Committee Meeting: 25/02/2013


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 25 February 2013, 1830, Pelton House

Present: Alan Barton, Paul Buswell, George Jelliss, Paul Kelly, Ken Lucas, Bill Penfold, Joe Sharp, Lona Steuart, Mason Woodhams [9]

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1828 (all Members expected present)

1 Apologies for Absence: Jim Wheeler

2 Minutes of the Meeting 14/01/13 – accepted, signed by the Chairman

3 Matters arising:
3.1 (4.1) Trophies project – Bill Penfold advised some still to update.
3.2 (4.5) Document safe – Paul Buswell advised ‘in-hand’.
3.3 (4.7) Art Studio Chess – Paul Buswell advised 7/8 people attended.
3.4 (5.9) Castle Ward Grants – Mason Woodham advised application had been submitted with 19 minutes to spare! Copy of application distributed. Paul Buswell expressed the Committee’s thanks.
3.5 (9.3) CRB checks for Junior organisers – Lona Stuart advised this could be done at a cost of £10/person, Junior organisers advised.

4 Chairman’s Matters
4.1 New Company; Charity Registration – Paul Buswell advised waiting. Mason Woodham advised possible changes to ‘Charity rules’.
4.2 Grandmaster visit, Priory Meadow ? – Paul Buswell advised Priory Meadow were happy but Stuart Conquest would not be available for some time. Discussion of other possible GM’s. Alan Barton suggested we wait to see if Stuart may be available later – agreed.
4.3 Taster courses for beginners – Paul Buswell advised ‘on-hold’.
4.4 Student volunteer(s) – Paul Buswell advised pursuing for library/archiving work.

5 Secretary’s Report & Correspondence
Ken Lucas advised correspondence/Emails/phone calls passed to appropriate Officer. HVA registration completed. Otherwise as Agenda.

Break 1908-1918

6 Treasurer’s Report & financial
6.1 Budget 12/13: monitoring – Balance Sheet previously distributed.
6.2 Non-Domestic Rates – Council considering case-by-case!
6.3 Board Fees, ECF Game Fee – Paul Buswell advised Treasurer has info from Match Captains.
(Steve Blewitt/Paul Kelly intend to propose board fee reduced to £1 at the AGM)

7 Equipment & Premises
7.1 Gas fires/heating – Paul Kelly advised that Bill Penfold had visited local shops and suggested too dear.
New gas fire upstairs recommended. Flavel Convector Brown Gas Fire @ £210+p&p+£85 installation.
Vote 6 for, uncontested. Bill Penfold advised need to check can be installed with chimney stack.
Paul Kelly advised £20 donation towards cost from Alfred Mikurenda. Ken Lucas asked about Carbon Monoxide Alarms – 2 to be purchased.
7.2 Flat screen monitor – Mason Woodham advised this would make better use of Computer. General discussion.
Agreed to review with possible grant application.
7.3 Keys – Paul Buswell advised more front door keys needed. Paul Kelly agreed to purchase.
7.4 Clock (upstairs) – Bill Penfold advised the works need renewing. Paul Kelly will bring one in from his home.
7.5 Fire Escape – Paul Kelly advised that regulations were satisfied because of alarms but will investigate fire doors. George Jelliss suggested a ‘bridge’ over the back area.

8 Junior Chess – Paul Kelly advised everything going fine.

9 Librarian – Paul Kelly advised nothing to report.

10 Membership
10.1 Applications:
Peter Smith, Full Member – (Bill Penfold/Paul Kelly) – uncontested.
B Upton, Full Member – (Mason Woodham/Paul Kelly) – uncontested.
10.2 Never started – Paul Buswell advised two new members, Brennan and Casagrande, not followed through with subscription – John Driver to investigate.
10.3 Vetting – Alan Barton was concerned whether we were adequately vetting new members. After some discussion Paul Buswell suggested the matter be passed to John Driver for consideration.

11 Tournaments & Matches
11.1 Winter Tournaments – Paul Buswell advised concerns over delays in the Rush Cup. Joe Sharp suggested leave to Controller and sub-committee – agreed.
11.2 Ladder Tournament – George Jelliss will try to revive, but at standard play times, and possible grading.
11.3 Mid-Sussex League ‘C’ team – Paul Buswell advised Derek Cosens unable to continue, Gary Willson appointed – approved.

12 Any Other Business
12.1 Subscribe to @ £67/annum – Mason Woodham explained that Club members would be able to play in a Club Team against other teams through, and also internal Club tournaments could be arranged again through – agreed uncontested.

13 Date & time of next meeting: Monday 08 April 2013, Pelton House, 1830

14 Bethune planning session
Paul Buswell advised there was a reasonable consensus to budget for £750. Nine players plus six partners were coming and staying at the Chatsworth (thanks to Joe Sharp).
Saturday afternoon: Trip/Excursion to start 1600 – walk to, go up, West Hill lift, visit Caves – agreed.
Saturday evening: Fish & Chip supper (with alternatives) est. £10 inc. drinks – vote 4 for, 1 against.
No VIP invited.
Goody Bags: Paul Kelly advised he could produce these, for players only, at £10/head, including
Hastings Bag, playing cards, booklets, cheese, wine ? etc. – agreed.
Club-to-Club gift: Paul Kelly advised of a large print, £60, in Tower Road Art Shop. Bill Penfold to view.
Sunday Match: at the Club, or at the Chatsworth – vote Club 3, Chatsworth 4.
Sunday Lunch: Azur, est. £21.95 including wine – agreed.
Funding: Club Members taking part to contribute £10 F&C and/or £20 Azur.
Match Captain: Paul Kelly, who will select team.
Bethune Working Group: Paul Buswell, Paul Kelly, Bill Penfold, Joe Sharp
Paul Buswell to check possible twinning funds.
Ken Lucas to invite Mayor to attend Azur Sunday lunch at 1300, as Club guest.

The meeting closed at 2104