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Committee Meeting: 16/04/2012


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 16 April 2012, 1830, Pelton House

Present: Paul Buswell, Paul Kelly, Ken Lucas, Bill Penfold, Francis Rayner, Joe Sharp, Jim Wheeler [7]

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: Lona Steuart (Email sent before the meeting but received afterwards)

Paul Buswell welcomed two Club members attending: Alan Barton, George Jelliss

2 Minutes of the Meeting 27/02/12 – accepted, signed by the Chairman

3 Matters arising:
3.1 printer (drivers) for new PC – Paul Buswell advised now working thanks to Gary Willson.
3.2 Trophies project – Paul Buswell advised this is still ‘in-hand’.
3.3 Broadband and internet access – as 4.4.
3.4 New Company – Paul Buswell advised with Charity Commission and acknowledged.

4 Chairman’s Matters:
4.1 Heritage Lottery Project – Paul Buswell advised nothing new as yet.
4.2 Foreshore Trust grant application? (following Email) – Paul Buswell explained two possible outreach approaches – old/retired or ethnic group – after considerable discussion the Committee was balanced without a strong preference but agreed to progress the old/retired option.
4.3 Room usage: Junior Club and others – Bill Penfold stressed the need of ‘Juniors’ for the future of the Club, Paul Kelly explained the need for the use of both rooms and Ken Lucas advised of the implications of the Child Protection Policy and the need to supervise the ‘Juniors’. The Committee endorsed the Chairman’s action in temporarily restricting use of both Club Rooms when Junior Club met.
4.4 Broadband and internet access – Paul Buswell advised now ‘up and running’, requested notice restricting child use to adult supervision.
4.5 Officers 2012/13 – Paul Buswell requested any changes to notify himself, Bill Penfold, Ken Lucas.
4.6 Heritage Open Day, September 8/9 – Simul by Club Champion as last year – Paul Kelly agreed to liaise/organise.
4.7 Activities in summer – Alan Barton advised he will be giving a further series in his ‘Art in Chess’ – Paul Buswell will send out details via Email.
4.8 Website – Paul Buswell advised meeting on Wednesday. George Jelliss asked if the old or new page layout was preferred – advised new.
4.9 Friday evenings 2012/13 – Paul Buswell advised John Driver cannot continue to organise next year once the days shortened.
4.10 New ECF Membership Scheme – Paul Buswell outlined the changes/implications and the need to know how the Mid-Sussex League and Kent League intended to react.

5 Secretary’s Report – Ken Lucas reported correspondence received. Telephone calls/messages & Emails actioned or forwarded to the appropriate persons.

6 Treasurer’s Report – Jim Wheeler advised as Agenda.
6.1 Latest forecast for current year – Jim Wheeler referred to the updated budget as circulated previously.
6.2 Budget-setting 2012/13 – Jim Wheeler advised about £8000 on deposit, £3000 current account. Paul Kelly suggested the Budget be left until other costs have been agreed – minute continues.

7 Premises Officer’s Report

7.1 Rear windows – proposal to double-glaze. Paul Buswell asked if the Committee agreed in principle – agreed.
Bill Penfold referred to the two estimates requested and previously circulated. The estimate preferred by Bill Penfold and Paul Kelly with the exclusion of two minor windows was agreed. After discussion regarding the need for further planning permission the Committee voted 3 for, 3 against, 1 abstention and the decision to seek further planning permission was passed by the Chairman’s casting vote. Paul Buswell summarised that we were accepting the St Leonards Glass quote of £2657 using the Pountney Fund plus £600 from General Funds – agreed 6 for, 0 against, 1 abstention. Paul Kelly agreed to take the ‘planning permission’ forward.
Thanks expressed to Bill Penfold/Paul Kelly for their hard work.
7.2 Fires – Bill Penfold advised to use lighters if the fire doesn’t ignite. Servicing, including boiler £100 – agreed.

6.2.. Jim Wheeler advised as prepared sheet but now with a deficit of £550 for year 2012/13 -agreed uncontested.

8 Membership 2011/12
8.1 Applications :
Paul Buswell requested Ms C Tajima-Powell be made a full member until 30 September
(seconded Paul Kelly) – uncontested.

9 Child Protection Policy
In the absence of Lona Steuart Ken Lucas expressed his views from a ‘teacher’ perspective advising extreme
caution – hopefully Lona will give a more considered view at the next Committee Meeting. George Jelliss
requested a photo of the Junior Club for the Web-Site – Ken Lucas advised current ‘school’ practice and would
request considered view from Lona.

10 Equal Opportunities Policy – Paul Buswell advised as previous Email below – agreed uncontested.
‘This Club aims to ensure that no member receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of race, colour, gender orientation, nationality, religion or belief (or lack of belief), ethnic or national origin, age, gender, gender reassignment or marital status, sexual orientation or disability.’

11 Hastings International Chess Congress – Paul Buswell advised as Email previously circulated.

12 Tournaments & Matches
12.1 Individual Tournaments
12.1.1 Winter – as Rasa Email.
12.1.2 Summer – Joe Sharp advised invitations will be going out soon.
12.2 Team Competitions & Matches
12.2.1 McArthur Cup – Saturday 26 May, 1430, at the Club
12.2.2 Paul Watson Trophy – as Email/Web-Site
12.2.3 ECF Intermediate – dropped out
12.2.4 Mid-Sussex Chess League – Division 1 – Team A second, Team B avoided relegation.
Team C promoted.
12.2.5 Kent League – <170 reached semi-final.
12.2.6 Friendlies – v Insurance this Saturday.
12.2.7 Correspondence – requesting a report.

