Committee Meeting: 21/05/2012


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 21 May 2012, 1830, Pelton House

Present: Paul Buswell, Paul Kelly, Ken Lucas, Bill Penfold, Joe Sharp, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler [7]

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: none

2 Minutes of the Meeting 16/04/12 – accepted, signed by the Chairman

3 Matters arising:
3.1 Trophies project – Paul Buswell advised the list would shortly be given to Bill Penfold.
3.2 New Company – Paul Buswell advised still with Charity Commission.
3.3 Heritage Lottery Project – Paul Buswell advised ‘in hand’.
3.4 Foreshore Trust grant – Paul Buswell advised that following the Committee Email vote an application had been made to target an ethnic group rather than the elderly demographic preferred at previous Committee – his decision, now fully endorsed.
3.5 Heritage Open Day – Paul Buswell advised he will organise the simul at the Stade on 09/09/12 and the joint Club Champions (Richard Almond & Bob Elliston) will jointly take on the participants. Thanks to Paul Kelly for his earlier offer.
3.6 Alan Barton sessions – Bill Penfold advised 19 attending the first, very good, the 12 June session moved to 19 June.

4 Chairman’s Matters: (order as Meeting not Agenda)
4.1 Officers’ 2012/13 – Bill Penfold advised he will not be continuing as Premises Officer after the AGM.
Paul Kelly would Email Howard Tebbs re Mid-Sussex League 2 Captain. Paul Buswell expressed dismay at the lack of drivers for matches for less strong players.
4.2 Castle Ward, Hastings Grant – Paul Buswell advised Cath T-P will put in an application – £1500 towards marketing/display.
4.3 Summer Tournament, Whyte Cup, second section – Paul Buswell suggested two new cups (£30-40) for each section. Joe Sharp suggested the second section be the ‘Rider Trophy’ in honour of a long deceased active and loyal member – agreed uncontested.
4.4 ECF membership/grading charges – Paul Buswell explained the current situation – awaiting proposals from the Mid-Sussex League and Kent League.
4.5 Summer Activities – no suggestions.
4.6 Website – Paul Buswell advised suggestions from Mason Woodhams and George Jelliss, he was mulling over.
4.7 Friday Evenings – Bill Penfold advised John Driver will continue (applause) having arranged a lift down and being taken home by Bill.
4.8 World Championship Commentary by Bernard Cafferty – Paul Buswell advised 11 attendees and expressed the thanks of the Club.

5 Secretary’s Report – Ken Lucas reported correspondence received. Telephone calls/messages & Emails actioned or forwarded to the appropriate persons. (if in doubt to Paul Buswell! )
5.1 AGM – Ken Lucas advised of the request to change the date this year. After sympathetic discussion it was agreed that the Committee could not change the date except in a major emergency.
As previously agreed, Committee will propose to the AGM a change in the Club Year, ending on 30 June, with the AGM in September in future.
Paul Buswell further proposes that Email be the normal and accepted means of communication – arrangements being made for members without access to Email.
5.2 Club Mobile – Ken Lucas explained how the late arrival of a visiting team was advised with a message left on the Club mobile. Match Captains should advise opposing Match Captains that the point of contact must be their personal mobiles and that the Club mobile is only for general enquiry.

6 Treasurer’s Report – Jim Wheeler advised as last Committee Meeting.

7 Premises Officer’s Report
7.1 Rear windows – Paul Kelly advised a full submission would be made to Hastings Planning Committee by 28/05/12.
7.2 Drainage – Bill Penfold advised this has been done at a cost of £70. A broken pipe will need replacing at some time.
7.3 Gas Fires – Bill Penfold advised now done at a cost of £135.
7.4 Front Door repair – Bill Penfold advised this would be done in the next three weeks at a cost of £140 – agreed uncontested.

8 Membership 2011/12
8.1 Applications : none

9 Child Protection Policy
9.1 Junior Club photo – Lona Steuart advised parental permission must be sought and would prepare a consent form for parents to sign before the photo is taken and put on the Website.
9.2 Internet use by Juniors – Paul Kelly would ask Gary Willson to put ‘parental controls’ in place so that only he could remove them.
9.3 Junior Club – Lona Steuart advised ‘unnecessary adults’ should not attend.

10 Tournaments & Matches
10.1 Individual Tournaments
10.1.1 Winter – Joint Champions – Richard Almond & Bob Elliston
Pelton – Lawrence Butts and Steve Blewitt equal first – awaiting possible play-off.
(as agreed at a previous Committee Meeting only one replica trophy would be given for each tournament – if shared then the cost of additional replica trophy(s) must be recompensed)
10.1.2 Summer – Joe Sharp advised 22 entries and nearly ready to start.
Anslow 8, Bradly-Martin 9, Rapid 8
10.2 Team Competitions & Matches – McArthur Cup – Saturday 26 May, 1430, at the Club v Brighton
10.2.1 Mid-Sussex Chess League – Division 1 – Team A second, Team B avoided relegation, 4th from bottom.
Team C promoted.
10.2.2 Kent League – <170 reached semi-final.
10.2.3 Correspondence – awaiting a report.
10.2.4 Friendlies – <120 v Brighton 26/05/12
10.2.5 Kent Summer QuickPlay – Ken Lucas to ask for driver and captain.
10.2.6 Shadforth Boger Trophy – Jim Wheeler.

11 Any Other Business
11.1 Paul Buswell advised table numbers number 1 is missing – Paul Kelly volunteered to try to alter one of the less used high numbers.

12 Date & time next meeting: Monday 25 June 2012, Pelton House, 1830

The meeting closed at 1942