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Committee Meeting: 25/02/2013


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 25 February 2013, 1830, Pelton House

Present: Alan Barton, Paul Buswell, George Jelliss, Paul Kelly, Ken Lucas, Bill Penfold, Joe Sharp, Lona Steuart, Mason Woodhams [9]

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1828 (all Members expected present)

1 Apologies for Absence: Jim Wheeler

2 Minutes of the Meeting 14/01/13 – accepted, signed by the Chairman

3 Matters arising:
3.1 (4.1) Trophies project – Bill Penfold advised some still to update.
3.2 (4.5) Document safe – Paul Buswell advised ‘in-hand’.
3.3 (4.7) Art Studio Chess – Paul Buswell advised 7/8 people attended.
3.4 (5.9) Castle Ward Grants – Mason Woodham advised application had been submitted with 19 minutes to spare! Copy of application distributed. Paul Buswell expressed the Committee’s thanks.
3.5 (9.3) CRB checks for Junior organisers – Lona Stuart advised this could be done at a cost of £10/person, Junior organisers advised.

4 Chairman’s Matters
4.1 New Company; Charity Registration – Paul Buswell advised waiting. Mason Woodham advised possible changes to ‘Charity rules’.
4.2 Grandmaster visit, Priory Meadow ? – Paul Buswell advised Priory Meadow were happy but Stuart Conquest would not be available for some time. Discussion of other possible GM’s. Alan Barton suggested we wait to see if Stuart may be available later – agreed.
4.3 Taster courses for beginners – Paul Buswell advised ‘on-hold’.
4.4 Student volunteer(s) – Paul Buswell advised pursuing for library/archiving work.

5 Secretary’s Report & Correspondence
Ken Lucas advised correspondence/Emails/phone calls passed to appropriate Officer. HVA registration completed. Otherwise as Agenda.

Break 1908-1918

6 Treasurer’s Report & financial
6.1 Budget 12/13: monitoring – Balance Sheet previously distributed.
6.2 Non-Domestic Rates – Council considering case-by-case!
6.3 Board Fees, ECF Game Fee – Paul Buswell advised Treasurer has info from Match Captains.
(Steve Blewitt/Paul Kelly intend to propose board fee reduced to £1 at the AGM)

7 Equipment & Premises
7.1 Gas fires/heating – Paul Kelly advised that Bill Penfold had visited local shops and suggested too dear.
New gas fire upstairs recommended. Flavel Convector Brown Gas Fire @ £210+p&p+£85 installation.
Vote 6 for, uncontested. Bill Penfold advised need to check can be installed with chimney stack.
Paul Kelly advised £20 donation towards cost from Alfred Mikurenda. Ken Lucas asked about Carbon Monoxide Alarms – 2 to be purchased.
7.2 Flat screen monitor – Mason Woodham advised this would make better use of Computer. General discussion.
Agreed to review with possible grant application.
7.3 Keys – Paul Buswell advised more front door keys needed. Paul Kelly agreed to purchase.
7.4 Clock (upstairs) – Bill Penfold advised the works need renewing. Paul Kelly will bring one in from his home.
7.5 Fire Escape – Paul Kelly advised that regulations were satisfied because of alarms but will investigate fire doors. George Jelliss suggested a ‘bridge’ over the back area.

8 Junior Chess – Paul Kelly advised everything going fine.

9 Librarian – Paul Kelly advised nothing to report.

10 Membership
10.1 Applications:
Peter Smith, Full Member – (Bill Penfold/Paul Kelly) – uncontested.
B Upton, Full Member – (Mason Woodham/Paul Kelly) – uncontested.
10.2 Never started – Paul Buswell advised two new members, Brennan and Casagrande, not followed through with subscription – John Driver to investigate.
10.3 Vetting – Alan Barton was concerned whether we were adequately vetting new members. After some discussion Paul Buswell suggested the matter be passed to John Driver for consideration.

11 Tournaments & Matches
11.1 Winter Tournaments – Paul Buswell advised concerns over delays in the Rush Cup. Joe Sharp suggested leave to Controller and sub-committee – agreed.
11.2 Ladder Tournament – George Jelliss will try to revive, but at standard play times, and possible grading.
11.3 Mid-Sussex League ‘C’ team – Paul Buswell advised Derek Cosens unable to continue, Gary Willson appointed – approved.

12 Any Other Business
12.1 Subscribe to @ £67/annum – Mason Woodham explained that Club members would be able to play in a Club Team against other teams through, and also internal Club tournaments could be arranged again through – agreed uncontested.