13 Any Other Business

14 Date & time next meeting: Monday 21 May 2012, Pelton House, 1830

The meeting closed at 2015

Committee Meeting: 27/02/2012


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 27 February , 1830, Pelton House

Present: Paul Buswell, Paul Kelly, Bill Penfold, Francis Rayner, Joe Sharp, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler [7]
In attendance: Cath Tajima-Powell (items 1 & 2)

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: Ken Lucas

2 Potential grant application, English Heritage
The Committee received a presentation from Cath Tajima-Powell, who was considering submitting a grant application around the preservation and presentation of the Club’s (and perhaps the Congress’s) archival heritage. Ms Tajima-Powell outlined the rationale of English Heritage’s funding and suggested that an application from the Club stood a good chance of success.
After general discussion and question & answer it was agreed to authorise Ms Tajima-Powell to take an application forward on the Club’s behalf, there being no financial commitment by the Club.

Break 1900-1915

3 Minutes of the Meeting 9/1/12 – accepted, signed by the Chairman

4 Matters arising:
4.1 printer (drivers) for new PC – Paul Buswell had taken this forward but up a dead end and needed to re-think.
4.2 Trophies project – Paul Buswell advised this is still ‘in-hand’.
4.3 Child Protection Policy – Lona Steuart had recently attended HVA training, which she had found most useful.
4.4 Adult evening course – Bill Penfold reported six attendees at final sessions, and praised Gary Willson for his presentation.
4.5 Master key – Bill Penfold now had one.

5 Chairman’s Matters:
5.1 Broadband and internet access – there were teething problems and Gary Willson now suggested running a cable downstairs – to report further at next meeting.
5.2 New Company – an application had now gone in to the Charity Commission.
5.3 Friday evenings – noted that John Driver expected to stand down during summer, and it behoved the Committee to consider what regular activities it wished to offer.
5.4 Béthune – Paul Buswell had renewed contact with Béthune who were enthusiastic about the prospect of a visit here in 2013.
5.5 Equal Opprtunities Policy – Paul Buswell was concerned that the Club had no Equal Opportunities Policy, which might be a major handicap to receiving public funding. A draft would be brought to the next Committee.
5.6 Date of AGM – despite certain reservations it was agreed to hold to Saturday 7 July 2012 as preferred by the 2011 AGM.

6 Secretary’s Report – Ken Lucas was absent through indisposition.

7 Treasurer’s Report.
7.1 Latest forecast for current year: this was as reported to the previous meeting.
7.2 Budget-setting process 2012/13 – Committee agreed basic principles for a budget to be brought back to the next meeting:
7.2.1 – agreed by 5 votes to 0 to budget for a slight surplus
7.2.2 – agreed by 4 votes to 0 to assume there would be no void period for the tenancy of the basement flat
7.2.3 – agreed by 3 votes to 0 to not assume any application by the Borough Council of discretionary Non- Domestic Rate Relief
7.2.4 – agreed by 6 votes to 0 to budget £500 fotr a visit from Béthune in late financial 2012/13, at the same time seeking the usual additional contributions from Club members.
7.2.5 – agreed by 6 votes to 0 to keep membership subscriptions at their present level.
7.3 Club financial year – .agreed unanimously to recommend to the AGM that the Club’s financial year, from 2012/13, end on 30 June; it was noted that this implied an AGM in September.

8 Premises Officer’s Report
8.1 Hot water in ladies’ toilet – no further action.
8.2 Gas fires – several Members advised difficulty in getting some to start – Bill Penfold agreed to have them looked at.
8.3 Rear windows – Mr Kelly suggested that to avoid longer term difficulties arising we should attend to the rear windows of all the building, double-glazing where appropriate. Agreed that Committee could certainly look at quotes and Mr Kelly and Mr Penfold each offered to obtain one.

9 Membership 2011/12
9.1 Applications :
Mason Woodhams, Hastings, Full Member, proposed Mr Penfold , seconded Mr Kelly, agreed.
Terence McEvoy, Bexhill-on-Sea, Full Member, proposed Mr Penfold, seconded Mr Sharp – agreed.
All subject to subscription payment.

10 Tournaments & Matches
10.1 Individual Tournaments – Rasa Norinkeviciute had reported difficulties (behind schedule) with Chris Rogal and Marco Galuzzo; potentially also with Harry Stephens who was now unable to get to the Club independently.
10.2 Team Competitions & Matches
10.2.1 Mid-Sussex League – ‘A’ team unlikely to retain their title, ‘B’ team cautiously optimistic of avoiding relegation. ‘C’ team doing well but had just lost unbeaten record.
10.2.2 Kent League – average <=170 team unlikely to qualify; <=125 team in contention; <=95 team out of it.
10.2.3 Friendlies and other matches – friendly v Brighton on 04 February called off because of imminent bad weather.
10.3 George Jelliss had the day before raised some concerns about the conduct of and at matches at the Club: for more timely discussion at the next meeting.

11 Any Other Business
We needed current membership lists on site; John Driver to be asked.

12 Date & time next meeting: Monday 16 April 2012, Pelton House, 1830

The meeting closed at 20:15

Committee Meeting: 09/01/2012


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 09 January 2012, 1830, Pelton House

Present: Paul Buswell, Paul Kelly, Ken Lucas, Bill Penfold, Joe Sharp, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler [7]

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: None

2 Minutes of the Meeting 28/11/11 – accepted, signed by the Chairman

3 Matters arising:
3.1 printer (drivers) for new PC – Paul Buswell advised this is still ‘in-hand’.
3.2 Trophies project – Paul Buswell advised this is still ‘in-hand’.
3.3 post of Junior Organiser – Paul Buswell reports Steve Blewitt has resigned as Junior Organiser and Paul Kelly has taken up the post.
3.4 Club Christmas function – Bill Penfold reported this went very well.
3.5 Adult evening course – Bill Penfold reported 6 attendees, very good.
3.6 Child Protection Policy – Paul Buswell advised this was accepted by the new company with possible revision during the summer. Lona Steuart appointed the ‘designated person’ (CRB checked) and will attend the HVA training in February.
3.7 Board Fees – John Driver sub-committee advises this should be left to the Match Captains – agreed.

