Committee Meeting: 09/01/2012


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 09 January 2012, 1830, Pelton House

Present: Paul Buswell, Paul Kelly, Ken Lucas, Bill Penfold, Joe Sharp, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler [7]

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: None

2 Minutes of the Meeting 28/11/11 – accepted, signed by the Chairman

3 Matters arising:
3.1 printer (drivers) for new PC – Paul Buswell advised this is still ‘in-hand’.
3.2 Trophies project – Paul Buswell advised this is still ‘in-hand’.
3.3 post of Junior Organiser – Paul Buswell reports Steve Blewitt has resigned as Junior Organiser and Paul Kelly has taken up the post.
3.4 Club Christmas function – Bill Penfold reported this went very well.
3.5 Adult evening course – Bill Penfold reported 6 attendees, very good.
3.6 Child Protection Policy – Paul Buswell advised this was accepted by the new company with possible revision during the summer. Lona Steuart appointed the ‘designated person’ (CRB checked) and will attend the HVA training in February.
3.7 Board Fees – John Driver sub-committee advises this should be left to the Match Captains – agreed.

4 Chairman’s Matters:
4.1 Projects through English Heritage – Paul Buswell reiterated the two ideas outlined in previous Emails, archive and outreach, and suggested Cath Tajima Powell ‘run with this’ – agreed.
4.2 Broadband and internet access – Paul Buswell suggested progressing as previous Emails – agreed.
4.3 New Company – Paul Buswell advised first meeting had taken place and Child Protection Policy agreed.
4.4 Simul as per last year – Paul Buswell advised possible costs, up to £50 – agreed to go ahead.
4.5 HICC – Paul Buswell observed that fewer members had attended than previous years.

5 Secretary’s Report – Ken Lucas passed the Child Protection Policy course information to Lona Steuart.
Other correspondence reviewed. Telephone calls/messages & Emails actioned or forwarded to the appropriate persons.

6 Treasurer’s Report – Jim Wheeler advised as Agenda.
6.1 Latest forecast for current year – Jim Wheeler referred to the new budget as circulated previously. Paul Kelly asked if gas consumption had been apportioned – Jim Wheeler advised it had.
6.2 Budget-setting process 2012/13 – Paul Buswell suggested that ‘basic principles’ should be determined to establish a process – next Agenda.
6.3 Board fees/match expenses – Jim Wheeler advised £160 still left from the grant from Sussex County

7 Premises Officer’s Report
7.1 Hot water in ladies’ toilet – as last meeting.
7.2 Front door – Bill Penfold suggested further work should be left until the summer – agreed.
7.3 Fires – several Committee Members advised difficulty in getting some to start – Bill Penfold advised he ‘would keep an eye on them’.
7.4 Master key – Bill Penfold advised difficulty gaining access outside of normal opening hours – agreed that Bill Penfold should have a master key.

8 Membership 2011/12
8.1 Applications :
Daniel Gibbs and Helen Evans (PK/BP) Affiliated Members – agreed.
Steve Oakman (PB/JS) Full Member – agreed.
all subject to subscription payment.

Break 1910-1920

9 Hastings International Chess Congress
Paul Buswell reported that the Club was unrepresented at the HICC meeting during the congress but has been advised that there will be a congress Christmas 2012 in some form.

10 Librarian
10.1 Sale of duplicate books – Paul Kelly reported the sale of £175 of duplicate books during the congress.
Paul Buswell expressed the Club’s thanks. Paul Kelly advised £80 had been spent on the purchase of new books, a minor book exchange replacing two old books, and a book gift selected for the likely new mayor, Cllr Roberts.

11 Tournaments & Matches
11.1 Individual Tournaments – Paul Buswell advised no news from the Tournament Controller – Ken Lucas asked if he might request a short Email before each meeting to update the Committee – agreed.
11.2 Team Competitions & Matches
11.2.1 Mid-Sussex League – Paul Kelly advised as Website.
11.2.2 Kent League – Paul Kelly advised as Website.
11.2.3 Friendlies and other matches – Paul Buswell advised a Friendly v Brighton on 04 February.
Paul Watson Trophy v Haywards Heath 10 March.
11.3 Paul Kelly passed on a request from Stuart Conquest for a copy of the membership list. Several Committee members also expressed an interest. Paul Buswell to action.

12 Visitors’ Fees – withdrawn

13 Any Other Business
Paul Buswell advised the Committee that the CPP would be reviewed this summer.

14 Date & time next meeting: Monday 27 February 2012, Pelton House, 1830

The meeting closed at 1930