Committee Meeting: 04/11/2013


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 04 November 2013, 1830, Pelton House

Present: Paul Buswell, Ken Lucas, Bill Penfold, Con Power, Joe Sharp, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler, Mason Woodhams, and Kevin Carter (Skype) [8] + Robert Smart (Agenda item 2)

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1820

1 Apologies for Absence: Bill Penfold, Laurence Butt

3 Minutes of the Meeting 23/09/13 – accepted, signed by the Chairman.

4 Matters Arising not otherwise on the Agenda
4.1 (3.2) FILO chess tournament – Paul Buswell advises Steve Oakman is no longer a Club Member.
Jim Wheeler will contact FILO landlord.
4.2 (11.1) ECF AGM – as Email Julie Denning (previously circulated).
4.3 (12.4) meetings via Skype – happening with Kevin Carter virtual attendance.
4.4 (12.5) grants for Seniors – Paul Buswell advises grant application has been made.
4.5 (12.6) Club WiFi password – discussion on possible ‘over limit’ use. Agreed that WiFi access to be given when requested.

5 Chairman’s Matters
5.1 New Company
5.1.1 Acquisition of Pelton House Transfer – Paul Buswell advises transfer to Hastings & St Leonards Chess Club Ltd. will occur 11/11/13. Insurance – Paul Buswell advises that the Club already holds contents and 3rd party liability insurance.
The building insurance lapses with Pelton House Ltd. on 11/11/13 and needs to be taken out by H&StLCCLtd from this date. Various quotes had been received with extensive analysis by Joe Sharp.
Ken Lucas proposed (seconded Con Power) that the decision be taken by Paul Buswell/Joe Sharp – agreed unanimous. Revaluation/Survey ? – Ken Lucas suggested this be postponed until after 2014 AGM – agreed.

AGENDA after 2014 AGM

5.1.2 Transfer of housekeeper’s employment and accommodation – to be transferred to H&StLCCLtd..
5.1.3 Next steps towards integration of Company & Club – Paul Buswell explained outline of possible path.
5.2 Grandmaster Simul’ and Open Day, Hastings Week – Paul Buswell reports IM Simul’ very successful, Open Day ‘rained out’. Next year GM/IM Simul’ agreed. Mason Woodhams suggested that we should reconsider the fliers for next year, read out letter from Evelyn Grimstead re donation of two chess sets.
Secretary to write to Evelyn Grimstead expressing thanks and ‘formality’ in new year.

Break 1907-1915

2 Marketing the Club – Robert Smart invited to offer expertise.
Robert Smart suggested that the Club would like to add 20 to 30 new members, have more youngsters coming through, that the literature was not sufficiently ‘in your face’, proximity to the Station was a major underused asset (possible A board), history of the Club not ‘known’, and a regular competition in the local press should be considered. Paul Buswell added that a mail shot would be sent to local schools (RS recommended a questionnaire), that it would cost £3000 to advertise at the Station for one year with one large poster. Mason Woodhams advised 26 children at last Junior Club and plans were in-hand to contact local schools – asked Robert Smart to be Publicity Officer but he declined. Secretary to contact Senior Men’s Forum with a view to the Club giving a presentation. The Committee thanked Robert Smart for his valuable input.
5.3 Club Christmas Function – agreed Saturday 21 December, afternoon, no VIPs, Member + 1 adult guest.
5.4 Student volunteer(s) – Paul Buswell advised ‘possible’ looking at media aspects. Mason Woodhams suggested video of Club History.
5.5 ECF Game Fee – implications for Club 2014/15 – Paul Buswell advised that needed to decide between 4 options for Club Internal Competitions: (i) pay the Game Fee (ii) enter only ECF members (iii) increase subscription so that all members were also ECF members (iv) don’t grade Internal Competitions.
5.6 Succession planning: chairmanship – Paul Buswell reminded he was minded to leave the chairmanship at the next AGM if someone else was suitable/interested.
5.7 Safe in Housekeepers Flat – combination known to Paul Buswell/Jim Wheeler/Ken Lucas.

6 Secretary’s Report and Correspondence
Ken Lucas advised correspondence/Emails/phone calls passed to appropriate Officer.
Otherwise as Agenda. Secretary to purchase Leaflet Holder for Premises Officer to mount outside the Club.

