Committee Meeting: 08/08/2011


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 08 August 2011, 1830, Pelton House

Present: Paul Buswell, Paul Kelly, Ken Lucas, Bill Penfold, Joe Sharp, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler [7]

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: Francis Rayner

2 Welcome to new members – given by Paul Buswell

3 Committee protocols – Paul Buswell reminded the Committee:
(a) to send apologies if cannot attend a Meeting
(b) to switch mobiles off
(c) to read all papers before coming to the Meeting

4 Minutes of the Meeting 11/07/11 – accepted, signed by the Chairman

5 Matters arising:
5.1 formation of proposed new shell Company – Paul Buswell advised papers still with the Solicitor. Bill Penfold
asked if the Solicitor could progress. Paul Buswell replied he would contact the Solicitor.
5.2 replacement of clocks – Paul Kelly reported clocks had arrived and exhibited one.
5.3 Sussex Coast College course – Paul Buswell advised that it was in the Prospectus but with Paul Kelly as tutor instead of Gary Willson and this was being corrected.
5.4 printer (drivers) for new PC – Paul Buswell advised in Gary Willson’s hands.
5.5 Confidential item: member’s expenses.
5.6 Pelton Cup play-off – no official notification, assume shared.

6 AGM brief review and matters arising therefrom – Paul Buswell advised that we still had no Publicity Officer
and one vacancy on the Committee. Ken Lucas was advised the AGM ended at 1730.

7 Chairman’s Remarks – Paul Buswell congratulated Richard Almond in the British Championship.

8 Secretary’s Report – Ken Lucas asked if the AGM Minutes were acceptable to send out to members – agreed.
8.1 Communicating with members without Email – Ken Lucas proposed that Email should be considered the normal means of communication. Paper copies could be left in the Club for members without Email access and posted if sae’s were supplied. (this proposal to next AGM)

9 Treasurer’s Report – Jim Wheeler had nothing to add to the Agenda
9.1 Budget 2011/12 update (NDR); target for year end – Jim Wheeler advised that the NDR money had been refunded. Paul Buswell asked what was the budget target? General agreement to ‘break-even’ and any savings to carry forward as a surplus.

10 Premises Officer’s Report – Bill Penfold reported nothing to add to the Agenda
10.1 Hot water in ladies’ toilet – Paul Kelly advised no date yet, will contact builder.

11 Membership 2010/11
11.1 Applications – Max Irwin as at AGM
11.2 Update if available on views of ‘concessions’ sub-committee – Paul Buswell advised that John Driver
intended to give concessions if it benefited the club and there is genuine hardship.
11.3 Line to take on late renewals – Paul Buswell proposed that membership would cease if the subscription had not been paid by 31 October, or was in the John Driver’s sub-committee process – agreed uncontested.

12 Start of new season
12.1 Playing Equipment – Paul Kelly advised score sheets were required (Ken Lucas will lend 500 to be replaced from Club order at HICC), and batteries (AA) were needed for the clocks.
12.2 Leagues 11/12 (Paul Buswell circulated an information sheet prior to the Meeting)
Mid-Sussex League ‘A’ Team, five boards, 4 or 5 away matches, drivers – John Sugden, Bill Penfold.
Paul Buswell suggested players could travel to Bexhill by train (at Club expense) avoiding Bexhill Road congestion but hopefully dropped off home after the match – agreed. Richard Almond captain – agreed.
Mid-Sussex League ‘B’ Team, five boards, 4 or 5 away matches, drivers – Jim Wheeler (when available), possibly Conrado Quintos (also use of players living outside the area). Paul Kelly captain – agreed.
Mid-Sussex League ‘C’ Team, five boards, 4 or 5 away matches. Derek Cosens has a core team with 2/3 drivers. Derek Cosens captain – agreed.
Kent League average <=170, six boards (fewer if agreed), 4 away matches, drivers as MSL B. Paul Kelly captain – agreed. Kent League average <=140 or 125, as above. The Committee suggests try to reduce number of boards and leaves the decision of which section to the captain. Mark Finch captain – agreed. Kent League average <=95, four boards, 4 away matches, needs named committed driver before entry. Paul Buswell captain – agreed. Other Leagues only offer to captain is indirectly from Martyn Shorrocks (AGM report) with no further communications and difficulties last year. The Committee decided to decline with thanks. Home fixture nights: MSCL A – undecided MSCL B – Wednesday MSCL C – Tuesday or Wednesday Kent Leagues – as arranged between captains
12.3 Other Competitions 11/12:
12.3.1 SCCA McArthur Cup – six boards. Bernard Cafferty captain – agreed. SCCA Paul Watson Trophy – four boards. Paul Buswell captain – agreed.
12.3.2 ECF National Clubs: Major – no captain so no entry Intermediate – entry only if eight or more clubs enter. Steve Blewitt captain – agreed. Minor – no captain so no entry
12.3.3 MSCL Handicap K.O. – six boards. Leave to MSCL captains – agreed.
12.3.4 British Correspondence Chess League – Kevin Harris captain – agreed.
12.4 Spring clean – Paul Buswell requests volunteers before next Committee Meeting.

13 Promotions & Events 2011/12
13.1 Electric Palace Cinema, ‘Bobby Fischer against the World’ – Cinema suggests Wednesday 05 October at 2000. The Committee agreed for Paul Buswell to go ahead.
13.2 English Heritage simul’ September 10 & Open Evening September 09 – Bill Penfold volunteers to help, Ken Lucas to advise.
13.3 Hastings Week Open Day October 15, 1100-1700, as last year – agreed.
13.4 Membership Promotions? Paul Kelly advised he had offered free membership to Mr Rickard (computer expert). Ken Lucas suggested new members from ‘promotions’ could pay £10 until Christmas as a trial. Paul Buswell asked about full-time student members? £20 agreed unanimous.

Break 1905 to 1915

13.5 Christmas function? Paul Kelly suggested Friday 02 December – agreed. 13.6 Other activities? none

14 Other Competitions
14.1 Summer Tournaments – Joe Sharp advised these were progressing well.
14.2 Ladder Tournament – Paul Buswell will contact Steve Blewitt.

15 Other Officers’ or Delegates’ Reports
15.1 Friendly Matches – Paul Buswell reported: lost v Greater London, Sunday 14 August v Wanstead & Woodford, no response yet from Uckfield Women’s Match.

16 Any Other Business
16.1 Website – Paul Buswell will organise a meet with Gary Willson and George Jelliss.
16.2 Trophies – Bill Penfold will make enquiries of the engraver. Lona Steuart suggested a shield could be added to the base giving more space. Paul Buswell advised he still has the Vera Menchik medal at his home.
16.3 replica trophies – current practice is that in the event of two players sharing both players must make a contribution of 50% of the cost of two replica trophies. Joe Smart was concerned that only the Winter Tournaments warranted a free replica trophy and not the Summer Tournaments. Ken Lucas proposed that there should be one free replica trophy for every major tournament – vote: 5 for, 1 against – agreed.
16.4 ECF biannual Grading List: implications – Paul Buswell advised it would be necessary to date each result.
16.5 Kent County Chess Assoc’n AGM Snodland 4 September – noted.

17 Next Meeting: Monday 19 September 2011, 1830, Pelton House

The Meeting closed at 2000.