13 Date & time of next meeting: Monday 08 April 2013, Pelton House, 1830

14 Bethune planning session
Paul Buswell advised there was a reasonable consensus to budget for £750. Nine players plus six partners were coming and staying at the Chatsworth (thanks to Joe Sharp).
Saturday afternoon: Trip/Excursion to start 1600 – walk to, go up, West Hill lift, visit Caves – agreed.
Saturday evening: Fish & Chip supper (with alternatives) est. £10 inc. drinks – vote 4 for, 1 against.
No VIP invited.
Goody Bags: Paul Kelly advised he could produce these, for players only, at £10/head, including
Hastings Bag, playing cards, booklets, cheese, wine ? etc. – agreed.
Club-to-Club gift: Paul Kelly advised of a large print, £60, in Tower Road Art Shop. Bill Penfold to view.
Sunday Match: at the Club, or at the Chatsworth – vote Club 3, Chatsworth 4.
Sunday Lunch: Azur, est. £21.95 including wine – agreed.
Funding: Club Members taking part to contribute £10 F&C and/or £20 Azur.
Match Captain: Paul Kelly, who will select team.
Bethune Working Group: Paul Buswell, Paul Kelly, Bill Penfold, Joe Sharp
Paul Buswell to check possible twinning funds.
Ken Lucas to invite Mayor to attend Azur Sunday lunch at 1300, as Club guest.

The meeting closed at 2104

Special General Meeting: New Company 12/11/2012


Minutes of a Special General Meeting of the Company held on Monday 12 November 2012
at 6:15 p.m. at Pelton House, 2 Cornwallis Terrace, Hastings TN34 1EB

Present in person: Ms L Steuart, P Buswell, B Cafferty, C J Driver, K A Lucas, J C L Sharp, W H B Penfold, J Wheeler

Present by proxy: Ms R Norinkeviciute, J Anstead, R A Barton, C Power

Apologies for absence: P J Kelly

1 Election of Chairman of the Meeting
Proposed by Mr Cafferty, seconded, and resolved nem con that the Company Secretary, Mr Buswell, be chairman of the meeting.

2 Special resolution
Proposed to replace Article 4 of the company’s Articles of Association with the following:
“The advancement of amateur sport by promoting the game of chess for the benefit of the residents of the Borough of Hastings.”
Mr Buswell recited reasons behind the proposal, the wording of which had been suggested by the Charities Commission.
The proposal was resolved unanimously: all present in person voted in favour, three directed proxies were in favour, and one discretionary proxy was voted in favour.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 6:25 p.m.

Committee Meeting: 10/09/2012


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 10 September 2012, 1830, Pelton House

Present: Paul Buswell, George Jelliss, Paul Kelly, Ken Lucas, Bill Penfold, Joe Sharp, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler [8]

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: Alan Barton

2 Minutes of the Meeting 13/08/12 – accepted, signed by the Chairman

3 Matters arising:
3.1 (4.1) Trophies project – Paul Buswell advised ‘still on-going’.
3.2 (4.2) New Company – Paul Buswell advised ‘on-going’.
3.3 (4.3) Heritage Lottery Project – Paul Buswell advised still no news.
3.4 (4.4) Foreshore Trust grant – Paul Buswell advised ‘feedback’ – helpful, improved bid next time.
3.5 (7.3) Notice in Library – Paul Kelly advised ‘still to do’.

4 Chairman’s Matters
4.1 Heritage Open Day simul Sunday 9 September – The Committee expressed their thanks to Richard Almond and Bob Elliston, helpers and members who attended. Paul Buswell was disappointed at the low public attendance and the obstructive Art Display. Ken Lucas added that the giant sets were essential to attract the attention of the public on the day.
4.2 Open Day, Hastings Week, Saturday 13 October – everything proceeding.
4.3 Christmas function? – Paul Buswell advised Ann Penfold was disinclined to take on the catering with VIPs in attendance. Various alternatives were discussed. Paul Buswell proposed that the earlier decision to invite VIPs be rescinded before he progressed the catering arrangements with Ann Penfold.
Voting – 5 for, 2 against. VIP invitations rescinded.
4.4 Bethune twinning – Paul Buswell awaiting response from Bethune.
4.5 Spring Clean (general tidy-up, removing rubbish) – Paul Buswell advised this will take place this Wednesday.
Bill Penfold advised Roy now had the special polish to clean the chairs.

5 Secretary’s Report & Correspondence
5.1 Noticeboard(s) – Bill Penfold advised a new ‘main’ Noticeboard would cost £90-100. Ken Lucas suggested a new board was necessary as only ‘strong’ members could push the pins in the current, old board.
Ken Lucas proposed we purchase the new board (seconded George Jelliss) – 5 for, 2 against.
5.2 Publishing draft Minutes – the Committee expressed no objections. The Secretary will make the draft Minutes available for display in the Club and on the WebSite.
5.3 Welcome Board – it was suggested that a board, welcoming people, be put out on a Tuesday afternoon and Friday evening, making it clear that there were members in the Club to welcome potential members. Paul Kelly suggested the ‘white board’ with the markers could be used. Paul Buswell will ask John Driver if he would take this upon himself.