4 Chairman’s Matters:
4.1 Projects through English Heritage – Paul Buswell reiterated the two ideas outlined in previous Emails, archive and outreach, and suggested Cath Tajima Powell ‘run with this’ – agreed.
4.2 Broadband and internet access – Paul Buswell suggested progressing as previous Emails – agreed.
4.3 New Company – Paul Buswell advised first meeting had taken place and Child Protection Policy agreed.
4.4 Simul as per last year – Paul Buswell advised possible costs, up to £50 – agreed to go ahead.
4.5 HICC – Paul Buswell observed that fewer members had attended than previous years.

5 Secretary’s Report – Ken Lucas passed the Child Protection Policy course information to Lona Steuart.
Other correspondence reviewed. Telephone calls/messages & Emails actioned or forwarded to the appropriate persons.

6 Treasurer’s Report – Jim Wheeler advised as Agenda.
6.1 Latest forecast for current year – Jim Wheeler referred to the new budget as circulated previously. Paul Kelly asked if gas consumption had been apportioned – Jim Wheeler advised it had.
6.2 Budget-setting process 2012/13 – Paul Buswell suggested that ‘basic principles’ should be determined to establish a process – next Agenda.
6.3 Board fees/match expenses – Jim Wheeler advised £160 still left from the grant from Sussex County

7 Premises Officer’s Report
7.1 Hot water in ladies’ toilet – as last meeting.
7.2 Front door – Bill Penfold suggested further work should be left until the summer – agreed.
7.3 Fires – several Committee Members advised difficulty in getting some to start – Bill Penfold advised he ‘would keep an eye on them’.
7.4 Master key – Bill Penfold advised difficulty gaining access outside of normal opening hours – agreed that Bill Penfold should have a master key.

8 Membership 2011/12
8.1 Applications :
Daniel Gibbs and Helen Evans (PK/BP) Affiliated Members – agreed.
Steve Oakman (PB/JS) Full Member – agreed.
all subject to subscription payment.

Break 1910-1920

9 Hastings International Chess Congress
Paul Buswell reported that the Club was unrepresented at the HICC meeting during the congress but has been advised that there will be a congress Christmas 2012 in some form.

10 Librarian
10.1 Sale of duplicate books – Paul Kelly reported the sale of £175 of duplicate books during the congress.
Paul Buswell expressed the Club’s thanks. Paul Kelly advised £80 had been spent on the purchase of new books, a minor book exchange replacing two old books, and a book gift selected for the likely new mayor, Cllr Roberts.

11 Tournaments & Matches
11.1 Individual Tournaments – Paul Buswell advised no news from the Tournament Controller – Ken Lucas asked if he might request a short Email before each meeting to update the Committee – agreed.
11.2 Team Competitions & Matches
11.2.1 Mid-Sussex League – Paul Kelly advised as Website.
11.2.2 Kent League – Paul Kelly advised as Website.
11.2.3 Friendlies and other matches – Paul Buswell advised a Friendly v Brighton on 04 February.
Paul Watson Trophy v Haywards Heath 10 March.
11.3 Paul Kelly passed on a request from Stuart Conquest for a copy of the membership list. Several Committee members also expressed an interest. Paul Buswell to action.

12 Visitors’ Fees – withdrawn

13 Any Other Business
Paul Buswell advised the Committee that the CPP would be reviewed this summer.

14 Date & time next meeting: Monday 27 February 2012, Pelton House, 1830

The meeting closed at 1930

Directors Meeting: New Company 05/01/2012


Company registration number 07737752

MINUTES of a Directors’ meeting held at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday 5 January 2012 at Horntye Park Sports Complex, Bohemia Road, Hastings

Present:  Messrs J A Anstead, P Buswell, K A Lucas, W H B Penfold

1       Election of Chairman for the Meeting
Mr P Buswell was elected.

2       Apologies for Absence
These had been received from Mr J A Felton.

3       Quorum
Resolved that quorum for meetings should be three Directors present.

4       Notice of Directors’ meetings
Resolved that at least seven calendar days notice of meetings should be given.

5       Child Protection Policy
Resolved to adopt the policy already adopted by Hastings & St. Leonards Chess Club (the unincorporated association) and previously circulated.   Resolved to appoint Ms Lona Steuart as the designated person.
It was however felt that there were aspects of the policy which were not fully developed to reflect modern circumstances, and it was agreed to refer those back to the Chess Club, via Mr Lucas, with a suggestion that both parties review the policy by the end of summer.

The meeting closed at 2:08 p.m.

Committee Meeting: 28/11/2011


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 28 November 2011, 1830, Pelton House

Present: Paul Buswell, Paul Kelly, Ken Lucas, Bill Penfold, Francis Rayner, Joe Sharp, Jim Wheeler [7]

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: Lona Steuart

2 Minutes of the Meeting 24/10/11 – accepted, signed by the Chairman

3 Matters arising:
3.1 printer (drivers) for new PC – Paul Buswell advised this is still ‘in-hand’.
3.2 grant opportunities – Paul Buswell advised Bill Penfold’s suggestion of ‘teaching aids’ the only suggestion.
3.3 Trophies project – Bill Penfold advises awaiting list to be updated and engraving done.
3.4 post of Junior Organiser – Paul Buswell reports Steve Blewitt has no plans and suggested the Junior Club Leader should also be the Junior Organiser. Paul Kelly was proposed (PB/BP) – agreed unopposed.
3.5 Hastings Voluntary Action AGM – Paul Kelly was unable to attend.
3.6 International Children’s Day – Paul Kelly reported well attended with several 8-11 year olds interested.

