Committee Meeting: 23/09/2013


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 23 September 2013, 1830, Pelton House

Present: Paul Buswell, Ken Lucas, Bill Penfold, Joe Sharp, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler, Mason Woodhams [7]
and members: Bernard Cafferty, Paul Kelly, Con Power

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: Kevin Carter

2 Minutes of the Meeting 02/09/13 – accepted, signed by the Chairman.

11.1 ECF AGM October – Bernard Cafferty addressed the Committee: The election of the president, Sussex having 3 delegate votes out of 400, will be a contest between Roger Edwards (in post) and Andrew Poulson who joined the ECF in July and backed by AGON (Grand Prix sponsor organiser) and other commercial chess interests. The Committee should decide if/how to advise delegates.

9.1 Applications – none. Con Power advised the Committee : He will simplify the membership database in alphabetical order. Francis Rayner asked if the Club Champion Simul would happen this year. Paul Buswell advised that after the ‘shambles’ last year, not unless have exclusive use of the hall.
New Membership Fees :
Full Member £60
New £35
Associate £24
Student/Junior £16
Child £9
Family £30
9.2 Known or assumed resignations : Alan Barton, Paul Kelly, Moyra Mitchell, Peter Smith

3 Matters arising:
3.1 (3.3): KCCA AGM – Paul Buswell advised ‘uneventful’.
3.2 (3.4): FILO Chess Tournament : Mason Woodhams reports discussion with Steve Oakman who will organise.

4 Chairman’s Matters
4.1 Matters arising from/referred from the AGM.
4.1.1 Marketing the Club – Paul Buswell led the discussion suggesting many ideas (leaflet outside Club, Observer entry, Simul, Web Site, Email local schools and social hub sites, etc.). Robert Smart had many ideas at the AGM and the Secretary was requested to invite to next Committee Meeting.
4.2 Office holders 2013/14
4.2.1 Premises Officer – Laurence Butt was the only volunteer. Ken Lucas advised he lived out of town.
Bill Penfold suggested he would only need to make rare visits and would assist as he is able.
Joe Sharp asked if we should consider Insurance to cover ‘household emergencies’ such as water pipe burst etc. Paul Buswell advised to accept and cover reasonable travel costs.
Mason Woodhams expressed concern that the Club had the budget. Paul Buswell proposed (seconded Bill Penfold) that we accept Laurence Butt as Premises Officer, cover necessary travel costs which will be regularly reviewed – unanimous. Secretary to advise Laurence Butt.

Break 1910-1918

4.2.2 Committee vacancy – Con Power proposed and unanimously agreed.
4.4 New Company progress – Paul Buswell advised, thanks to Joe Sharp’s persistence, we now have charitable status. Joe Sharp pointed out that each member would be liable for £10 if it folds.
Paul Buswell added that David Anderton was working on setting up the new company, preparing to transfer the housekeepers contract, and the transfer of Pelton House.
4.5 Student volunteer(s) – Paul Buswell advised ‘out and waiting’.
4.6 Simul and Open Day – Paul Buswell advised had offers of help from Ken Lucas, John Driver – Bill Penfold,
Paul Kelly volunteered. Quote for tables £75+VAT – agreed.

5 Secretary’s Report & Correspondence
Ken Lucas advised correspondence/Emails/phone calls passed to appropriate Officer.

Otherwise as Agenda.

6 Treasurer’s Report & financial
6.1 Non-Domestic Rates – Jim Wheeler advised ‘nothing yet’.
6.2 Renewal of insurance with the ECF for silver trophies and library due £350 – agreed.
6.3 ECF Game fees – Paul Buswell advised one match captain requested not to collect. After some discussion it was agreed to invoice the relevant members directly at the end of the season – agreed.

7 Junior Chess
7.1 CRB/DBS checks – Lona Steuart checked/approved Mason Woodhams, and will cover Gary Willson until also checked/approved.
7.2 Junior Club 2013/14: Mason Woodhams advised starting 25 September, will be contacting all schools, and the curriculum to be followed. There will be two groups (one in each room) mainly social and advanced. He was pursuing ‘’ as a safe internet environment for the children to play/communicate with each other. A Web site was being set up and Mason and Gary could be reached through this site (M.Woodhams@…….), or through the Club mobile. He was also hoping to re-establish an inter-school chess competition. Thanks expressed to Lona Steuart.

8 Equipment & Premises:
Paul Kelly advised a strip light had been replaced.

10 Tournaments & Matches
10.1 Summer Tournaments – Joe Sharp advised Rider Cup still to be determined.
10.2 Winter Tournaments – entries now closed.
10.2.1 number of sections – not yet determined.
10.2.2 new Rapid Play – 14 entries.
10.3 Ladder Tournament – progressing.
10.4 Friendly matches: v Wanstead & Woodford 8.5 to 8.5. Paul Kelly asked re match captain – advised ‘match by match’.
10.5 External Leagues 2013/14: Paul Buswell advised after some ‘problems’ , Kent League <170 entry only.

11 ECF matters
11.1 ECF AGM – After further discussion the Committee decided it was not sufficiently competent to advise the delegates.
11.2 ECF Game Fee 2013/14 and later – Paul Buswell advised he will lobby with regard to internal competitions seeking a specific reduction with a seat on Council after the ECF AGM.

12 Any Other Business
12.1 Richard Almond memorial – Winter Tournament (if enough entries) or NEXT AGENDA
12.2 Club Christmas function – Paul Buswell will ask Ann Penfold.
12.3 – Mason Woodhams advised now 32 members and future entry to the Cities World Cup and Cities World League.
12.4 Mason Woodhams suggested Kevin Carter join the Meeting via Skype. It was agreed to trial this 5 votes to 2.
12.5 Grants for seniors – Paul Buswell suggested coaching during the day – agreed.
12.6 Password to Club WiFi – advised possibly with Gary Willson.

13 Date & time of next meeting: Monday 04 November 2013, Pelton House, 1830

The meeting closed at 2015