6 Treasurer’s Report
6.1 Budget 12/13: monitoring – Jim Wheeler distributed the amended/updated budget sheet for the 14 month year and will report latest forecasts to each meeting.
6.2 Membership renewal – Jim Wheeler advised over £800 in so far, liaising with John Driver.

7 Equipment, Premises & Premises Officer’s Report
7.1 Rear windows – update. Paul Kelly advised these were being installed Wednesday & Friday this week from 9 am.
7.2 Water meters – after some discussion the Committee decided to continue with the ‘status quo’.
7.3 Fire Extinguishers annual check – Bill Penfold reminded Paul Kelly.
7.4 Bolts on Gents toilet doors – Paul Buswell advised Paul Kelly that these needed attention as were difficult to fasten/unfasten.

8 Child Protection
8.1 policy review – Ken Lucas distributed copies to the Committee ensuring all Committee Members had a copy of the policy so that a considered review could be led by Lona Stuart at the next meeting.
8.2 internet parental controls – Lona Stuart advised she had had some difficulty contacting Gary Willson but it was now ‘in-hand’.

Break 1907-1915

9 Tournaments & Matches
9.1 Summer Tournaments – Joe Sharp congratulated George Jelliss on winning the Dent Cup (Knock-out Plate), Eric Houghton had withdrawn due to health reasons, final of the Knock-out Cup to be played between Derek Cosens and Mel Young. There had been some slippage in the ‘play-by’ dates.
9.2 Winter Tournaments – the list is up – payment of subscription and completion of Summer Tournaments
(as possible due to overlap) before the Winter Tournaments start.
9.3 Paul Buswell advised the Club lost in the friendly 02 September.

10 Membership
10.1 Renewals/Resignations/Changes – Paul Buswell advised Mark Finch was not renewing, Chris Rogal and Kevin Carter changing from Full Members to Associate Members.
10.2 Applications:
Warda family (as appropriate) (Paul Kelly/Lona Stuart – uncontested)
Nick Ruboshov, Full Member (Paul Buswell/Joe Sharp – uncontested)
Conrado Quintos, Full Member (Bill Penfold/Paul Kelly – uncontested)
Adrian Cload, Full Member (Paul Buswell/Ken Lucas – uncontested)
Daniel Lowe, Junior Member (Paul Kelly/Bill Penfold – uncontested)

11 English Chess Federation AGM 13 October
To consider whether the Club wishes to lobby in respect of any matters at the ECF AGM : re-election of the ECF President, candidature for ECF Finance Director. Paul Buswell advises that the ECF President has resigned and the ECF Finance Director candidate has withdrawn – no further action considered.

12 Any Other Business
12.1 Paul Buswell advises John Driver is unhappy with the ECF membership scheme and game fees – in the absence of further information from John Driver the Committee felt unable to discuss further.
12.2 Joe Sharp reports that Francis Rayner has a contact with the Art Studio over the Newsagents at the corner of Robertson Street who wish to have a Chess Evening on a Thursday – the Committee were broadly in agreement but would require more information. Paul Kelly will liaise with Francis Rayner – the Secretary to advise.
12.3 Advertising on the WebSite – George Jelliss advises that some Club Websites display adverts.
Paul Buswell requested George Jelliss investigate one enquiry in more detail.

13 Date & time of next meeting: Monday 08 October 2012, Pelton House, 1830

The meeting closed at 1950

Committee Meeting: 13/08/2012


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 13 August 2012, 1830, Pelton House

Present: Alan Barton, Paul Buswell, George Jelliss, Paul Kelly, Ken Lucas, Bill Penfold, Joe Sharp, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler [9]

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: None

2 Welcome to new Committee – the Chairman welcomed new/returning officers/committee.

3 Minutes of the Meeting 25/06/12 – accepted, signed by the Chairman

4 Matters arising:
4.1 (3.1) Trophies project – Paul Buswell advised the list now found and will send to Bill Penfold.
4.2 (3.2) New Company – Paul Buswell advised Charity Commission seem satisfied requiring just some wording changes. Questions re: Capital Gains Tax, process of transfer of Pelton House to new company, liability of directors – to be raised with David Anderton (Solicitor) to then progress.
4.3 (3.3) Heritage Lottery Project – Paul Buswell advised still no news.
4.4 (3.4) Foreshore Trust grant – Paul Buswell advised not accepted, awaiting ‘feedback’.

