Committee Meeting: 10/02/2014


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 10 February 2014, 1830, Pelton House

Present: Paul Buswell, Kevin Carter (Skype), Ken Lucas, Bill Penfold, Con Power, Joe Sharp, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler, Mason Woodhams [9]

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: Laurence Butt

2 Minutes of the Meeting 06/01/14 – accepted, signed by the Chairman.

3 Matters Arising not otherwise on the Agenda
3.1 (3.1) FILO chess tournament – Ken Lucas to contact Steve Oakman requesting to progress.
3.2 (3.3) Priory Meadow Simul’2014 – Paul Buswell advises date 11 October 2014, meeting with Mason Woodhams and John Driver to come to discuss, ideas welcome.
3.3 (3.4) Evelyn Grimstead – Ken Lucas reported letter sent to EG to advise, Brian Denman ‘in the loop’.
3.4 (3.7) Sale of duplicate library books – Ken Lucas advised further Email sent to Librarian, reply reported.
3.5 (3.8) Trophy winners’ board ‘Presidents’ Board’. Ken Lucas reports Premises Officer asked to consider feasibility of moving Trophy winners’ board. Anna Pontonutti requested to update Presidents Board.
3.6 (3.9) Trophies into storage – Bill Penfold reported some trophies moved to storage’ ‘in-hand’.
3.7 (7 ) Richard Almond Room – Ken Lucas reported engraved brass plaque can be obtained on eBay – agreed
Ken Lucas to purchase (~£25). Picture from Internet taken by Bill Penfold to crop.
3.8 (12.2) Chess in the Communi-tea – Paul Buswell advised ‘room too small’.

4 Chairman’s Matters
4.1 New Company – steps towards integration of Company & Club – Paul Buswell requested that the Email previously circulated be studied for discussion at next Committee Meeting.
4.2 Strategic and forward planning – Paul Buswell reported one meeting with conclusion that ‘premises?’ is the most important issue. To be put to the AGM.
4.3 Game Fee proposal to ECF Council – Paul Buswell advised will be suggesting that all Club Internal Games carry a much reduced ‘Game Fee’.
4.4 Student volunteer(s) – Paul Buswell advised awaiting a response, the first volunteer having proved unsuitable.
4.5 Succession planning: website manager – Paul Buswell advised that George Jelliss wants to relinquish this post. Mason Woodhams has expressed interest. Paul Buswell to ask members to express any interest.

5 Secretary’s Report and Correspondence
Ken Lucas advised correspondence/Emails/phone calls passed to appropriate Officer.
Otherwise as Agenda. Correspondence/Emails sent and responses reported.
Charity Commission newsletter to be forwarded to Committee.

6 Treasurer’s Report and financial
6.1 Figures 13/14 to date and projected – (sheet distributed) – Jim Wheeler summarised.
6.2 Process for budget setting year commencing 1 July 2014 – Paul Buswell to request suggestions/ideas from membership.
6.3 Junior Chess Educational Fund – after some discussion restricted as four Committee Members have a conflict of interest being JCEF Trustees (PB, KL, BP, CP) Mason Woodhams proposed (seconded Joe Sharp) ‘that the Club purchase the War Bond’ – 4 abstentions as above, passed uncontested.
6.4 Non-Domestic Rates and charitable status – Jim Wheeler advised ‘in hand’.

7 Junior Chess
7.1 Junior Club – Mason Woodhams reported 25 children now registered for the Delancey Chess Challenge.
The Junior Club near capacity last Wednesday with 16 upstairs, 18 downstairs – only room for 9 more.
The Sussex Junior Chess Eastbourne GP well attended, performances summarised.
7.2 Ward Grants, Saturday/Sunday morning juniors – Mason Woodhams reported now 3 weeks into the both sessions with 8 on Saturday, 18 on Sunday, moves being made to increase Saturday attendance, general mix of children with a strong ‘home tutored’ contingent.
7.3 Project: Full time schools’ chess coach(es), meeting with Lord Brett McLean, possible corporate sponsorship.
Mason Woodhams advised meeting postponed because of the flu.
7.4 Child Protection – Lona Steuart reported ‘everything fine’.

