Committee Meeting: 03/11/2014


Minutes of the Committee Meeting:  Monday 03 November 2014, 1830, Pelton House, Richard Almond Room

Present:  Marc Bryant, Paul Kelly, Bill Penfold, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler [5] + Steve Blewitt
In attendance: Paul Buswell – acting Secretary, George Jelliss, Ann Penfold  Minutes – Ken Lucas

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: None

2 Minutes of the Meeting of 15 September 2014 (previously circulated) – accepted, signed by the Chairman.

3  Election of new committee members – the Chairman explained the need for more Committee Members and proposed:
3.1 Con Power – Vote: unanimous
3.2 Steve Blewett – Vote: unanimous  (Steve Blewitt then joined the Meeting).  PB advised the responsibility of a Trustee and Director.

9  Premises Offices report – the Agenda order changed by the Chairman as the Treasurer had to leave early.
9.1 Surveyors Report – MB advised the meeting with the Surveyor had taken place giving the urgent work and costing – £17000 to £22000: (i) ceilings, (ii) risk assessment, (iii) fire precautions, (iv) hot cylinder replace
PK advised as his Email (previously circulated) with urgent items/costing
(a) hot water cylinder replacement £260 – Vote:  agreed unanimous
(b) lead pipe replacement £600.  MB suggested this was not an immediate priority
(c) Housekeepers bathroom repair £375, plus new floor £285
(d) 4 ceilings priority – to remove/replace £668, to cover over £415  Vote: to do the ceilings (cover over option)
for 4, abstain 1.  Marc Bryant advised that the Committee  should do what the Surveyor’s Report recommended and not use their discretion.  Vote: in favour of MB advice – none.
PK advised the ceilings needing to be done: rear second floor lounge £415 Vote: agreed unanimous, top floor hallway £295 Vote: agreed unanimous

Break 1900-1910

Housekeepers hallway – PK will do himself.  Door repair £10, Skirting replacement £20.
Bathroom pipes £1260.  JW asked if essential.  BP/PK replied yes.  Vote: for 4, agreed.
PK – seals for fire doors £120 (BP brother may do for £80) – Next Agenda
MB reminded Committee £400 already agreed for alarm system.  PK advised 2x fire exit signs an seals already ordered.  MB noted assets of £5660+subs – spent £2630 +£400 already.  Only essentials should be done this year.
PB asked about the fire risk assessment.  PK believed sufficient measures already being taken.
KL suggested to wait until building work completed – Vote: for 4, agreed.

MB asked about the cost of the updated report – agreed he will discuss reduction with Surveyor.
MB asked for ideas to recover monies being spent – ? board fees, monthly tournament, loans from members,
life membership…………Next Agenda

4  Matters arising not already on the agenda
4.1 Transfer document codes and passwords from outgoing chairman to treasurer – MB advised ‘to be done’ –
Next Agenda
4.2 Website – GJ asked what was happening ?  MB will investigate.
4.3 Moving of trophy boards – MB advised ‘being done’.
4.4 Richard Almond photo – Next Agenda

5  New company – PB advised ‘we are now the Company.’

6  Chairman matters
6.1 Priory Meadow – MB advised no help offered so cancelled.
6.2 Christmas function – 06 December, Mrs Hudson catering, £75 budget + £2/person.  Acting Secretary (PB) will send invites, collate replies, inform caterer.
6.3 New Secretary – ???
6.4 Open Day – no visitors.
6.5 Proxies AGM – general discussion – Next Agenda

7  Sec’s report and correspondence
PB advised Community Grant Funding £500 – any ideas ?

8  Treasurers Report and Financial
8.1 JW advised War Stock purchased.
8.2 £906 paid to P Funnel
8.3 CAF Bank – not yet transferred to.  Cheque signatories: JW, PB, BP, SB, BC
8.4 Insurance to renew – PK to contact Broker to advise work being done, effect on premium.
PB another quote and report to JW/PK

9.2 access to club outside normal hours – dropped
9.3 disabled access – dropped

10  Junior chess
10.1 Tutors in Hastings – PB advised no new information.

11  Membership
11.1 return of keys – unknown
PB advised he had received no request to renew.
PK – advised 3 Junior members/renewal – Vote: agreed, unanimous.
KL asked about Membership Cards, and updated Membership List.

12   Captains
12.1 Mid Sussex League:
PK (1st Team) advised draw with 2nd Team
MB (2nd Team) advised as above, and victory over Eastbourne
3rd Team (GW) lost to Hailsham 3
4th Team (RS) lost 4-1 to East Grinstead
12.2 Kent League
draw with Rainham, Intro Section beat Snodland
12.3 McArthur Cup – HCC drawn to play at home against Hailsham

13   Tournaments and rates apply – dropped

14   Any other business
14.1 Honorary life members – Next Agenda
14.2 Vice president membership – Next Agenda
14.3 Trophy Replicas – Next Agenda

15   Time/date next meeting :

Monday 08 December 2014, 1830 (6.30pm), Pelton House, RA Room

The Meeting closed at 2032