Committee Meeting: 19/01/2015


Minutes of the Committee Meeting:  Monday 19 January 2015, 1830, Pelton House, Richard Almond Room

Present:  Steve Blewitt, Marc Bryant, Jeremy Hudson, Paul Kelly, Bill Penfold, Jim Wheeler [6]

In Attendance: Paul Buswell (acting Secretary), Ken Lucas (Minutes)

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: Lona Steuart

2 Minutes of the Meeting of 08 December 2014 (previously circulated) – accepted, signed by the Chairman.

3 Matters arising not already on the agenda
3.1 Transfer of charity documents/passwords/codes to Treasurer  PB/JW – now done.
3.2  Museum’s  display  JH – advised possible closure of Old Town Museum (Observer).
3.3  Live chess match  CP – next Agenda
3.4  Bethune  MB – not yet heard from.
3.5  Metal front door strip  PK  – see item 8.2

4  New company
4.1 Transfer meeting date  PB – advised seeking advise, meeting before end July, reminded Committee of their responsibilities as Directors/Trustees of a charity.

5  Chairman’s matters
5.1  Membership cards – KL suggested possible ‘benefits’ from local businesses (as many union cards)
– to investigate.  MB suggested membership card could be combined with entry card – to investigate.
5.2  Richard Almond photo  MB – done and passed to BP for framing.
5.3  New Secretary  MB – no progress.

6  Secretary’s report and correspondence
6.1  Unauthorised opening of post PB – still considering his response.
6.2  New wording for proxies AGM  PB – will formalise as possible.

7  Treasurer’s report and financial JW – nothing to report.
PB asked about criteria for next Budget – next Agenda

8  Premises officer’s report PK
8.2  Seals for fire door – PK advised that the man going to install was currently unwell and will do when better.
Metal front door strip – PK advised when the step is done the door strip will be fine. Suggest do in the Spring after frosts, cost £130-£150 – agreed unanimous, monies from sale of duplicate books.
8.1  Surveyor’s report – PK advised pointing/brick work, cost £350, possibly this summer.
MB advised Insurance do not require a full survey.
PK agreed that there was no further major expenditure anticipated.
8.3  Surveyor’s Bill – MB reported response that the ‘£225 was only a proportion of the additional costs’. After some discussion: PB Email requesting costings and priority not contested, second meeting to fulfil original instruction…….  PB proposed offering 50%, seconded BP. Vote: 2 for, 3 against. Agreed MB to write to Surveyor pointing out the above discussion and conclusion that the second meeting/report was only the completion of the original instruction.

Break 1908-1912

9  Junior chess
9.1  Tutors in Hastings – taken off Agenda
9.2  Junior education fund  PB – requested Committee response to Club take-over end April 2015.  PK reminded everyone that the Juniors were an important Club charity item, concerned on possible impact of any Junior grant from the Congress. MB suggested as CP absent postpone to next Agenda – next Agenda. PB to request written input from CP regarding possible Congress grant.
9.3  P Kelly training course – PK reported mainly training primary children, appropriate teaching methods, curriculum.  Electronic copy of curriculum to be sent to interested parties.
9.4  Junior club  PK reported Arjun (7) scored well in under 18 major (2.5 out of 5 or 6), Daniel Lowe performed well in Xmas afternoon B.

10 Membership
10.1  Return of keys  MB – ‘in hand’
10.2  New Members  CP  – absent
10.3  Lapsed Members – general discussion.  MB still working on.

11  Captains
11.1  Mid Sussex League
1st Team – PK advised J Sugden will be available until the summer.  v Brighton this Saturday.
Horsham 27/01.
2nd Team – MB general progress
11.2  Kent League MB advised match v Maidstone this Sunday
11.3  McArthur Cup – difficulty arrange fixture v Horsham, discussion and left with MB/BC to sort.
11.4  Friendly – PB to be Match Captain v Insurance

12  Fund raising
12.1  Monthly tournament  MB – proposed a time-handicap, all day Sunday, last Sunday in each month – details to follow.
12.2  Raffle  BP – reported not enough players on a Friday night yet to make the raffle viable.
12.3  Weekend tournament  JH – (proposal previously circulated) – agreed to go ahead. Sub-Committee to organise: JH/MB/PK/SB
12.4  Sale of chess books   PK – £270.  MB expressed thanks from the Club.
12.5  Life memberships  KL – proposed to offer ‘Life membership of 10 years at £800’  Vote: 3 for, 2 against
– next AGM

13  Library – MB advised, in conjunction with BC, sorted out, labelled, a new borrowing book, Junior Books left out on a shelf for Junior easy access.

14  Club opening hours – MB, having monitored club attendance through the last week, proposed that if nobody was in the Club when tea was normally served at 7.00 pm, and no match expected, the Club may be locked up for the night. Some discussion on other times: 7.30 pm, 7.45 pm, 8.00 pm.  PB to send Email to members requesting response – next Agenda

15  Any other business
15.1  Honorary life members – next Agenda
15.2  Vice president membership – next Agenda
15.3  HICC – BE reported generally good, budget cuts in the future.

16  Time/date next meeting:

Monday 23 February, 1830, Richard Almond Room

Meeting closed at 2048