4 Chairman’s Matters:
4.1 Club Christmas function – Paul Buswell noted the ‘uncertainty’ of who could attend. Bill Penfold explained that partners had not been mentioned at the last meeting hence the confusion. 20 were expected to attend. Quiz – Ann Penfold will read Paul Buswell’s prepared questions. Chess – Paul Kelly will organise a Swiss. Paul Buswell will assist Bill & Ann Penfold unloading Thursday evening, Paul Kelly on the Friday. Bill Penfold asked for help clearing up afterwards. Jim Wheeler will provide parking permits.
Paul Buswell expressed the Club’s thanks to Ann Penfold.
4.2 Post of Junior Organiser – Minute 3.4 above
4.3 Adult evening course at Club: Bill Penfold reported it was excellent, 7 attendees.
4.4 Broadband and internet access – Committee decided to stay with Plan A to have the hardware in Roy’s flat rather than run phone cabling down to the kitchen. Paul Buswell would progress.

5 Secretary’s Report – Ken Lucas reported ‘Hidden Histories’ course.
Telephone calls/messages & Emails actioned or forwarded to the appropriate persons.
5.1 Paul Buswell reported a letter of thanks from All Saints School for the giant chess set/board.

6 Treasurer’s Report – Jim Wheeler advised as Agenda.
6.1 Paul Kelly requested money to purchase books for the Library at the Congress. Budget for Library increased by £75 – agreed unanimously.
6.2 Bill Penfold asked about the Christmas function. Stay as Budget – agreed.

7 Premises Officer’s Report
7.1 Hot water in ladies’ toilet – Bill Penfold advises fire fitted but needs a new box/fused spur £50 – agreed.
7.2 Front door – Bill Penfold advised skirting done. Front door beading needs repair £150 – new year agenda

8 Membership 2011/12
8.1 Applications :
Douglas Simpson (PK/PB) Junior Member – agreed
Umberto Jozwiak (JD/JS) Full Member – agreed
Roy Richardson (JD/PK) Full Member – agreed
Mark Ward (JD/PK) Full Member – agreed
8.2 Non-renewals, resignations :
Maureen du Plooy
Angelo Goss
Helge Hjort
Sydney Kaye
Joel Knowles-Baker
Steve Oakman
Martyn Shorrocks
Lawrence Youlten

9 Child Protection Policy
Paul Buswell explained the background. After general discussion it was agreed that direct contact with children would warrant a CRB check and that Ken Lucas and Paul Kelly should have delegated authority to adjust the draft following the discussion and for it then to be deemed adopted. – uncontested.

10 Individual tournaments
10.1 Club Championships 2011/12 – Paul Buswell advises some are slipping behind the schedule.
10.2 Ladder tournament – Paul Buswell reports going well.
10.3 Next rapid play – Sunday 18 December 2011, Pelton House, 1400 prompt.

11 Team Competitions & Matches
11.1 Mid-Sussex Chess League – Paul Kelly advises results on the Website.
11.2 Kent League – as above
11.3 Friendlies – Paul Buswell advises Brighton would like to bring extra players to play a friendly on Saturday 10 December – Captain needed ?
11.4 ECF Intermediate KO – Paul Buswell advises the draw is out.
11.5 Paul Watson Trophy – Ken Lucas advised first match tomorrow afternoon.
Uckfield Ladies match – on hold.

12 Club rules
12.1 Constitution: update from recent changes – agreed uncontested.
12.2 Proposal that non-local membership categories be amalgamated – agreed. next AGM

13 Board fees: to consider any policy for exemption on income grounds – Paul Buswell asked if members paying a reduced subscription should pay a reduced board fee? After general discussion it was agreed to pass this matter to John Driver’s sub-committee for further consideration.

14 Hastings International Chess Congress
Bill Penfold advised that numbers were down and this could be the last one. The Committee expressed the hope that it would continue in one form or another. Club representative to be briefed accordingly.

15 Any Other Business
15.1 Visitors fees – next Agenda
15.2 House Keeper on holiday 19 December to 03 January inclusive, but will continue to unlock/lock up.

16 Date & time next meeting: Monday 09 January 2012, Pelton House, 1830

The meeting closed at 1952

Committee Meeting: 19/09/2011


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 19 September
Present: Paul Buswell, Paul Kelly, Ken Lucas, Bill Penfold, Francis Rayner, Joe Sharp, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler [8]

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: None

2 Minutes of the Meeting 08/08/11 – accepted, signed by the Chairman

3 Matters arising:
3.1 formation of proposed new shell Company – Paul Buswell advised Company now formed and will now go to the Charity Commission requesting charitable status. Joe Sharp asked if Pelton House Ltd. was a charity – advised no by Paul Buswell.
3.2 printer (drivers) for new PC – Paul Buswell advised this is ‘in-hand’.
3.3 M Shorrocks captain’s expenses 2010/11 – Jim Wheeler advised £50 cash received, matter settled.
3.4 score sheets – Ken Lucas advised 500 with Paul Kelly, to be replaced after Christmas. Paul Buswell will
purchase batteries.
3.5 spring clean – Paul Buswell requested ‘do as/when seen’.

4 Chairman’s Remarks – Paul Buswell defined ‘confidential’ as the personal/private business of a member, matters
relating to the house keeper or flat resident.
4.1 Website and internet – Paul Buswell advised not progressed as Gary Willson ‘too busy’.
4.2 Grant opportunities – Paul Buswell asked for suggestions.

5 Secretary’s Report – Ken Lucas reported no post or telephone calls/messages. Emails had been forwarded to
the appropriate person.

6 Treasurer’s Report
6.1 Budget 2011/12 update – Jim Wheeler advised predicted budget surplus of £900.
6.2 Insurance renewal – Committee agreed to renew with current insurers but ‘shop around’ for next year.

7 Premises Officer’s Report
7.1 Hot water in ladies’ toilet – Paul Kelly advised no response from builder. Bill Penfold will ‘start again’.
7.2 Front door – Bill Penfold advised repair would cost £70 – agreed.