8 Equipment and Premises
8.1 Gaps around Roy’s new window – Paul Buswell advised that Paul Kelly was chasing up window installers.
8.2 Weeds front of housekeeper’s flat – Paul Buswell advised that Paul Kelly had this ‘in hand’. Concern ‘Health & Safety’ that Paul Kelly may attempt to climb/lean out of window – Secretary to Email Paul Kelly expressing Committee concern and forbidding such however well intentioned.
8.3 Key holding in Roy’s absence – Secretary to send Email to Bernard Cafferty expressing the Club’s thanks for locking/unlocking Pelton House during Roy’s absence. Additional ‘master keys’ to be cut especially for Premises Officer.
8.4 Response to and responsibility for future premises maintenance – the need for a competent/available Premises Officer was discussed. Paul Buswell reported that however willing Laurence Butt is, living in Eastbourne and with family commitments, he is unable to cover minor items or liaise with local tradesmen. Bill Penfold proposed (seconded Ken Lucas) that Paul Kelly be appointed assistant to Laurence Butt, if willing, with an adjustment to membership subscription – vote 5 for, 4 against.
(The contention being the ‘adjustment to subscription’ not Paul Kelly’s obvious ability/competence)
Paul Buswell to contact Paul Kelly, and also advised lower flat thermostat fixed.

9 Membership
9.1 Applications – none
Confusion re Joe Blake’s Subscription – Jim Wheeler advised not paid at start of season (Joe Blake mistakenly believing it had been paid) was now paid. Proposal, Bill Penfold (seconded Ken Lucas) that Joe Blake’s late payment be accepted – uncontested. Con Power advised that application for new membership to be accompanied with subscription, in future, with refund if not accepted.
9.2 Return of keys from lapsed members – Con Power advised ‘in hand’.
9.3 New member’s welcome pack – Paul Buswell requested ideas. Ken Lucas suggested the reintroduction of membership cards – Con Power to investigate. Paul Buswell suggested he contact the Disability Forum for advice on making Pelton House more accessible.
Mason Woodhams reported that the upper room had reached capacity on Friday evenings and suggested both rooms, or swapping rooms, be considered. Proposal (Mason Woodhams/Ken Lucas) that the use of rooms be swapped on a Friday, until Easter, and then both rooms used all day Fridays for social/casual play. Ammendment (Paul Buswell/Con Power) not to implement until 28/02/14 – vote 5 for, 2 against. Main proposal with amendment vote 5 for, 1 against.

10 Tournaments & Matches
10.1 Winter tournaments – Joe Sharp advised ‘going well’ but some slowness in the Rush – left to the Control Group.
10.2 External Leagues &c 2013/14 – Paul Buswell advised ‘going well all teams’.
10.3 National Club Championship(s) 26/27 April, High Wycombe – Paul Buswell to investigate whether it would be possible to raise an appropriate team.
10.4 Friendly matches – Brighton, Bexhill, Lord Nelson PH – Paul Buswell advised Brighton match postponed, Bexhill match 8 March, Lord Nelson PH still to be pursued.
10.5 Rapid plays – no date as yet.
10.6 Ladder – games had significantly slowed down.

11 Any Other Business
11.1 Use of Club name/facilities: always to go through appropriate Club officer – Ken Lucas explained his concern that a ‘maverick member’ may compromise the Club by taking independent action and that all activities should go through an elected officer – intention to propose at the AGM.
11.2 – Mason Woodhams reported ‘going well’, subscription for the Club Computer to cancelled as not being used.
11.3 Mason Woodhams to purchase an adapter for the Club so that the bell need not be disconnected !

12 Date & time of next routine meeting
Monday 17 March 2014, 1830, Pelton House, Richard Almond room

The meeting closed at 2055