5 AGM 2012 – the financial year now ends 30/06 making this year 14 months (30/04/12 to 30/06/13).

6 Arrangements for new season
6.1 Season-opening event – Paul Buswell exploring possible simul/lecture – no other ideas.
6.2 Membership and renewals; retention; membership drive & offers? – Paul Buswell advised John Driver will be sending out renewal invitations soon.
6.3 Playing equipment and accessories – Paul Kelly advised score sheets will be purchased at Congress, all clock batteries will be replaced.
6.4 Spring clean? Paul Buswell advised will be having a general ‘litter’ clear up. Roy Bourne to be given a special polish (from Bill Penfold) to assist in chair cleaning.

7 Communications
7.1 Website – George Jelliss advised Instruction Sheet sent out by Email, paper copies were by the Computer.
7.2 Emails & circulars – Paul Buswell informed Committee complaint ‘too many’ being sent out. Future Emails will carry a more explanatory title to enable the Email ‘reluctants’ to select which to open.
7.3 Local press & publicity – Paul Kelly will contact the free paper and check Junior Library re notice. Paul Buswell will continue to inform other local press.

8 Future Events
8.1 Heritage Open Day simul Sunday 09 September – Paul Buswell advised ‘all in hand’, help setting up from 1400.
8.2 Open Day, Hastings Week, Saturday 13 October, 1100 to 1700 – noted.

Break 1905 to 1920

8.3 Christmas function? Provisionally Friday 07 December. For each member and one adult guest – agreed.
VIP’s? – agreed, after discussion (not unanimous).
8.4 Bethune twinning – Spring 2013 – Secretary to contact (advised John Sugden speaks French).

9 Chairman’s Matters
9.1 Policy on use of rooms : Use of both rooms on occasion meaning individual matches/social chess are unable to take place. This occurs during the Junior Club, when there is a large Club Match, or Club Function.
After careful consideration, and regrets at the inconvenience to any member, the Committee decided there was no alternative. Notice would be given by Email and on the Notice board.
9.1.2 Alan Barton raised concern over reported behaviour of some junior members – Paul Kelly advised he will deal with this.
9.2 Grants: Borough Council up to £500, ideas?
Possibility of purchase of books specific to Junior Club to be investigated – Paul Kelly advised specific books required.

10 Secretary’s Report & Correspondence
10.1 AGM 2012 Minutes – noted by Committee.
10.2 Noticeboard(s) – Ken Lucas requested old noticeboards, now reluctant to accept pins, be replaced – costing to be investigated – next Agenda

11 Treasurer’s Report
11.1 Budget 12/13: monitoring – Jim Wheeler advised his Computer down, full refund of rates.
11.2 ECF Game Fee 12/13 – Paul Buswell advised he will keep a spread-sheet showing players owing Game Fees with the intention to start collecting at Christmas.

12 Premises & Premises Officer’s Report
12.1 Rear Windows – Paul Kelly advised planning permission given, work to start in October.
12.2 Front door – Bill Penfold advised work done, some touching up may be needed.
12.3 Water meters – mixed response based on different experiences with Water Company – next Agenda

13 Child Protection
13.1 update of Minute 9 of meeting 21 May – Lona Steuart will ask Gary Willson to set up parental controls on Internet Explorer with himself as Administrator and setting a password to stop any re-setting known only to himself and a designated person.
13.2 review – Lona Steuart will ensure Committee has up-to-date copy of Policy for next meeting – next Agenda

14 Tournaments & Matches
14.1 Summer Tournament – Joe Sharp advised progressing well.
14.2 Team Competitions & Matches
14.2.1 Friendlies and other matches – 02 September being ‘captained’ by Steve Blewitt.
No Friendlies Match Captain yet!
14.2.2 British Correspondence League – no information
14.2.3 Entries 2012/13; appointment of match captains
McArthur Cup – Bernard Cafferty
MSCL A – Paul Kelly
MSCL B – Howard Tebbs
MSCL C – Derek Cosens
Kent average <170 – Paul Kelly
Kent average <110 or <95 – Paul Buswell
Paul Watson Trophy – Joe Sharp
ECF KO’s – none
14.3 Ladder tournaments – lack of interest

15 Any Other Business
Joe Sharp advised had not heard from New Zealand about proposed match via internet. Paul Buswell advised there was interest in our response to status of ECF president (AGM October) – next Agenda

16 Date & time of next meeting: Monday 10 September 2012, 1830, Pelton House

The meeting closed at 2022.

Annual General Meeting: 07/07/2012


Minutes of the AGM 07/07/12, 1430, Pelton House

Present: Richard Almond, Alan Barton, Steve Blewitt, Paul Buswell, Laurence Butt, Bernard Cafferty, Michael Dean, John Driver, Bob Elliston, John Felton, George Jelliss, Alfredo Luaces, Ken Lucas, Alfred Mikurenda, Moyra Mitchell, Rasa Norinkeviciute, Bill Penfold, Con Power, Joe Sharp, Harry Stephens, Alan Ticehurst, Jim Wheeler [22]

The Chairman opened the meeting at 1430.

