Committee Meeting: 08/12/2014


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 08 December 2014, 1830, Pelton House, Richard Almond Room

Present: Marc Bryant, Jeremy Hudson, Paul Kelly, Bill Penfold, Con Power, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler [7]

In Attendance: Paul Buswell (acting Secretary), Ken Lucas (Minutes)

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: Steve Blewitt

2 Minutes of the Meeting of 03 November 2014 (previously circulated) –
correction: 1 Apologies for Absence: Jeremy Hudson – accepted, signed by the Chairman.

3 Matters arising not already on the agenda
3.1 Transfer document codes and passwords to treasure – PB advised all done except ‘Charity’.
KL to forward Email from Charity Commission to PB.
3.2 Website – MB advises new is up and on-going, will contact MW to thank, discuss concerns, work to do.
3.3 Moving of trophy boards – MB advised done.
3.4 Richard Almond photo – MB to do.

4 New company – PB advises need a ‘meeting’ in the new year to formerly transfer etc., need for a competent member for ‘Company Secretary’ and will send a ‘job specification’ to MB to advise ‘probables’.

5 Chairman matters
5.1 Christmas function – MB led a vote of thanks to Mrs Hudson, Jeremy Hudson and Paul Kelly for their contribution
to the very successful function and to Francis Rayner for his donation of books. PB to write giving thanks.
5.2 New Secretary – MB advised no candidates yet. KL asked if it had to be a member. MB will explore this possible option. PB will continue as acting for the time being.
5.3 Proxies AGM – It was generally accepted that the use of ‘proxies’ at the AGM was unsatisfactory. PB to address this issue by composing a form of words to restrict proxy voting to specific proposals.

6 Sec’s report and correspondence –
6.1 PB advised that post addressed to himself had been opened anonymously and will put up a notice asking that such practice to stop.
6.2 Museum display – PB advised not possible until 2016 at main Museum but Old Town Museum possible.
JH to organise (hopefully with help from BC).
6.3 Live Chess Match – CP advised requested when new pier opened.
6.4 Housekeeper on holiday 19/12/14 to 04/01/15 inc. PB to keep record.

7 Treasurers report and financial – JW distributed a sheet showing expenditure/budget etc..
7.1 non-ECF members Game Fee – PB asked if Match Captains could be reminded.
7.2 Bethune – PB advised that according to ‘schedule’ due to go over there in the Spring.

Break 1902-1911

7.3 Insurance renewal (contents) – MB suggested renew on same basis – agreed.

8 Premises offices report
8.1 Surveyors report – MB had pointed out our objections to the additional cost and was waiting on a reply.
8.2 MB advised that ‘this year’ meant ‘club year’ and asked if there were any further expenditure needed.
PK replied that the work agreed was completed and an excellent job done. Further:
8.2.1 £375 upper front room ceiling
8.2.2 £120 fire door seals
8.2.3 £88 5x alarm units – no other foreseen expenditure this club year. Vote (on all above) – agreed unanimous.

9 Junior chess
9.1 Tutors in Hastings – PB advised grants as in Hastings Observer. PK going on training at LCC.
9.2 Junior education fund – MB explained that the Trustees had approached the Club to take over, and ring-fence the monies. He had referred this back to the JEF trustees – concerned that the independence of the monies given specifically for juniors may not be ring-fenced by future Club Committees. PK thought the monies could be ring-fenced. JH thought the time was appropriate as Club now a charity. CP thought that a donation from the money given to the HICC to distribute to junior chess was unlikely if JEF not continuing.
9.3 Junior Club – PB reported PK/RN continuing with GW possibly joining them in the New Year.

10 Membership
10.1 Return of keys – CP advised he was not involved. PK advised he just collected key money when key given and money/name passed to JW. JW advised a record had been kept since he became Treasurer. MB will write to non-returning members requesting key return.
10.2 Membership cards – MB will do.
10.3 Members not renewing – MB read out a list and advised ‘still chasing’. General discussion.

14 New Members:
Jeff Veale – Full Member – agreed
Levi Hall – Full Member ? – agreed

11 Captains
11.1 Mid Sussex League – PK reported first-team 4/1 win away to Haywards Heath (poor conditions! as venue had been double booked and had to play in snooker room with snooker in progress). MB and PK both wished to pursue. Vote: MB 3, PK 1. MB to contact HH.
First-team beat Lewes 4 ½ to ½.
MB reported second-team lost to Horsham 3 to 2.
11.2 Kent League – PB reporting obo RB – Two wins and a draw.

15 Date/time next meeting: Monday 19 January 2015, 1830, Pelton House, RA Room

13 Any other business
13.1 Honorary life members – Next Agenda
13.2 Vice president membership – Next Agenda
13.3 LS reported that she was tripping over the front door beading strip – will show PK.
13.4 PB advised he was not doing the grading work.

12 Fund raising
12.1 PK volunteered to sell duplicate library books at HICC – agreed
12.2 KL suggested Life Memberships – MB/JW/KL group to discuss further.
12.3 MB advised he was considering starting an end of month Time-handicap (ungraded).
12.4 JH suggested possible classic weekend tournaments.
12.5 BP to run a raffle on Friday evenings if numbers permit.

The Meeting closed at 2040

Date/time next meeting: Monday 19 January 2015, 1830, Pelton House, RA Room