7 Treasurer’s Report and financial
7.1 Non-Domestic Rates – Jim Wheeler advised 50% discretionary relief had been granted for 2013/14 and 2014/15.
7.2 Figures 13/14 to date and projected – (sheet distributed) – Jim Wheeler advised the £600 shortfall was now £1300 due to loss of Board Fees, loss of Members, and Land Registry Fee. Ken Lucas asked if the Reserve was inflation proofed – Next Years Agenda. Secretary to discuss sale of duplicate books with Librarian.

10 Membership
10.1 Applications
Robert Whitehead – (Mason Woodhams/Con Power) – uncontested.
Con Power advised new database.
10.2 Non-renewals – Non-renewals discussed. Paul Buswell suggested ‘accept renewals up to the next Committee Meeting – agreed.

8 Junior Chess
8.1 CRB/DBS matters – Gary Willson still waiting with Lona Steuart continuing to cover. Gift Voucher presented to Lona Steuart in gratitude.
8.2 Junior Club 2013/14 –
‘Junior club goes from strength to strength with a clean sweep of trophies for Hastings JCC members at this year’s Maureen Charlesworth Chess Challenge during Hastings week at the White Rock Hotel. Julian narrowly edging out Leo Wear in a thrilling play off to win top junior. Daniel who regularly makes a trip from Eastbourne on a Wednesday night picked up the U10 title whilst the U8 crown went to Rose in only her second ever tournament. The junior club continues to attract new members both locally and from the wider area and had its highest ever attendance last week with 26 across the two classes.’ [Mason Woodhams]
8.3 Castle ward grant – Mason Woodhams advised preparation ‘on-going’ ready to go ahead in the new year.

9 Equipment and Premises
Paul Buswell advised no news/report from Laurence Butt, Gary Willson aware of equipment needs.

11 Tournaments and Matches
11.1 Summer tournaments – Joe Sharp reported all completed.
11.2 Winter tournaments – all have started.
11.3 External Leagues etc. 2013/14 – nothing to report.
11.4 Friendly Matches – nothing to report.
11.5 Paul Watson – Joe Sharp reported ‘in-hand’.

12 Richard Almond memorial – Next AGENDA (high)

13 Any other business
13.1 Memento trophies – Paul Buswell suggested that a memento be given for the principal tournaments if wanted by the outright winner – agreed.
13.2 Trophy winners’ boards and trophy cabinet – Secretary to check Anna Pontonutti has ‘in-hand’.
Lona Steuart/Bill Penfold to ‘de-clutter’ trophy cabinet placing unused cups into storage.
‘The Hastings & St Leonards Chess Club Ltd continues to make its mark in the online world @ with 34 club members and locals taking part in mini tournaments and matches. The Daniel Elessar Invitational Cup enters round three (semi-final) without the man himself who was unfortunately dispatched in round two in a very tough group of Bill Penfold, FM Robin Moss & Colin Hooker. The Bobby Upton KO also enters the semi-final stage with Ray Brooks (Doggy_Style) taking on President Bill Penfold with the latter already going down one game despite playing a very credible exchange variant of the Caro-Kann. Awaiting Ray or Bill in the final will be either Daniel Lowe or Andy Argyle (Worthing). The club has a 100% record in team friendly matches with wins against Uckfield 12.5-5.5, Diagonally Challenged Gentlemen’s Club 8-6 and The Channel Islands 18.5-5.5. The club has entered the 2014 World Cities Cup & 2014 World Cities League. The first round of the World Cities Cup has already started with Hastings playing the Mexican team Queretaro, this is the biggest game in the round with 16 players aside and Hastings is already making its mark on the virtual world by taking an early 3-0 lead.’ [Mason Woodhams]
13.4 Mason Woodhams reports a ‘Hastings Chess Society’ on Facebook.
13.5 Paul Buswell advises next Club Rapid will be either 24 November or 01 December.

14 Date & time of next meeting:
Monday 16 December 2013, Pelton House, 1830
changed via Email to :
Monday 06 January 2014, Pelton House, 1830

The meeting closed at 2042