1 Apologies for Absence : Jerry Anstead, Kevin Carter, Brian Denman, Kevin Harris, Eric Houghton, Paul Kelly, Omer Namouk, Ann Penfold, Adrian Pickersgill, Francis Rayner, Chris Rogal, Robert Smart, Paul Smith (Hove), Mel Young,

2 Announcement of any proxies – none

3 Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 17 July 2011 – signed by the Chairman as correct.

4 Matters Arising not otherwise on the Agenda
4.1 Minute 6.1: chess course at College – Paul Buswell advised the course had not proceeded due to insufficient applications.
4.2 Minute 6.2: possible new structure of Club – Paul Buswell explained the Club is waiting on a decision from the Charity Commission.
4.3 Minute 19: internet facilities – Paul Buswell advised this was now in place and within budget – being used to assist in sorting pairings in competitions, Bernard Cafferty’s live commentary during the World Championship.
4.4 Minute 21.1: ladder tournament – Paul Buswell advised this had started well but now seems to have stopped.
4.5 Minute 21.7: library cabinets – Alan Barton advised there is a key in the kitchen.

5 Chairman’s Report – Mr Buswell – Paul Buswell highlighted from his report: unsuccessful in the Foreshore Trust application, Website – Committee desired no change, ECF membership/charges on the Agenda, lack of match opportunities for <120 members due to lack of drivers, need for ‘new blood’ on Committee. No questions. Noted by AGM.

6 Secretary’s Report – Mr Lucas – nothing to add to written report. No questions. Noted by AGM.

7 Financial Reports
7.1 Treasurer – Mr Wheeler
7.1.1 Report – nothing to add to written report. No questions. Noted by the AGM.
7.1.2 Examined Accounts for the year to 30 April 2012 – signed by Treasurer, Chairman, Secretary accepted by the AGM (proposed Bernard Cafferty, seconded John Felton – uncontested). Question (Bernard Cafferty – will the Committee investigate water meters? – deferred to Committee).
7.2 Accounts (unexamined) of Junior Chess Educational Fund to 31 May 2012 – received by the AGM.

8 Reports from other office-holders
8.1 Premises Officer – Mr Penfold – Bill Penfold advised the main expense had been the new windows, the rear windows to be done, front door painted with the glass still to do. No questions. Noted by the AGM.
8.2 Junior Organizer – Mr Kelly (appointed mid-year to succeed Mr Blewitt) – no report
8.3 Tournament Controller – Ms Norinkeviciute – Rasa advised tournaments had proceeded but with some communication problems. No questions. Noted by the AGM with thanks expressed for a job well done.
8.4 Librarian – Mr Kelly – no report. Question – Bob Elliston asked if the ‘withdrawal book’ could be more easy to find – Librarian to be advised.
8.5 Membership Secretary – Mr Driver – John Driver advised will continue, if wanted, and asked that the proper procedure is followed : the Application Form must be used, passed to Committee to accept, and only then will the applicant be approached for the subscription. Question (Richard Almond asked where the Application Forms were kept? – John Driver advised in folder in upper Club Room.) (Bill Penfold asked how many subscription reductions there had been?- John Driver advised: 3 reductions, 2 extra time to pay). Noted by AGM.
8.6 Equipment Officer – Mr Kelly – no report. Question (Paul Buswell asked who was responsible for the Trophies? – the AGM suggested: Equipment Officer, Treasurer, Premises Officer, Tournament Controller – Bill Penfold agreed to accept ‘special responsibility’ for Trophies – accepted uncontested).
8.7 Summer Tournament Controller – Mr Sharp – Joe Sharp added to his written report (copies available as received after ‘posting’) – the new Rider Trophy, second section of the Whyte Cup Rapid Tournament, and requested members keep to the playing schedule. Noted by the AGM. Bob Elliston thanked him for a job well done.
8.8 Publicity/Press Officer – Mr Jelliss – George Jelliss advised unaware of the post and did not wish to continue. Noted by the AGM.
8.9 Website manager – Mr Jelliss – George Jelliss advised as written report, the Committee did not wish additional expenditure. Noted by the AGM. Question (Joe Sharp asked if a new photo of the front of the Club could be used? George Jelliss advised he will do this himself. Steve Blewitt wondered if members of the Junior Club might assist? Richard Almond commented that the new pages were fine).

