Committee Meeting: 13/08/2012


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 13 August 2012, 1830, Pelton House

Present: Alan Barton, Paul Buswell, George Jelliss, Paul Kelly, Ken Lucas, Bill Penfold, Joe Sharp, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler [9]

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: None

2 Welcome to new Committee – the Chairman welcomed new/returning officers/committee.

3 Minutes of the Meeting 25/06/12 – accepted, signed by the Chairman

4 Matters arising:
4.1 (3.1) Trophies project – Paul Buswell advised the list now found and will send to Bill Penfold.
4.2 (3.2) New Company – Paul Buswell advised Charity Commission seem satisfied requiring just some wording changes. Questions re: Capital Gains Tax, process of transfer of Pelton House to new company, liability of directors – to be raised with David Anderton (Solicitor) to then progress.
4.3 (3.3) Heritage Lottery Project – Paul Buswell advised still no news.
4.4 (3.4) Foreshore Trust grant – Paul Buswell advised not accepted, awaiting ‘feedback’.

5 AGM 2012 – the financial year now ends 30/06 making this year 14 months (30/04/12 to 30/06/13).

6 Arrangements for new season
6.1 Season-opening event – Paul Buswell exploring possible simul/lecture – no other ideas.
6.2 Membership and renewals; retention; membership drive & offers? – Paul Buswell advised John Driver will be sending out renewal invitations soon.
6.3 Playing equipment and accessories – Paul Kelly advised score sheets will be purchased at Congress, all clock batteries will be replaced.
6.4 Spring clean? Paul Buswell advised will be having a general ‘litter’ clear up. Roy Bourne to be given a special polish (from Bill Penfold) to assist in chair cleaning.

7 Communications
7.1 Website – George Jelliss advised Instruction Sheet sent out by Email, paper copies were by the Computer.
7.2 Emails & circulars – Paul Buswell informed Committee complaint ‘too many’ being sent out. Future Emails will carry a more explanatory title to enable the Email ‘reluctants’ to select which to open.
7.3 Local press & publicity – Paul Kelly will contact the free paper and check Junior Library re notice. Paul Buswell will continue to inform other local press.

8 Future Events
8.1 Heritage Open Day simul Sunday 09 September – Paul Buswell advised ‘all in hand’, help setting up from 1400.
8.2 Open Day, Hastings Week, Saturday 13 October, 1100 to 1700 – noted.

Break 1905 to 1920

8.3 Christmas function? Provisionally Friday 07 December. For each member and one adult guest – agreed.
VIP’s? – agreed, after discussion (not unanimous).
8.4 Bethune twinning – Spring 2013 – Secretary to contact (advised John Sugden speaks French).

9 Chairman’s Matters
9.1 Policy on use of rooms : Use of both rooms on occasion meaning individual matches/social chess are unable to take place. This occurs during the Junior Club, when there is a large Club Match, or Club Function.
After careful consideration, and regrets at the inconvenience to any member, the Committee decided there was no alternative. Notice would be given by Email and on the Notice board.
9.1.2 Alan Barton raised concern over reported behaviour of some junior members – Paul Kelly advised he will deal with this.
9.2 Grants: Borough Council up to £500, ideas?
Possibility of purchase of books specific to Junior Club to be investigated – Paul Kelly advised specific books required.

10 Secretary’s Report & Correspondence
10.1 AGM 2012 Minutes – noted by Committee.
10.2 Noticeboard(s) – Ken Lucas requested old noticeboards, now reluctant to accept pins, be replaced – costing to be investigated – next Agenda

11 Treasurer’s Report
11.1 Budget 12/13: monitoring – Jim Wheeler advised his Computer down, full refund of rates.
11.2 ECF Game Fee 12/13 – Paul Buswell advised he will keep a spread-sheet showing players owing Game Fees with the intention to start collecting at Christmas.

12 Premises & Premises Officer’s Report
12.1 Rear Windows – Paul Kelly advised planning permission given, work to start in October.
12.2 Front door – Bill Penfold advised work done, some touching up may be needed.
12.3 Water meters – mixed response based on different experiences with Water Company – next Agenda

13 Child Protection
13.1 update of Minute 9 of meeting 21 May – Lona Steuart will ask Gary Willson to set up parental controls on Internet Explorer with himself as Administrator and setting a password to stop any re-setting known only to himself and a designated person.
13.2 review – Lona Steuart will ensure Committee has up-to-date copy of Policy for next meeting – next Agenda

14 Tournaments & Matches
14.1 Summer Tournament – Joe Sharp advised progressing well.
14.2 Team Competitions & Matches
14.2.1 Friendlies and other matches – 02 September being ‘captained’ by Steve Blewitt.
No Friendlies Match Captain yet!
14.2.2 British Correspondence League – no information
14.2.3 Entries 2012/13; appointment of match captains
McArthur Cup – Bernard Cafferty
MSCL A – Paul Kelly
MSCL B – Howard Tebbs
MSCL C – Derek Cosens
Kent average <170 – Paul Kelly
Kent average <110 or <95 – Paul Buswell
Paul Watson Trophy – Joe Sharp
ECF KO’s – none
14.3 Ladder tournaments – lack of interest

15 Any Other Business
Joe Sharp advised had not heard from New Zealand about proposed match via internet. Paul Buswell advised there was interest in our response to status of ECF president (AGM October) – next Agenda

16 Date & time of next meeting: Monday 10 September 2012, 1830, Pelton House

The meeting closed at 2022.