8 Membership 2011/12
8.1 Applications and changes of category:
Lawrence Butt, Full Member, (Bill Penfold/Joe Sharp) – agreed
Aaron Jordan-Webb, Junior Member, (Bill Penfold/Paul Buswell) – agreed
Keith Hossack, Full Member, (Paul Kelly/Jim Wheeler) – agreed
8.2 Known ‘lapses’ or resignations – Paul Buswell advised that Dr Youlton will not be renewing, and he had
been asked to encourage Martyn Shorrocks to re-join – agreed for Bill Penfold/Paul Buswell to contact.

9 Publicity Officer vacancy – George Jelliss and Kevin Carter had expressed interest. George Jelliss appointed
– agreed uncontested.

10 Sussex Coast College classes and putative alternative – Paul Buswell advised no takers so far. Gary Willson
would like to run a taster course at the Club, if the College classes do not go ahead, with the Club meeting the
reasonable expenses including advertising – agreed.

11 Promotions & Events 2011/12
11.1 Electric Palace Cinema, ‘Bobby Fischer against the World’, Wed 05/10 – Paul Buswell advises he has
25 tickets @ £6 to sell, 22 sold ‘to-date’.
11.2 Hastings Week Open Day Saturday 15 October – as previous year, volunteers required to do a shift
11.3 Christmas function – as previous year, Ann Penfold has agreed
11.4 English Heritage simul’ September 10 & Open Evening September 09 – all present agreed went very
well – Paul Buswell expressed thanks

Break 1906-1915

12a Junior Chess Club (addition to Agenda) – Paul Buswell advised that Steve Blewitt had contacted Bill Penfold Friday evening (16/09/11) to advise he was giving up the leadership of the Junior Chess Club from the end of September. Steve Blewitt had unilaterally approached Gary Willson as a possible successor (response unknown). Paul Kelly (viable candidate from last appointment) had not been approached. Ken Lucas was asked to contact Steve Blewitt and Gary Willson to ascertain their position and to arrange a meeting at the Club on Wednesday 28 September before 1800. Paul Kelly suggested he was willing to take
the Junior Chess Club possibly in conjunction with Gary Willson. Francis Rayner enquired about attendance.
12b Team Competitions & Matches
12b:1 Mid-Sussex League – Paul Buswell advised 3 teams awaiting fixtures.
Home night: Team A – Thursdays, Teams B&C – Wednesdays
12b:2 Kent League – 3 Teams
12b:3 Friendlies – Paul Buswell advises ‘Ladies Match’ v Uckfield ‘in-hand’
Last Sunday in October v Combined Services.

13 Individual tournaments
13.1 Summer tournaments 2011 – Joe Sharp reported just the last two finals to be played.
Knock-out – Paul Kelly v Rasa Norinkeviciute
Anslow/Bradley-Martin – Mike Dean v Bob Elliston
13.2 Club Championships 2011/12 – Paul Buswell advised entries close 04 October
13.3 Ladder tournament – Paul Buswell advised lots of entries so far
13.4 Rapid Play – next date not fixed

14 Any other business
14.1 Trophies: project to catalogue and update – Lona Steuart agreed to take on with Bill Penfold &
Paul Buswell to advise/assist
14.2 Kent County Chess Association AGM – Jerry Anstead attended on the Club’s behalf and reported
no major changes
14.3 Elisabeth Lewis Art Exhibition at the Art Forum (opposite Azur)

15 Date & time next meeting : Monday 24 October 2011, 1830 hours, Pelton House

The Meeting closed at 1945

Committee Meeting: 08/08/2011


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 08 August 2011, 1830, Pelton House

Present: Paul Buswell, Paul Kelly, Ken Lucas, Bill Penfold, Joe Sharp, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler [7]

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: Francis Rayner

2 Welcome to new members – given by Paul Buswell

3 Committee protocols – Paul Buswell reminded the Committee:
(a) to send apologies if cannot attend a Meeting
(b) to switch mobiles off
(c) to read all papers before coming to the Meeting

4 Minutes of the Meeting 11/07/11 – accepted, signed by the Chairman

5 Matters arising:
5.1 formation of proposed new shell Company – Paul Buswell advised papers still with the Solicitor. Bill Penfold
asked if the Solicitor could progress. Paul Buswell replied he would contact the Solicitor.
5.2 replacement of clocks – Paul Kelly reported clocks had arrived and exhibited one.
5.3 Sussex Coast College course – Paul Buswell advised that it was in the Prospectus but with Paul Kelly as tutor instead of Gary Willson and this was being corrected.
5.4 printer (drivers) for new PC – Paul Buswell advised in Gary Willson’s hands.
5.5 Confidential item: member’s expenses.
5.6 Pelton Cup play-off – no official notification, assume shared.

6 AGM brief review and matters arising therefrom – Paul Buswell advised that we still had no Publicity Officer
and one vacancy on the Committee. Ken Lucas was advised the AGM ended at 1730.

7 Chairman’s Remarks – Paul Buswell congratulated Richard Almond in the British Championship.

8 Secretary’s Report – Ken Lucas asked if the AGM Minutes were acceptable to send out to members – agreed.
8.1 Communicating with members without Email – Ken Lucas proposed that Email should be considered the normal means of communication. Paper copies could be left in the Club for members without Email access and posted if sae’s were supplied. (this proposal to next AGM)

9 Treasurer’s Report – Jim Wheeler had nothing to add to the Agenda
9.1 Budget 2011/12 update (NDR); target for year end – Jim Wheeler advised that the NDR money had been refunded. Paul Buswell asked what was the budget target? General agreement to ‘break-even’ and any savings to carry forward as a surplus.

10 Premises Officer’s Report – Bill Penfold reported nothing to add to the Agenda
10.1 Hot water in ladies’ toilet – Paul Kelly advised no date yet, will contact builder.

