Committee Meeting: 28/11/2011


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 28 November 2011, 1830, Pelton House

Present: Paul Buswell, Paul Kelly, Ken Lucas, Bill Penfold, Francis Rayner, Joe Sharp, Jim Wheeler [7]

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: Lona Steuart

2 Minutes of the Meeting 24/10/11 – accepted, signed by the Chairman

3 Matters arising:
3.1 printer (drivers) for new PC – Paul Buswell advised this is still ‘in-hand’.
3.2 grant opportunities – Paul Buswell advised Bill Penfold’s suggestion of ‘teaching aids’ the only suggestion.
3.3 Trophies project – Bill Penfold advises awaiting list to be updated and engraving done.
3.4 post of Junior Organiser – Paul Buswell reports Steve Blewitt has no plans and suggested the Junior Club Leader should also be the Junior Organiser. Paul Kelly was proposed (PB/BP) – agreed unopposed.
3.5 Hastings Voluntary Action AGM – Paul Kelly was unable to attend.
3.6 International Children’s Day – Paul Kelly reported well attended with several 8-11 year olds interested.

4 Chairman’s Matters:
4.1 Club Christmas function – Paul Buswell noted the ‘uncertainty’ of who could attend. Bill Penfold explained that partners had not been mentioned at the last meeting hence the confusion. 20 were expected to attend. Quiz – Ann Penfold will read Paul Buswell’s prepared questions. Chess – Paul Kelly will organise a Swiss. Paul Buswell will assist Bill & Ann Penfold unloading Thursday evening, Paul Kelly on the Friday. Bill Penfold asked for help clearing up afterwards. Jim Wheeler will provide parking permits.
Paul Buswell expressed the Club’s thanks to Ann Penfold.
4.2 Post of Junior Organiser – Minute 3.4 above
4.3 Adult evening course at Club: Bill Penfold reported it was excellent, 7 attendees.
4.4 Broadband and internet access – Committee decided to stay with Plan A to have the hardware in Roy’s flat rather than run phone cabling down to the kitchen. Paul Buswell would progress.

5 Secretary’s Report – Ken Lucas reported ‘Hidden Histories’ course.
Telephone calls/messages & Emails actioned or forwarded to the appropriate persons.
5.1 Paul Buswell reported a letter of thanks from All Saints School for the giant chess set/board.

6 Treasurer’s Report – Jim Wheeler advised as Agenda.
6.1 Paul Kelly requested money to purchase books for the Library at the Congress. Budget for Library increased by £75 – agreed unanimously.
6.2 Bill Penfold asked about the Christmas function. Stay as Budget – agreed.

7 Premises Officer’s Report
7.1 Hot water in ladies’ toilet – Bill Penfold advises fire fitted but needs a new box/fused spur £50 – agreed.
7.2 Front door – Bill Penfold advised skirting done. Front door beading needs repair £150 – new year agenda

8 Membership 2011/12
8.1 Applications :
Douglas Simpson (PK/PB) Junior Member – agreed
Umberto Jozwiak (JD/JS) Full Member – agreed
Roy Richardson (JD/PK) Full Member – agreed
Mark Ward (JD/PK) Full Member – agreed
8.2 Non-renewals, resignations :
Maureen du Plooy
Angelo Goss
Helge Hjort
Sydney Kaye
Joel Knowles-Baker
Steve Oakman
Martyn Shorrocks
Lawrence Youlten

9 Child Protection Policy
Paul Buswell explained the background. After general discussion it was agreed that direct contact with children would warrant a CRB check and that Ken Lucas and Paul Kelly should have delegated authority to adjust the draft following the discussion and for it then to be deemed adopted. – uncontested.

10 Individual tournaments
10.1 Club Championships 2011/12 – Paul Buswell advises some are slipping behind the schedule.
10.2 Ladder tournament – Paul Buswell reports going well.
10.3 Next rapid play – Sunday 18 December 2011, Pelton House, 1400 prompt.

11 Team Competitions & Matches
11.1 Mid-Sussex Chess League – Paul Kelly advises results on the Website.
11.2 Kent League – as above
11.3 Friendlies – Paul Buswell advises Brighton would like to bring extra players to play a friendly on Saturday 10 December – Captain needed ?
11.4 ECF Intermediate KO – Paul Buswell advises the draw is out.
11.5 Paul Watson Trophy – Ken Lucas advised first match tomorrow afternoon.
Uckfield Ladies match – on hold.

12 Club rules
12.1 Constitution: update from recent changes – agreed uncontested.
12.2 Proposal that non-local membership categories be amalgamated – agreed. next AGM

13 Board fees: to consider any policy for exemption on income grounds – Paul Buswell asked if members paying a reduced subscription should pay a reduced board fee? After general discussion it was agreed to pass this matter to John Driver’s sub-committee for further consideration.

14 Hastings International Chess Congress
Bill Penfold advised that numbers were down and this could be the last one. The Committee expressed the hope that it would continue in one form or another. Club representative to be briefed accordingly.

15 Any Other Business
15.1 Visitors fees – next Agenda
15.2 House Keeper on holiday 19 December to 03 January inclusive, but will continue to unlock/lock up.

16 Date & time next meeting: Monday 09 January 2012, Pelton House, 1830

The meeting closed at 1952