Committee Meeting: 24/03/2014


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 24 March 2014, 1830, Pelton House

Present: Paul Buswell, Ken Lucas, Bill Penfold, Con Power, Joe Sharp, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler, [7] Paul Kelly

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: Laurence Butt, Kevin Carter (Skype), Mason Woodhams

2 Minutes of the Meeting of 10 February 2014 (previously circulated) – accepted, signed by the Chairman.

3 Matters Arising not otherwise on the Agenda
3.1 Minute 3.5: Trophy winners’ & Presidents’ boards – Secretary to identify for Anna Pontonutti.
3.2 Minute 3.7: Richard Almond Room plaque – Ken Lucas advised now in place. Bill Penfold working on photograph.
3.3 Minute 4.4: Student volunteers – Paul Buswell reports no further progress.
3.4 Minute 9.3: Disability Forum advice – Paul Buswell advised ‘waiting for a response’.
3.5 Minute 9.3: Change of room use – ‘going smoothly’.
3.6 Minute 11.3: Adapter – Mason Woodhams – next Agenda

4 Chairman’s Matters – Paul Buswell
4.1 New Company – steps towards integration of Company & Club – Paul Buswell suggested:
‘merging’ of the Club and Company 01/10/14, articles of association with a special resolution to include the Juniors, to maintain the one month ‘window’ to renew subscriptions, and to consider a ‘professional’ Company Secretary to advise/monitor reporting requirements/deadlines – Paul Buswell and Joe Sharp to continue their investigations/planning/preparation for the ‘merging’.
4.2 Grant applications – priorities, recent attempts – Mason Woodhams – next Agenda

5 Secretary’s Report & Correspondence – Ken Lucas advised correspondence/Emails/phone calls passed to appropriate Officer. Otherwise as Agenda. Correspondence/Emails sent and responses reported.

6 Treasurer’s Report & financial – Jim Wheeler/Paul Buswell
6.1 BUDGET 2014/15
6.1.1 appropriate subscription level, intrinsic and/or to match expenditure? – after considerable discussion an increase to £70 (Full Member), other membership pro-rata – subject to circumstance/budget changes.
6.1.2 Budget assumptions and givens: from Mason Woodhams Email – proposed expenditure to £1000pa to Junior Budget – agreed £400 possible, purchase of a Computer Link Board – agreed only if grant aided, set-aside for Legal Fees/Accountancy – agreed to leave until needed, set aside for promotion/events – leave as £200pa. Bethune expenditure – £100pa.
Increase in Lower Flat Rental/Gas payment – after much considered discussion it was agreed that the rent be increased by £10/week or inflation (whichever higher) starting from 01/07/14 – uncontested, Paul Buswell to approach tenant. Jim Wheeler to investigate more appropriate gas use ratio flat/club.
6.1.3 Line items, including members’ previously circulated input – Bill Penfold advised Friday raffle raising £6/week. Paul Buswell – expected insurance premium increase – budget £1250.

Break 19:07-19:15

6.2 Junior Chess Educational Fund, purchase of War Stock – Paul Buswell advised ‘going ahead’.
6.3 Non-Domestic Rates and charitable status – Jim Wheeler advised Email sent, reply awaited.
6.4 Hastings Pier Trust share offer – one share at £100, vote 3 for, 2 against – agreed.

7 Equipment & Premises – Paul Kelly (assistant to Laurence Butt – absent)
7.1 Gaps around Roy’s new window; storm damage – Paul Kelly reports quotes from three roofers (circulated)
Dean lowest (£1472 + £100 chimney work/not storm damage and scaffolding £538 – insurance excess £350, total cost to Club £450) – agreed. Paul Buswell thanked Paul Kelly for his time/efforts.7.2 Weeds front of housekeeper’s flat – Paul Kelly reports to be dealt with from the scaffolding.
7.3 Access to Club out of Roy’s hours – keys, security (Roy’s and ours) – Paul Buswell addressed the problem of security and the need to bolt the front door. Paul Buswell to discuss with Housekeeper.

