Committee Meeting: 10/09/2012


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 10 September 2012, 1830, Pelton House

Present: Paul Buswell, George Jelliss, Paul Kelly, Ken Lucas, Bill Penfold, Joe Sharp, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler [8]

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: Alan Barton

2 Minutes of the Meeting 13/08/12 – accepted, signed by the Chairman

3 Matters arising:
3.1 (4.1) Trophies project – Paul Buswell advised ‘still on-going’.
3.2 (4.2) New Company – Paul Buswell advised ‘on-going’.
3.3 (4.3) Heritage Lottery Project – Paul Buswell advised still no news.
3.4 (4.4) Foreshore Trust grant – Paul Buswell advised ‘feedback’ – helpful, improved bid next time.
3.5 (7.3) Notice in Library – Paul Kelly advised ‘still to do’.

4 Chairman’s Matters
4.1 Heritage Open Day simul Sunday 9 September – The Committee expressed their thanks to Richard Almond and Bob Elliston, helpers and members who attended. Paul Buswell was disappointed at the low public attendance and the obstructive Art Display. Ken Lucas added that the giant sets were essential to attract the attention of the public on the day.
4.2 Open Day, Hastings Week, Saturday 13 October – everything proceeding.
4.3 Christmas function? – Paul Buswell advised Ann Penfold was disinclined to take on the catering with VIPs in attendance. Various alternatives were discussed. Paul Buswell proposed that the earlier decision to invite VIPs be rescinded before he progressed the catering arrangements with Ann Penfold.
Voting – 5 for, 2 against. VIP invitations rescinded.
4.4 Bethune twinning – Paul Buswell awaiting response from Bethune.
4.5 Spring Clean (general tidy-up, removing rubbish) – Paul Buswell advised this will take place this Wednesday.
Bill Penfold advised Roy now had the special polish to clean the chairs.

5 Secretary’s Report & Correspondence
5.1 Noticeboard(s) – Bill Penfold advised a new ‘main’ Noticeboard would cost £90-100. Ken Lucas suggested a new board was necessary as only ‘strong’ members could push the pins in the current, old board.
Ken Lucas proposed we purchase the new board (seconded George Jelliss) – 5 for, 2 against.
5.2 Publishing draft Minutes – the Committee expressed no objections. The Secretary will make the draft Minutes available for display in the Club and on the WebSite.
5.3 Welcome Board – it was suggested that a board, welcoming people, be put out on a Tuesday afternoon and Friday evening, making it clear that there were members in the Club to welcome potential members. Paul Kelly suggested the ‘white board’ with the markers could be used. Paul Buswell will ask John Driver if he would take this upon himself.

6 Treasurer’s Report
6.1 Budget 12/13: monitoring – Jim Wheeler distributed the amended/updated budget sheet for the 14 month year and will report latest forecasts to each meeting.
6.2 Membership renewal – Jim Wheeler advised over £800 in so far, liaising with John Driver.

7 Equipment, Premises & Premises Officer’s Report
7.1 Rear windows – update. Paul Kelly advised these were being installed Wednesday & Friday this week from 9 am.
7.2 Water meters – after some discussion the Committee decided to continue with the ‘status quo’.
7.3 Fire Extinguishers annual check – Bill Penfold reminded Paul Kelly.
7.4 Bolts on Gents toilet doors – Paul Buswell advised Paul Kelly that these needed attention as were difficult to fasten/unfasten.

8 Child Protection
8.1 policy review – Ken Lucas distributed copies to the Committee ensuring all Committee Members had a copy of the policy so that a considered review could be led by Lona Stuart at the next meeting.
8.2 internet parental controls – Lona Stuart advised she had had some difficulty contacting Gary Willson but it was now ‘in-hand’.

Break 1907-1915

9 Tournaments & Matches
9.1 Summer Tournaments – Joe Sharp congratulated George Jelliss on winning the Dent Cup (Knock-out Plate), Eric Houghton had withdrawn due to health reasons, final of the Knock-out Cup to be played between Derek Cosens and Mel Young. There had been some slippage in the ‘play-by’ dates.
9.2 Winter Tournaments – the list is up – payment of subscription and completion of Summer Tournaments
(as possible due to overlap) before the Winter Tournaments start.
9.3 Paul Buswell advised the Club lost in the friendly 02 September.

10 Membership
10.1 Renewals/Resignations/Changes – Paul Buswell advised Mark Finch was not renewing, Chris Rogal and Kevin Carter changing from Full Members to Associate Members.
10.2 Applications:
Warda family (as appropriate) (Paul Kelly/Lona Stuart – uncontested)
Nick Ruboshov, Full Member (Paul Buswell/Joe Sharp – uncontested)
Conrado Quintos, Full Member (Bill Penfold/Paul Kelly – uncontested)
Adrian Cload, Full Member (Paul Buswell/Ken Lucas – uncontested)
Daniel Lowe, Junior Member (Paul Kelly/Bill Penfold – uncontested)

11 English Chess Federation AGM 13 October
To consider whether the Club wishes to lobby in respect of any matters at the ECF AGM : re-election of the ECF President, candidature for ECF Finance Director. Paul Buswell advises that the ECF President has resigned and the ECF Finance Director candidate has withdrawn – no further action considered.

12 Any Other Business
12.1 Paul Buswell advises John Driver is unhappy with the ECF membership scheme and game fees – in the absence of further information from John Driver the Committee felt unable to discuss further.
12.2 Joe Sharp reports that Francis Rayner has a contact with the Art Studio over the Newsagents at the corner of Robertson Street who wish to have a Chess Evening on a Thursday – the Committee were broadly in agreement but would require more information. Paul Kelly will liaise with Francis Rayner – the Secretary to advise.
12.3 Advertising on the WebSite – George Jelliss advises that some Club Websites display adverts.
Paul Buswell requested George Jelliss investigate one enquiry in more detail.

13 Date & time of next meeting: Monday 08 October 2012, Pelton House, 1830

The meeting closed at 1950