9 Match Captains’ Reports
9.1 McArthur Cup – Mr Cafferty – Bernard Cafferty advised nothing to add to written report. No questions. Richard Almond pointed out the 6-0 win against Bognor. Noted by AGM.
9.2 Mid-Sussex League
9.2.1 First team – Mr Almond – nothing to add to written report. No questions. Noted by AGM.
9.2.2 Second team – Mr Kelly – no report
9.2.3 Third Team – Mr Cosens – no report
9.3 Kent League
9.3.1 average <=170 – Mr Kelly – no report
9.3.2 average <=125 – Mr Finch – no report (not continuing as Match Captain)
9.3.3 average <= 95 – Mr Buswell – Paul Buswell advised ‘commitments fulfilled’. No questions. Noted by AGM.
9.4 Paul Watson Trophy – Mr Lucas – Ken Lucas advised not continuing, thanked team and Bill Penfold. Question (Alan Barton asked what was the Paul Watson Trophy? Paul Buswell explained.) Noted by AGM.
9.5 British Correspondence Chess League – Mr Harris – written report. No questions. Noted by AGM.
9.6 Friendly matches – Mr Brooks – no report, not continuing. Paul Buswell summarized. Noted by AGM.

10 Other reports
10.1 Representative on Committee of the Hastings International Chess Congress – Mr Blewitt – Steve Blewitt advised there will be a Congress this year but it may be the last. Noted by AGM. Questions (Alan Ticehurst asked how much was the Hastings Borough Council grant? Con Power advised £20,000, the old sponsorship with grant was over £40000. John Driver suggested members should make known their views to councilors/potential councilors. Joe Sharp asked how much was the Horntye rent? Con Power advised about half the grant.).
10.2 Delegates to Mid-Sussex Chess League – (messrs Almond, Kelly, Cosens) – Richard Almond advised details available on the MSCL Website. No questions. Noted by AGM.
10.3 Delegate to Sussex Chess Association – Mr Elliston – Bob Elliston advised details on SCCA Website. No questions. Noted by AGM.

11 Vote of Thanks to Retiring Officers – Bob Elliston expressed the thanks of the Club to Officers/Committee for all their hard work during year.

12 Elections of Officers, Committee Members, delegates, others:
12.1 as below Committee posts Post Candidate Nominated by Seconded by Chairman Paul Buswell Ken Lucas John Driver uncontested Secretary Ken Lucas Paul Buswell Joe Sharp uncontested Treasurer Jim Wheeler Paul Buswell Steve Blewitt uncontested Premises Officer Paul Kelly John Driver Bill Penfold uncontested Committee Members Joe Sharp Ken Lucas Steve Blewitt at large (5 posts) Lona Steuart Ken Lucas John Driver George Jelliss John Driver Con Power Alan Barton Ken Lucas Steve Blewitt Committee Members collectively agreed uncontested. Other posts Junior Officer Paul Kelly (Bob Elliston/Steve Blewitt) uncontested Tournament Control’ Rasa Norinkeviciute (Bob Elliston/Steve Blewitt) uncontested d—o Summer Joe Sharp (Bob Elliston/Rasa) uncontested Membership Sec’y John Driver (Ken Lucas/Bill Penfold) uncontested Publicity/Press Officer no nomination – Paul Buswell and Bill Penfold will cover this post Website Manager George Jelliss (Ken Lucas/John Driver) uncontested Equipment Officer Paul Kelly (Steve Blewitt/John Driver) uncontested Librarian Paul Kelly (John Driver/Richard Almond) uncontested External representatives Representative on the Committee of the Hastings International Chess Congress: Bob Elliston (Ken Lucas/John Driver) uncontested Delegate to Sussex Chess Association: Bob Elliston (Ken Lucas/Bill Penfold) uncontested Delegates to Mid-Sussex Chess League – MSCL match captains ex officio uncontested Match Captains: in line with the decision of the 2011 AGM, match captains will be appointed by the Committee “who shall have regard to the likelihood of any team fulfilling its fixtures and to its captain’s ability to carry out all administrative tasks required by the competition or by the Club”. (proposed from the Chair) uncontested
12.2 Tournament Sub-Committee: Rasa, Joe Sharp, Bernard Cafferty (Ken Lucas/Alan Ticehurst) uncontested

13 Appointment of Auditor – Paul Smith (St Leonards) (Bill Penfold/Bernard Cafferty) uncontested

14 Club Financial Year Proposal from the Committee requiring a ⅔ majority as an amendment to the Constitution (Clause 7): “That the Club Financial Year shall, with immediate effect, end on 30 June annually” Questions (John Driver asked if this would change the membership year? Paul Buswell advised only the financial year.) uncontested