11 Membership 2010/11
11.1 Applications – Max Irwin as at AGM
11.2 Update if available on views of ‘concessions’ sub-committee – Paul Buswell advised that John Driver
intended to give concessions if it benefited the club and there is genuine hardship.
11.3 Line to take on late renewals – Paul Buswell proposed that membership would cease if the subscription had not been paid by 31 October, or was in the John Driver’s sub-committee process – agreed uncontested.

12 Start of new season
12.1 Playing Equipment – Paul Kelly advised score sheets were required (Ken Lucas will lend 500 to be replaced from Club order at HICC), and batteries (AA) were needed for the clocks.
12.2 Leagues 11/12 (Paul Buswell circulated an information sheet prior to the Meeting)
Mid-Sussex League ‘A’ Team, five boards, 4 or 5 away matches, drivers – John Sugden, Bill Penfold.
Paul Buswell suggested players could travel to Bexhill by train (at Club expense) avoiding Bexhill Road congestion but hopefully dropped off home after the match – agreed. Richard Almond captain – agreed.
Mid-Sussex League ‘B’ Team, five boards, 4 or 5 away matches, drivers – Jim Wheeler (when available), possibly Conrado Quintos (also use of players living outside the area). Paul Kelly captain – agreed.
Mid-Sussex League ‘C’ Team, five boards, 4 or 5 away matches. Derek Cosens has a core team with 2/3 drivers. Derek Cosens captain – agreed.
Kent League average <=170, six boards (fewer if agreed), 4 away matches, drivers as MSL B. Paul Kelly captain – agreed. Kent League average <=140 or 125, as above. The Committee suggests try to reduce number of boards and leaves the decision of which section to the captain. Mark Finch captain – agreed. Kent League average <=95, four boards, 4 away matches, needs named committed driver before entry. Paul Buswell captain – agreed. Other Leagues only offer to captain is indirectly from Martyn Shorrocks (AGM report) with no further communications and difficulties last year. The Committee decided to decline with thanks. Home fixture nights: MSCL A – undecided MSCL B – Wednesday MSCL C – Tuesday or Wednesday Kent Leagues – as arranged between captains
12.3 Other Competitions 11/12:
12.3.1 SCCA McArthur Cup – six boards. Bernard Cafferty captain – agreed. SCCA Paul Watson Trophy – four boards. Paul Buswell captain – agreed.
12.3.2 ECF National Clubs: Major – no captain so no entry Intermediate – entry only if eight or more clubs enter. Steve Blewitt captain – agreed. Minor – no captain so no entry
12.3.3 MSCL Handicap K.O. – six boards. Leave to MSCL captains – agreed.
12.3.4 British Correspondence Chess League – Kevin Harris captain – agreed.
12.4 Spring clean – Paul Buswell requests volunteers before next Committee Meeting.

13 Promotions & Events 2011/12
13.1 Electric Palace Cinema, ‘Bobby Fischer against the World’ – Cinema suggests Wednesday 05 October at 2000. The Committee agreed for Paul Buswell to go ahead.
13.2 English Heritage simul’ September 10 & Open Evening September 09 – Bill Penfold volunteers to help, Ken Lucas to advise.
13.3 Hastings Week Open Day October 15, 1100-1700, as last year – agreed.
13.4 Membership Promotions? Paul Kelly advised he had offered free membership to Mr Rickard (computer expert). Ken Lucas suggested new members from ‘promotions’ could pay £10 until Christmas as a trial. Paul Buswell asked about full-time student members? £20 agreed unanimous.

Break 1905 to 1915

13.5 Christmas function? Paul Kelly suggested Friday 02 December – agreed. 13.6 Other activities? none

14 Other Competitions
14.1 Summer Tournaments – Joe Sharp advised these were progressing well.
14.2 Ladder Tournament – Paul Buswell will contact Steve Blewitt.

15 Other Officers’ or Delegates’ Reports
15.1 Friendly Matches – Paul Buswell reported: lost v Greater London, Sunday 14 August v Wanstead & Woodford, no response yet from Uckfield Women’s Match.

16 Any Other Business
16.1 Website – Paul Buswell will organise a meet with Gary Willson and George Jelliss.
16.2 Trophies – Bill Penfold will make enquiries of the engraver. Lona Steuart suggested a shield could be added to the base giving more space. Paul Buswell advised he still has the Vera Menchik medal at his home.
16.3 replica trophies – current practice is that in the event of two players sharing both players must make a contribution of 50% of the cost of two replica trophies. Joe Smart was concerned that only the Winter Tournaments warranted a free replica trophy and not the Summer Tournaments. Ken Lucas proposed that there should be one free replica trophy for every major tournament – vote: 5 for, 1 against – agreed.
16.4 ECF biannual Grading List: implications – Paul Buswell advised it would be necessary to date each result.
16.5 Kent County Chess Assoc’n AGM Snodland 4 September – noted.

17 Next Meeting: Monday 19 September 2011, 1830, Pelton House

The Meeting closed at 2000.

Annual General Meeting: 17/07/2011


Annual General Meeting Sunday 17 July 2011, 1430 hours
held at Pelton House, 2 Cornwallis Terrace, Hastings

Members Present: Richard Almond, Jerry Anstead, Alan Barton, Steve Blewitt, Paul Buswell, Bernard Cafferty, John Driver, Bob Elliston, John Felton, Angelo Goss, Paul Kelly, Ken Lucas, Alfred Mikurenda, Omer Namouk, Rasa Norinkeviciute, Bill Penfold, Adrian Pickersgill, Con Power, Joe Sharp [19]

[Max Irwin accepted as new Full Member by Chairman]


The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1430.

1 Apologies for Absence : Kevin Carter, Derek Cosens, Brian Denman, Mark Finch, Steven Giddins, Theresa Hall, Ann Penfold, Maureen du Plooy, Robert Smart, James Wheeler, Lawrence Youlten [11]

2 Announcement of proxies – none.

3 Silence for members who have died.
The Chairman reminded the Meeting of the sad loss of Leo Shea – the Meeting stood for a minutes silence.

