulgaria and Levon Aronian from Armenia. According to an article at  Chessbase a computer simulation has predicted the three most likely winners as Caruana, Nakamura or Giri. Commentary on the Candidates Tournament can be found at the official website. The web site of the sponsor is here.


Nowadays I just play my moves quickly. I don’t think that thinking helps a lot….ninety percent of the time my instinct should be right.

(Speelman in British Chess Magazine)