Committee Meeting: 02/06/2014


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 02 June 1830, Pelton House, Richard Almond Room

Present: Paul Buswell, Paul Kelly, Ken Lucas, Bill Penfold, Con Power, Joe Sharp, Jim Wheeler [7]

(John Driver)

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: Lona Steuart, Mason Woodhams (Kevin Carter), Laurence Butt

2 Minutes of the Meeting of 28 April 2014 (KL) – Chairman PB
Minutes of the Special Meeting of 14 May 2014 (PK) – Chairman PB
Minutes of the Special Meeting of 26 May 2014 (KL) – Chairman BP
– accepted, signed by the Chairman(s)

3 Matters Arising
3.1 Condition Survey – PB advises will liaise with PK to arrange
3.2 Presidents Board – BP to liaise with APo to take down from the wall

4 Chairman’s Matters – PB
4.1 ‘Moving Issue’ – PB concerned members are suffering from a lack of clarity – will send out an explanation when next doing a news update.
4.2 Caretaker Chairman – PB to continue as before (Committee unanimous). PB advises will focus on merger, ECF game fee,
4.2.1 ‘moving’ – PB reports Robert Smart has suggested a questionnaire to ask members their opinions.
4.3 Rent/Wages – PB to ‘investigate’.

5 Secretary’s Report & Correspondence – KL – advised correspondence/Emails/phone calls passed to appropriate Officer. Otherwise as Agenda. Correspondence/Emails sent and responses reported.
5.1 Richard Almond photo sent to BP 30/04/14
5.2 Certificate for Daniel Lowe sent 30/04/14
5.3 Thanks to Match Captains sent 30/04/14
5.4 Gift Aid investigation – KL reports very admin intensive.

6 Treasurer’s Report & financial – JW
6.1 JW reports Council Tax refund £141.35
6.2 Charity Bank – JW in favour – passed to JS to explore further
6.3 Subscription – John Driver suggests that the subscription should cover all day-to-day expenses, other monies to a building fund. PB requests that JD sort the budget items into ‘day-to-day’ or ‘building’ so an estimate of a potential subscription can be calculated.
6.4 Budget – JW advises current deficit £500. Finance year ends 30 June. AGM 07 September.

7 Equipment & Premises – PK – nothing new

8 Junior Chess – MW – not present
Child Protection – LS – not present
8.1 Changes in Junior Club arrangements – John Driver stated that he is impressed with the Junior work of MW/GW, that there is no ‘requirement’ for visitors to the Junior Club to have DBS checks, and it should be ‘welcoming to everyone’. KL tried to explain how important it is for the Club and the children to offer maximum protection (not from ‘benign old men’ but the opportunist paedophile seizing an opportunity to groom children). PB pointed out that the Committee had agreed to exclusive use by the Junior Club and requested KL ask MW/GW to state their requirements for Junior Club 2014/15.
8.2 Junior Club charges – PB expressed concern that the Juniors were not joining the Club. A suggestion was made that Juniors pay 50p/week to the Club unless a Junior member (not voted on).

9 Membership – CP – no new member applications
9.1 Membership list – CP advised updated list to be displayed soon and after grade changes end of June.
9.2 Membership cards and welcome pack – CP advised will be ready from the AGM.

10 Tournaments & Matches – JS
10.1 Winter Tournaments – only one game outstanding
10.2 Summer Tournaments – started and on-going
10.3 Mid-Sussex League AGM/Rule changes proposals:
Quick-play finish being default, Away team White on odd boards abandoned, Saturday availability.
KL to request Match Captains (Club Representatives) to consult teams before voting at AGM.
10.4 McArthur Cup – lost to Brighton away
10.5 Kent Summer Quick Play – not entered as no willing Match Captain.

11 Any Other Business
12 Date & time of next routine meeting
Monday 07 July 2014, 1830, Pelton House, Richard Almond Room

The meeting closed at 19:45