4 Minutes of the AGM 18 July 2010
The Minutes were accepted by the Meeting and signed by the Chairman.

5 Matters Arising not otherwise on the Agenda.
5.1 Minute 4.1, formalising basement flat rental agreement.
Paul Buswell advised the Meeting that this matter had been agreed as using the standard demarcation of responsibilities set out within the Landlord & Tenant Act.
5.2 Minute 4.2, possible new structure of Club.
Paul Buswell advised the Meeting as in the written Chairman’s Report

6 Chairman’s Report. The Chairman expanded on his written report:
6.1 Sussex Coast College Chess Course in the Syllabus – for beginners, Wednesday evenings , 1900 to 2100,
Gary Willson tutor, at the College, £120 for 10 weeks
6.2 ‘Bobby Fischer v the World’ – after a good response will negotiate with the Cinema
There were no questions from the floor. Report noted

7 Secretary’s Report. The Secretary referred to his written report. There were no questions. Report noted.

8 Financial Reports. In the absence of the Treasurer the chairman referred the Meeting to the written report and
accounts. He highlighted Paul Kelly’s success in the sale of old/unused books for £3000.
8.1.1 There were no questions. Report noted.
8.1.2 Accounts agreed and signed by Committee Officers.
8.2 Accounts of the Junior Chess Educational Fund to 31 May 2011. The Chairman explained this was an independent registered charity who submitted the accounts to the AGM, as agreed in 1967, and a copy would be displayed.

9 Reports from other office-holders
9.1 Premises Officer, Paul Kelly referred to his written report. Bill Penfold asked what was left of the Pountney Legacy. Paul Buswell replied £2100 as of 01/05/11. Richard Almond asked about the cost of the little used toilet in old smokers room. Paul Kelly answered ‘plasterboarding of two walls with damp black tanking due to paint and plaster flaking onto floor that has since been recarpeted up to the top flat’ explaining that most of the cost had been for refurbishment, an old toilet had been replaced, and the roof was still to be done (probably with the rear windows when finances allowed). Report noted.
9.2 Junior Organiser, Francis Rayner – no report.
9.3 Tournament Controller, Rasa Norinkeviciute – referred to problems getting games completed in the Pelton.
Report noted. Paul Buswell thanked her for her efforts. Bernard Cafferty pointed out the problem of an early start if the payment of annual subscription was subsequently not made. Richard Almond thought members should pay their subscription before starting in a tournament. Paul Buswell advised that members had until the 30th September to pay their subscription and even then had a one month ‘grace period’ and suggested the next AGM might like to reconsider/amend [Agenda 2012 AGM ‘payment of subscription before playing’]. There followed much discussion with agreement that members should pay before play.
9.4 Librarian, John Driver – Thanked Paul Kelly for his efforts in sale of old books. He would relinquish the post and recommended Paul Kelly to the AGM. Report noted.
9.5 Publicity Officer, Bill Penfold – five reports sent to local paper and published. Report noted.
9.6 Membership Secretary, Alfred Mikurenda – advised will resign as soon as a replacement is found. Report noted.
9.7 Equipment Officer, Paul Kelly – advised damaged clocks replaced, others fixed. Do not remove battery with
screw driver. Paul Buswell advised AGM of the generous gift of clocks/sets/boards from Joe Sharp. Report noted.
9.8 Summer Tournament Controller, Joe Sharp – advised better entry than last year, ‘middle rankers’ missing.
Richard Almond asked if two sections might be possible next year. Report noted.

10 Match Captains’ Reports
10.1 McArthur Cup, Bernard Cafferty – Report noted.
10.2 National Club Championships
10.2.1 Major, Richard Almond – Report noted.
10.2.2 Intermediate, Steve Blewitt – got to the second round and lost
10.2.3 Minor, Martyn Shorrocks – Report noted.
10.3 Mid-Sussex League
10.3.1 First Team, Richard Almond – Congratulations. Report noted.
10.3.2 Second Team, Joe Sharp – relinquishing after eight years, thanks expressed. Report noted.
10.4 Kent League
10.4.1 avg <=170, Paul Kelly – very successful, thanks expressed
10.4.2 avg<=155, Paul Kelly – not so successful. Reports noted.
10.4.3 avg<=125, Martyn Shorrocks – Report noted.
10.4.4 avg<=110, Martyn Shorrocks – Report noted.
10.4.5 avg<=95, Paul Buswell – Report noted.
10.5 British Correspondence Chess League, Kevin Harris – Report noted.
10.6 Friendly Matches, Ray Brooks – Paul Buswell advised Insurance will continue with the annual fixture. Report noted.

11 Other reports
11.1 Representative on Committee of the Hastings International Chess Congress, Steve Blewitt – reports a 10% reduction of Council grant, Horntye will reduce the rent, and the Congress will go ahead. Paul Kelly suggested a five day tournament. Con Power advised this would lose the GMs and the grant. Entry Forms available.
11.2 Delegates to Mid-Sussex Chess League, Richard Almond, Joe Sharp – advised Hastings can now play at home! – gratitude expressed for his persistence.
11.3 Delegate to Sussex County Chess Association, Bob Elliston – suggested visit to WebSite. Report noted.

12 Vote of thanks to Retiring Officers given by Bob Elliston.

13 Proposal from the Committee to amend the Club Constitution (requiring 2/3 majority) ‘That the Committee be re-constituted so as to comprise: President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Premises Officer and up to five other members elected by the Annual General Meeting and that the Club Committee be instructed to redraft the Constitution accordingly.’ Richard Almond asked if other officers could be offered the other Committee places first. Bernard Cafferty preferred the status quo. Bob Elliston asked if Members could attend. Paul Buswell advised all members could attend except during discussion of a confidential nature. Vote: 12 for, 4 against. Proposal carried.

