Committee Meeting: 20/05/2013


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 20 May 2013, 1830, Pelton House

Present: Alan Barton, Paul Buswell, George Jelliss, Paul Kelly, Ken Lucas, Bill Penfold, Joe Sharp, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler, Mason Woodhams [10]

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: None

2 Minutes of the Meeting 08/04/13 – accepted, signed by the Chairman

3 Matters arising:
3.1 (3.1) Trophies project – Bill Penfold advised 8 trophies with names outstanding. Paul Buswell agreed to re-send earlier list.
3.2 (3.2) Document safe – Paul Buswell advised one available from Argos at about £30 but heavy. Paul Kelly volunteered to carry to the Club.
3.3 (4.2) Grandmaster visit, Priory Meadow – Paul Buswell advised Stuart Conquest unable to make any commitment at this time. Committee suggested Rendle or Howe – Paul Buswell will contact.
Paul Kelly requested Wednesdays so Junior Club could be involved.
3.4 (4.4) UK City of Culture 2017 – Ken Lucas advised had contacted Hastings Council on-line expressing the Club’s desire to be associated with the bid.
3.5 (10.3) vetting new members – Ken Lucas advised that the Committee’s response in the last Minutes had been conveyed to John Driver.
3.6 (12.1) building opposite – Paul Buswell advised ‘not interested in selling’.

4 Chairman’s Matters
4.1 Richard Almond memorial – Paul Buswell asked for ideas. Paul Kelly reminded the Committee about a trophy for the Winter tournament fourth tier to which Mark Rich would donate. Alan Barton suggested something more significant like a weekend tournament. Bill Penfold suggested a Mid-Sussex League trophy. George Jelliss suggested the upper club room be renamed ‘The Almond Room’. A framed picture with a permanent memorial was also suggested. It was agreed to think/consult and decide at next meeting – next Agenda.
4.3 New Company progress – Joe Sharp had completed the appropriate forms for Inland Revenue, which had been signed and sent – no reply yet received.
4.3 Bethune visit – Paul Buswell advised this went very well except for the rain on Saturday afternoon. Joe Sharp added that the meal at the Azur was very good.
4.4 ECF Game Fee and Membership and related – Paul Buswell advised that the internal game concession ends on 31/08/14 and that Rapid Play non-members must pay the Game Fee after 01/09/13.
4.5 Student volunteer(s) – Paul Buswell advised papers have gone in to the University of Brighton.
4.6 Office holders 2013/14 – Paul Buswell requested that current office holders consider whether they wished to continue after the AGM, if re-elected. George Jelliss advised he will stand down from the Committee at the AGM.

5 Secretary’s Report & Correspondence
Ken Lucas advised correspondence/Emails/phone calls passed to appropriate Officer. He also advised:
(i) Kent Summer Team Quick Play Tournament entry form – Paul Buswell to determine interest.
(ii) Omer Namouk new address.
(iii) Letter from/to Richard Radnor Mountstephen-Whetham re East-Sussex Queen medal donated.
(iv) New password for using Charity Commission Online Services (kept until can be put in new safe).

Otherwise as Agenda.

6 Treasurer’s Report & financial
6.1 Budget 12/13: monitoring – figures already distributed. Jim Wheeler commented that we were over budget, Bethune, BT computer internet higher than expected, board fees down.
6.2 Non-Domestic Rates – Jim Wheeler advised form completed, for possible rebate, and submitted. (not overoptimistic).
6.3 Board Fees, ECF Game Fee – many views expressed from ‘leaving it as it is’ to ‘reduce’ or ‘cut’. A proposal will be put to the AGM – AGM Agenda.

7 Equipment & Premises
7.1 Keys – Paul Kelly advised 12 new keys had been cut, 4 already in use.
7.2 Fire doors – Paul Kelly advised could be bought for about £100 plus fitting.

Break 1910-1920

– unclear whether required. Committee agreed to go ahead for the Housekeeper’s flat.

8 Junior Chess
8.1 Castle ward grant, Saturday morning juniors – Mason Woodhams advised the date to start would now be 21 September 2013 (anticipated 19 May gave insufficient time to prepare fully). A 12 week run is preferred, completing 14 December 2013, and in time for the Hastings Junior Tournament in January 2014.
The sets had cost £5 (£1 over budget), lesson plans being prepared, and the grant not yet received. Jim Wheeler will investigate.
8.2 CRB checks – Paul Buswell advised Lona Steuart will put Mason Woodhams and Gary Willson in direct touch.

9 Website – George Jelliss advised that the ‘forum’ had notice to update to ‘version 5’ – not yet happened and date slippage, and could an Email address ‘’ be created (Paul Buswell to investigate). Mark Rich had advised he was unable to register on the site and Brian Denman appointed moderator of the History Section.

10 Fund raising and grants – Paul Buswell asked for ideas.
Mason Woodhams suggested the ‘donate’ button on the Website should be more prominent and a link through to Club Projects (eg. Grand Master Simul). Corporate partnerships could be investigated.
Beer Festival Charity Presentation (as in Observer) – Committee not interested as doubtful about image lining with alcohol.
Alan Barton expressed the view of many that Mason Woodhams was taking on a lot.

11 Membership
11.1 Applications: none

12 Tournaments & Matches
12.1 Winter Tournaments – Joe Sharp advised Francis Rayner had won the Championship, the Pelton awaiting a resolution between Ollie Willson and Conrado Quintos, and Daniel Lowe had won the Rush.
12.1.1 Rush Cup delays? – Joe Sharp explained the cause of the delays.
12.2 Ladder Tournament – George Jelliss advised 10 players, 18 games played with possible completion 30 June. Bill Penfold will try to find a suitable, ‘not currently in use’ trophy from the cabinet.
12.3 Summer Tournaments – Joe Sharp advised 26 members involved and hope to start 26 May.
12.4 Mid-Sussex Chess League – Paul Buswell advised Club A Team came third in division one, Club B Team avoided relegation from division one, Club C Team came fifth in division two.
12.5 Kent League – Paul Kelly advised the Club lost the semi-final to Beckenham (avg. 169.5) 4.5 to 1.5.
12.6 Kent Summer Team Quick Play Tournament – as Minute 5(i) above.

13 Any Other Business
13.1 AGM 15 September 2013.
13.2 activity – Mason Woodhams advised 26 members now in the group. He asked ‘who can join?’ – the Committee decided to leave this to Ray Brooks and Mason Woodhams discretion.
Matches were being played against Brighton & Hove (75% complete, losing 6.5 to 5.5), against Uckfield (17% complete, winning 2.5 to 0.5) and against the Channel Islands (to start 01 June).
Several ideas were suggested.

14 Date & time of next meeting: Monday 24 June 2013, Pelton House, 1830

The meeting closed at 2019