15 Membership Subscriptions and related matters
15.1 No proposals for changes to subscriptions are before the AGM no change
15.2 Sub-Committee on discretionary subscription reductions – At the 2011 AGM it was resolved: “That this Annual General Meeting shall for 2011/12 appoint a Sub-Committee which shall have sole and final discretion to decide whether any particular individual member shall be permitted to pay a reduced subscription (and/or to pay their subscription by extended instalments and/or to have board fee waived) on grounds of financial hardship”. No change, same Sub-Committee – John Driver/Anna Pontonutti/Bill Penfold uncontested
15.3 Matter referred via AGM Minute 9.3 of 2011: to decide whether it shall be a pre-requisite of entry to the Championship/Pelton/Rush that the entrant shall already have renewed their subscription to the Club for the season then starting. Rasa suggested members should pay before starting. John Driver supported her. Agreed uncontested.
15.4 Proposals from Committee effectively requiring ⅔ majority as amendments to the Constitution (Clause 6.3):
15.4.1 That there be a category of Student Membership for bona fide students, with the same privileges and sub’ as Junior Members. Agreed uncontested.
15.4.2 That the categories of Affiliated and Internet Members be abolished. Questions (Suggestions: Country (Paul Buswell), Affiliated (George Jelliss), Associate (John Driver)) The AGM agreed to ‘Associate’ uncontested. Break 1600 – 1620

16 Proposal from the Chairman That this AGM: noting the likelihood that some or all competitions in which the Club participates will require players to be members of the English Chess Federation, or require a ‘Game Fee’ of £2 in respect of players who are not, and without expressing approval or otherwise of such a requirement, resolves that Club members who are not ECF members shall be asked to pay the said ‘Game Fee’ if their participation incurs it, and further resolves that any related saving in competition entry fees be reported to the next AGM for possible mitigation of Club subscriptions or otherwise. Paul Buswell gave a brief explanation of the changes and possible consequences. Questions (Bob Elliston asked how many members playing for the Club last year were ECF members? Advised about a third. Alan Ticehurst asked if this applied to Club Games? Paul Buswell explained that as the Club had taken a three year Vice-President membership last year the Club would not be liable for the ‘Game Fee’ for internal tournaments. Alan Barton suggested that at £13 basic ECF membership it was worth it. Advised for Congress entry £19 silver, and for Elo rating gold.) The proposal was accepted uncontested.

17 Delivery of AGM papers Proposal from the Committee requiring a ⅔ majority as an amendment to the Constitution (Clause 4.2.6): That the first sentence of 4.2.6 be replaced by: “Notice of General Meetings may at the Secretary’s discretion be given by electronic means to any member for whom the Club possesses a working e-mail address, or otherwise by being left at the Club for collection”. (Present wording: “Notice of meetings may be given by electronic means, if available, to any member who consents thereto”) Ken Lucas explained that as 80% of members had Email and with the increasing cost of postage this was a sensible economy. No questions. Passed with one against.

18 Date of Annual General Meeting 2013: Sunday 15 September 2013

19 Proposal: That Bill Penfold be made an Honorary Life Member of the Club, proposed Paul Kelly, seconded John Driver, endorsed by the Committee. Agreed by acclamation.

20 Any Other Business Alan Barton reminded the meeting that the next ‘Artistry in Chess’ was Tuesday 10 July, 1900-2100, 24 July and early August (to be determined at 10 July session).

21 Presentation of Trophies
21.1 Club Championship Richard Almond & Robert Elliston, shared
21.2 Pelton Cup Steve Blewitt & Laurence Butt, shared
21.3 Rush Cup Joe Sharp
21.4 Anslow Cup 2011 (summer tourney) Bob Elliston
21.5 Bradley-Martin 2011(summer tourney 2nd) Michael Dean
21.6 Winser Trophy 2011(summer K.O.) Derek Cosens
21.7 Dent Cup 2011(summer K.O. Plate) Roy Webb
21.8 Whyte Cup 2011(summer quickplay) Rasa Norinkeviciute
21.9 Shadforth-Boger Trophy(merit in matches) Jim Wheeler
21.10 Starling Cup(10-minute) not contested
21.11 Glyde Cup(lightning) not contested
21.12 Lewis Cup(time handicap) Alfredo Luaces
21.13 Busbridge Shield(pairs) not contested
21.14 the Kriegspiel Cup(kriegspiel) not contested

The meeting closed at 1700.

Committee Meeting: 21/05/2012


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 21 May 2012, 1830, Pelton House

Present: Paul Buswell, Paul Kelly, Ken Lucas, Bill Penfold, Joe Sharp, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler [7]

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: none

2 Minutes of the Meeting 16/04/12 – accepted, signed by the Chairman

3 Matters arising:
3.1 Trophies project – Paul Buswell advised the list would shortly be given to Bill Penfold.
3.2 New Company – Paul Buswell advised still with Charity Commission.
3.3 Heritage Lottery Project – Paul Buswell advised ‘in hand’.
3.4 Foreshore Trust grant – Paul Buswell advised that following the Committee Email vote an application had been made to target an ethnic group rather than the elderly demographic preferred at previous Committee – his decision, now fully endorsed.
3.5 Heritage Open Day – Paul Buswell advised he will organise the simul at the Stade on 09/09/12 and the joint Club Champions (Richard Almond & Bob Elliston) will jointly take on the participants. Thanks to Paul Kelly for his earlier offer.
3.6 Alan Barton sessions – Bill Penfold advised 19 attending the first, very good, the 12 June session moved to 19 June.