14 Elections of Officers, Committee Members, delegates, others:
14.1 all except Match Captains Chairman – Paul Buswell (Kevin Harris/Bob Elliston) [Bill Penfold acting as Chairman] – agreed uncontested Secretary – Ken Lucas (Paul Buswell/Bob Elliston) – agreed uncontested Treasurer – Jim Wheeler (Bernard Cafferty/Paul Smith) – agreed uncontested Junior Officer – Steve Blewitt (Paul Buswell/Bernard Cafferty) – agreed uncontested Premises Officer – Bill Penfold (Joe Sharp/Ken Lucas) – agreed uncontested Tournament Controller – Rasa Norinkeviciute (Bernard Cafferty/Paul Smith) – agreed uncontested Tournament Controller Summer – Joe Sharp (Bernard Cafferty/Steve Blewitt) – agreed uncontested Librarian – Paul Kelly (Bill Penfold/Ken Lucas) – agreed with one against Publicity Officer – no nomination Membership Secretary – Alfred Mikurenda agreed to continue until a replacement found Equipment Officer – Paul Kelly (Bill Penfold/Ken Lucas) – agreed uncontested Committee Members : Joe Sharp (Paul Buswell/Ken Lucas) – agreed uncontested Paul Kelly (Paul Buswell/Bob Elliston) – agreed uncontested Lona Steuart (Paul Buswell/Bill Penfold) – agreed uncontested Francis Rayner (Bob Elliston/Rasa Norinkeviciute) – agrred with one against
14.2 Tournament Sub-Committee: Rasa Norinkeviciute (ex officio) Bernard Cafferty (John Driver/Bob Elliston) – agreed uncontested Joe Sharp (John Driver/Bob Elliston) – agreed uncontested

15 Appointment of Auditor : Paul R Smith (Paul Buswell/John Driver) – agreed uncontested

16 Membership Subscriptions Proposal from the Committee: ‘That this Annual General Meeting shall for 2011/12 appoint a Sub-Committee which shall have sole and final discretion to decide whether any particular individual member shall be permitted to pay a reduced subscription (and/or to pay their subscription by extended instalments and/or have board fee waived) on grounds of financial hardship.’ Paul Buswell advised we currently had 81 members and that the previous grant used to help with financial hardship was no longer available. John Driver suggested an amendment ‘that such help should benefit the Club and not the individual’. Vote on the amendment: 7 for, 5 against, carried. Vote on main proposal including amendment: 14 for, 1 against, carried. John Driver, Bill Penfold and Anna Pontonutti were proposed (Bill Penfold/Paul Kelly) for the Sub-Committee. Following the 20 minute break – Paul Buswell suggested Steve Blewitt as an alternative on the Sub-Committee – agreed uncontested. John Driver agreed to take over as Membership Secretary – agreed uncontested.

17 Match Captains Proposal from the Committee: ‘That the appointment of match captains be fully remitted to the Committee who shall have regard to the likelihood of any team fulfilling its fixtures and to its captain’s ability to carry out all administrative tasks required by the competition or by the Club.’ – agreed uncontested

18 Composition of the Club Championship Proposal from Joe Sharp, seconded by Rasa Norinkeviciute: ‘That the Tournament Sub-Committee be able to make one ‘wild card’ selection for the Championship, if necessary reducing by one the number of places otherwise available to players on grounds of their playing strength.’ John Driver was concerned that new members might request this as a condition of joining. Richard Almond advised that the selection should be based on playing strength and not just grade. Vote: 5 for, 6 against, rejected.

19 Proposal from the Committee: ‘That computer and broadband internet facilities be established to enable members to follow chess on-line at the Club.’ John Driver suggested a limit of £12/month. Ken Lucas was concerned at possible illegal use and the Club’s liability. Alan Barton asked why bother and Steve Blewitt pointed out possible future needs. Paul Kelly believed it would be an asset to the Club and encourage members. Rasa Norinkeviciute suggested a trial period. Paul Buswell summarised the discussion with the proposal that we should go ahead with a maximum cost of £200 for the first year, the Committee draft ‘fair use’ guidelines, and it is reviewed next year. Vote: 8 for, 5 against, carried. 20 Date of Annual General Meeting 2012 Saturday 07 July 2012 suggested with only one against

21 Any Other Business
21.1 Steve Blewitt wants to introduce and run Ladder Tournaments for Rapid Play and Normal Play – agreed uncontested
21.2 Delegate to the Hastings International Chess Congress – Steve Blewitt (Paul Buswell/Bill Penfold) – agreed uncontested
21.3 Delegate to Sussex County Chess Association – Bob Elliston (Paul Buswell/Bill Penfold) – agreed uncontested
21.4 Delegate to Mid-Sussex League – The Match Captains – agreed uncontested
21.5 John Driver reminded members of the Friday Night Tournament and Weekend Rapid Play.
21.6 New Members were advised that Tuesday 1400 is a good time to meet other members.
21.7 Alan Barton asked if the Library Cabinets could be more available – passed to Paul Kelly to consider.

22 Presentation of Trophies:
22.1 Club Championship – Jude Lenier
22.2 Pelton Cup – Derek Cosens/Ollie Willson
22.3 Rush Cup – Robert Smart Summer 2010:
22.4 Anslow Cup – Paul Kelly
22.5 Bradley-Martin Cup – Anna Ponmtonutti
22.6 Winser Trophy – John Felton
22.7 Dent Cup – Steve Blewitt
22.8 Whyte Cup – Rasa Norinkeviciute
22.9 Shadforth-Bolger Trophy – Derek Cosens
22.10 Starling Cup – not contested
22.11 Glyde Cup – not contested
22.12 Lewis Cup – Richard Almond
22.13 Busbridge Shield – not contested
22.14 Kriegspiel Cup – not contested

The Meeting closed at 1800