Committee Meeting: 19/09/2011


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 19 September
Present: Paul Buswell, Paul Kelly, Ken Lucas, Bill Penfold, Francis Rayner, Joe Sharp, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler [8]

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: None

2 Minutes of the Meeting 08/08/11 – accepted, signed by the Chairman

3 Matters arising:
3.1 formation of proposed new shell Company – Paul Buswell advised Company now formed and will now go to the Charity Commission requesting charitable status. Joe Sharp asked if Pelton House Ltd. was a charity – advised no by Paul Buswell.
3.2 printer (drivers) for new PC – Paul Buswell advised this is ‘in-hand’.
3.3 M Shorrocks captain’s expenses 2010/11 – Jim Wheeler advised £50 cash received, matter settled.
3.4 score sheets – Ken Lucas advised 500 with Paul Kelly, to be replaced after Christmas. Paul Buswell will
purchase batteries.
3.5 spring clean – Paul Buswell requested ‘do as/when seen’.

4 Chairman’s Remarks – Paul Buswell defined ‘confidential’ as the personal/private business of a member, matters
relating to the house keeper or flat resident.
4.1 Website and internet – Paul Buswell advised not progressed as Gary Willson ‘too busy’.
4.2 Grant opportunities – Paul Buswell asked for suggestions.

5 Secretary’s Report – Ken Lucas reported no post or telephone calls/messages. Emails had been forwarded to
the appropriate person.

6 Treasurer’s Report
6.1 Budget 2011/12 update – Jim Wheeler advised predicted budget surplus of £900.
6.2 Insurance renewal – Committee agreed to renew with current insurers but ‘shop around’ for next year.

7 Premises Officer’s Report
7.1 Hot water in ladies’ toilet – Paul Kelly advised no response from builder. Bill Penfold will ‘start again’.
7.2 Front door – Bill Penfold advised repair would cost £70 – agreed.

8 Membership 2011/12
8.1 Applications and changes of category:
Lawrence Butt, Full Member, (Bill Penfold/Joe Sharp) – agreed
Aaron Jordan-Webb, Junior Member, (Bill Penfold/Paul Buswell) – agreed
Keith Hossack, Full Member, (Paul Kelly/Jim Wheeler) – agreed
8.2 Known ‘lapses’ or resignations – Paul Buswell advised that Dr Youlton will not be renewing, and he had
been asked to encourage Martyn Shorrocks to re-join – agreed for Bill Penfold/Paul Buswell to contact.

9 Publicity Officer vacancy – George Jelliss and Kevin Carter had expressed interest. George Jelliss appointed
– agreed uncontested.

10 Sussex Coast College classes and putative alternative – Paul Buswell advised no takers so far. Gary Willson
would like to run a taster course at the Club, if the College classes do not go ahead, with the Club meeting the
reasonable expenses including advertising – agreed.

11 Promotions & Events 2011/12
11.1 Electric Palace Cinema, ‘Bobby Fischer against the World’, Wed 05/10 – Paul Buswell advises he has
25 tickets @ £6 to sell, 22 sold ‘to-date’.
11.2 Hastings Week Open Day Saturday 15 October – as previous year, volunteers required to do a shift
11.3 Christmas function – as previous year, Ann Penfold has agreed
11.4 English Heritage simul’ September 10 & Open Evening September 09 – all present agreed went very
well – Paul Buswell expressed thanks

Break 1906-1915

12a Junior Chess Club (addition to Agenda) – Paul Buswell advised that Steve Blewitt had contacted Bill Penfold Friday evening (16/09/11) to advise he was giving up the leadership of the Junior Chess Club from the end of September. Steve Blewitt had unilaterally approached Gary Willson as a possible successor (response unknown). Paul Kelly (viable candidate from last appointment) had not been approached. Ken Lucas was asked to contact Steve Blewitt and Gary Willson to ascertain their position and to arrange a meeting at the Club on Wednesday 28 September before 1800. Paul Kelly suggested he was willing to take
the Junior Chess Club possibly in conjunction with Gary Willson. Francis Rayner enquired about attendance.
12b Team Competitions & Matches
12b:1 Mid-Sussex League – Paul Buswell advised 3 teams awaiting fixtures.
Home night: Team A – Thursdays, Teams B&C – Wednesdays
12b:2 Kent League – 3 Teams
12b:3 Friendlies – Paul Buswell advises ‘Ladies Match’ v Uckfield ‘in-hand’
Last Sunday in October v Combined Services.

13 Individual tournaments
13.1 Summer tournaments 2011 – Joe Sharp reported just the last two finals to be played.
Knock-out – Paul Kelly v Rasa Norinkeviciute
Anslow/Bradley-Martin – Mike Dean v Bob Elliston
13.2 Club Championships 2011/12 – Paul Buswell advised entries close 04 October
13.3 Ladder tournament – Paul Buswell advised lots of entries so far
13.4 Rapid Play – next date not fixed

14 Any other business
14.1 Trophies: project to catalogue and update – Lona Steuart agreed to take on with Bill Penfold &
Paul Buswell to advise/assist
14.2 Kent County Chess Association AGM – Jerry Anstead attended on the Club’s behalf and reported
no major changes
14.3 Elisabeth Lewis Art Exhibition at the Art Forum (opposite Azur)

15 Date & time next meeting : Monday 24 October 2011, 1830 hours, Pelton House

The Meeting closed at 1945