4 Chairman’s Matters: (order as Meeting not Agenda)
4.1 Officers’ 2012/13 – Bill Penfold advised he will not be continuing as Premises Officer after the AGM.
Paul Kelly would Email Howard Tebbs re Mid-Sussex League 2 Captain. Paul Buswell expressed dismay at the lack of drivers for matches for less strong players.
4.2 Castle Ward, Hastings Grant – Paul Buswell advised Cath T-P will put in an application – £1500 towards marketing/display.
4.3 Summer Tournament, Whyte Cup, second section – Paul Buswell suggested two new cups (£30-40) for each section. Joe Sharp suggested the second section be the ‘Rider Trophy’ in honour of a long deceased active and loyal member – agreed uncontested.
4.4 ECF membership/grading charges – Paul Buswell explained the current situation – awaiting proposals from the Mid-Sussex League and Kent League.
4.5 Summer Activities – no suggestions.
4.6 Website – Paul Buswell advised suggestions from Mason Woodhams and George Jelliss, he was mulling over.
4.7 Friday Evenings – Bill Penfold advised John Driver will continue (applause) having arranged a lift down and being taken home by Bill.
4.8 World Championship Commentary by Bernard Cafferty – Paul Buswell advised 11 attendees and expressed the thanks of the Club.

5 Secretary’s Report – Ken Lucas reported correspondence received. Telephone calls/messages & Emails actioned or forwarded to the appropriate persons. (if in doubt to Paul Buswell! )
5.1 AGM – Ken Lucas advised of the request to change the date this year. After sympathetic discussion it was agreed that the Committee could not change the date except in a major emergency.
As previously agreed, Committee will propose to the AGM a change in the Club Year, ending on 30 June, with the AGM in September in future.
Paul Buswell further proposes that Email be the normal and accepted means of communication – arrangements being made for members without access to Email.
5.2 Club Mobile – Ken Lucas explained how the late arrival of a visiting team was advised with a message left on the Club mobile. Match Captains should advise opposing Match Captains that the point of contact must be their personal mobiles and that the Club mobile is only for general enquiry.

6 Treasurer’s Report – Jim Wheeler advised as last Committee Meeting.

7 Premises Officer’s Report
7.1 Rear windows – Paul Kelly advised a full submission would be made to Hastings Planning Committee by 28/05/12.
7.2 Drainage – Bill Penfold advised this has been done at a cost of £70. A broken pipe will need replacing at some time.
7.3 Gas Fires – Bill Penfold advised now done at a cost of £135.
7.4 Front Door repair – Bill Penfold advised this would be done in the next three weeks at a cost of £140 – agreed uncontested.

8 Membership 2011/12
8.1 Applications : none

9 Child Protection Policy
9.1 Junior Club photo – Lona Steuart advised parental permission must be sought and would prepare a consent form for parents to sign before the photo is taken and put on the Website.
9.2 Internet use by Juniors – Paul Kelly would ask Gary Willson to put ‘parental controls’ in place so that only he could remove them.
9.3 Junior Club – Lona Steuart advised ‘unnecessary adults’ should not attend.

10 Tournaments & Matches
10.1 Individual Tournaments
10.1.1 Winter – Joint Champions – Richard Almond & Bob Elliston
Pelton – Lawrence Butts and Steve Blewitt equal first – awaiting possible play-off.
(as agreed at a previous Committee Meeting only one replica trophy would be given for each tournament – if shared then the cost of additional replica trophy(s) must be recompensed)
10.1.2 Summer – Joe Sharp advised 22 entries and nearly ready to start.
Anslow 8, Bradly-Martin 9, Rapid 8
10.2 Team Competitions & Matches – McArthur Cup – Saturday 26 May, 1430, at the Club v Brighton
10.2.1 Mid-Sussex Chess League – Division 1 – Team A second, Team B avoided relegation, 4th from bottom.
Team C promoted.
10.2.2 Kent League – <170 reached semi-final.
10.2.3 Correspondence – awaiting a report.
10.2.4 Friendlies – <120 v Brighton 26/05/12
10.2.5 Kent Summer QuickPlay – Ken Lucas to ask for driver and captain.
10.2.6 Shadforth Boger Trophy – Jim Wheeler.

11 Any Other Business
11.1 Paul Buswell advised table numbers number 1 is missing – Paul Kelly volunteered to try to alter one of the less used high numbers.

12 Date & time next meeting: Monday 25 June 2012, Pelton House, 1830

The meeting closed at 1942