Committee Meeting: 27/02/2012


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 27 February , 1830, Pelton House

Present: Paul Buswell, Paul Kelly, Bill Penfold, Francis Rayner, Joe Sharp, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler [7]
In attendance: Cath Tajima-Powell (items 1 & 2)

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: Ken Lucas

2 Potential grant application, English Heritage
The Committee received a presentation from Cath Tajima-Powell, who was considering submitting a grant application around the preservation and presentation of the Club’s (and perhaps the Congress’s) archival heritage. Ms Tajima-Powell outlined the rationale of English Heritage’s funding and suggested that an application from the Club stood a good chance of success.
After general discussion and question & answer it was agreed to authorise Ms Tajima-Powell to take an application forward on the Club’s behalf, there being no financial commitment by the Club.

Break 1900-1915

3 Minutes of the Meeting 9/1/12 – accepted, signed by the Chairman

4 Matters arising:
4.1 printer (drivers) for new PC – Paul Buswell had taken this forward but up a dead end and needed to re-think.
4.2 Trophies project – Paul Buswell advised this is still ‘in-hand’.
4.3 Child Protection Policy – Lona Steuart had recently attended HVA training, which she had found most useful.
4.4 Adult evening course – Bill Penfold reported six attendees at final sessions, and praised Gary Willson for his presentation.
4.5 Master key – Bill Penfold now had one.

5 Chairman’s Matters:
5.1 Broadband and internet access – there were teething problems and Gary Willson now suggested running a cable downstairs – to report further at next meeting.
5.2 New Company – an application had now gone in to the Charity Commission.
5.3 Friday evenings – noted that John Driver expected to stand down during summer, and it behoved the Committee to consider what regular activities it wished to offer.
5.4 Béthune – Paul Buswell had renewed contact with Béthune who were enthusiastic about the prospect of a visit here in 2013.
5.5 Equal Opprtunities Policy – Paul Buswell was concerned that the Club had no Equal Opportunities Policy, which might be a major handicap to receiving public funding. A draft would be brought to the next Committee.
5.6 Date of AGM – despite certain reservations it was agreed to hold to Saturday 7 July 2012 as preferred by the 2011 AGM.

6 Secretary’s Report – Ken Lucas was absent through indisposition.

7 Treasurer’s Report.
7.1 Latest forecast for current year: this was as reported to the previous meeting.
7.2 Budget-setting process 2012/13 – Committee agreed basic principles for a budget to be brought back to the next meeting:
7.2.1 – agreed by 5 votes to 0 to budget for a slight surplus
7.2.2 – agreed by 4 votes to 0 to assume there would be no void period for the tenancy of the basement flat
7.2.3 – agreed by 3 votes to 0 to not assume any application by the Borough Council of discretionary Non- Domestic Rate Relief
7.2.4 – agreed by 6 votes to 0 to budget £500 fotr a visit from Béthune in late financial 2012/13, at the same time seeking the usual additional contributions from Club members.
7.2.5 – agreed by 6 votes to 0 to keep membership subscriptions at their present level.
7.3 Club financial year – .agreed unanimously to recommend to the AGM that the Club’s financial year, from 2012/13, end on 30 June; it was noted that this implied an AGM in September.

8 Premises Officer’s Report
8.1 Hot water in ladies’ toilet – no further action.
8.2 Gas fires – several Members advised difficulty in getting some to start – Bill Penfold agreed to have them looked at.
8.3 Rear windows – Mr Kelly suggested that to avoid longer term difficulties arising we should attend to the rear windows of all the building, double-glazing where appropriate. Agreed that Committee could certainly look at quotes and Mr Kelly and Mr Penfold each offered to obtain one.

9 Membership 2011/12
9.1 Applications :
Mason Woodhams, Hastings, Full Member, proposed Mr Penfold , seconded Mr Kelly, agreed.
Terence McEvoy, Bexhill-on-Sea, Full Member, proposed Mr Penfold, seconded Mr Sharp – agreed.
All subject to subscription payment.

10 Tournaments & Matches
10.1 Individual Tournaments – Rasa Norinkeviciute had reported difficulties (behind schedule) with Chris Rogal and Marco Galuzzo; potentially also with Harry Stephens who was now unable to get to the Club independently.
10.2 Team Competitions & Matches
10.2.1 Mid-Sussex League – ‘A’ team unlikely to retain their title, ‘B’ team cautiously optimistic of avoiding relegation. ‘C’ team doing well but had just lost unbeaten record.
10.2.2 Kent League – average <=170 team unlikely to qualify; <=125 team in contention; <=95 team out of it.
10.2.3 Friendlies and other matches – friendly v Brighton on 04 February called off because of imminent bad weather.
10.3 George Jelliss had the day before raised some concerns about the conduct of and at matches at the Club: for more timely discussion at the next meeting.

11 Any Other Business
We needed current membership lists on site; John Driver to be asked.

12 Date & time next meeting: Monday 16 April 2012, Pelton House, 1830

The meeting closed at 20:15