8 Junior Chess – Mason Woodhams Email in his absence :
We’ve been accepted into the SparkNetwork, an organisation promoting youth activities in Sussex & assisting with fundraising & training. – noted
• I’d like committee approval to host a junior match on one weekend against Burgess Hill Juniors. – agreed but dates need to be negotiated
• Saturday/Sunday CoM courses have three weeks to run and children are preparing to take exams early. – noted
• Parents have expressed an interest in level 2 & 3 courses as well as new parents wanting to enrol their children on the level one course if we run it again. – dependant on grants
• The CoM courses have come in under budget (but only just), I’m yet to submit the monitoring report to the relevant grant awarding bodies but will do when the courses conclude. – noted
• Junior Club: The Delancy chess challenge has now finished and just short of 20 pupils from the club have qualified for the Mega Finals. We have representation in nearly every age group. I’m thinking about organising a coach to take everyone, contacting local schools that also ran the competition to see if they need transport. – agreed at no extra cost to the Club
• Hastings take on Mosul City in the 3rd Round of the Cities World Cup and look good to progress to the quarterfinals. – noted
• An online club championship has been arranged and has started. 17 members & friends are taking part across two groups of 9 with the top three of each group progressing to the final to find the 1st Hastings Online Champion. – noted
8.1 Junior Club 2013/14 – as above/next Agenda
8.2 Castle Ward grants: Saturday & Sunday morning juniors – as above/next Agenda
8.3 Project: Full time schools’ chess coach(es) – corporate sponsorship, introduction meeting via Lord Brett McLean – as above/next Agenda
8.4 SPARK network (East Sussex Council for Voluntary Youth Services) – as above/next Agenda
8.5 Sussex Junior Chess Association competitions 2014/15 – as above/next Agenda
8.6 Juniors’ memberships – Paul Buswell – next Agenda
8.7 Child Protection – Lona Steuart reports ‘no issues’.

9 English Chess Federation Council 12 April 2014
9.1 Game Fee proposal to ECF Council – Paul Buswell is ‘fronting’ a proposal ‘that ECF game fee be £1/game for internal club games’ (50p/player). The Secretary instructed to Email: Sussex Chess Association, Mid-Sussex League, Kent County Chess Association – requesting support.
9.2 ECF and ECU/FIDE – the proposed support for the resigning president to be ECU representative – the Committee was unanimously against.
9.3 Other Agenda items: A suggestion to cover travel costs to the ECF/ECU meeting in London was denied.

10 Membership – Con Power
Con Power reported the new list on display. Requests from Committee for an Email with new list attached.
10.1 Applications:
Alfie Bilsby – Full Member – Paul Buswell/Bill Penfold – unanimous (£20 pro-rata)
Moyra Mitchell – renewed – agreed
Arjun – Child Member – agreed (£5 pro-rata)
10.2 Return of keys from lapsed members – Con Power reports ‘in-hand’. A future definitive list to be kept.
10.3 New member’s welcome pack, membership cards – Con Power reports membership cards ‘in-hand’ but requests help with a welcome pack.

11 Tournaments & Matches
11.1 Winter tournaments – need expressed to chase the Rush fixtures.
11.2 External Leagues &c 2013/14:
Mid-Sussex League Div 1 – Team A 2nd
– Team B safe from relegation
Div 2 – Team C 3rd
Div 4 – Team D 1st or 2nd and promotion
National Club Championship – no team
11.3 McArthur Cup – away to Brighton in the final
11.4 Friendly matches – Brighton – 10 May
Bexhill – lost
FILO – no response
Insurance – 05 April
Lord Nelson PH – The Secretary to request Steve Blewitt progress
11.5 Junior friendly v Burgess Hill – next Agenda
11.6 Rapid plays – Monday 21 April

12 Any Other Business
12.1 – as above/next Agenda
12.2 Any Other URGENT Business – pre-advised to the Chair – none

13 Date & time of next routine meeting
Monday 28 April 2014, 1830, Pelton House, Richard Almond room

The meeting closed at 2006