Committee Meeting:  Monday 15 September 2014

Minutes of the Committee Meeting:  Monday 15 September 2014 Pelton House, Richard Almond Room
Present:  Marc Bryant, Paul Kelly, Bill Penfold, Joe Sharp, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler [6]
                (Paul Buswell – acting Secretary, Elisabeth Lewis)   Minutes – Ken Lucas
The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830
Chairman’s Statement – MB thanked the old and the new Committee, advised PB, KL non-voting assisting.  He believed in ‘tight’ meetings with some levity.  He would not vote unless as a necessary casting vote when he would support the status-quo.  Officers were free to do their jobs without needing to refer everything to him. 
1 Apologies for Absence: Jeremy Hudson     (Missing – John Driver)
2 Minutes of the Meeting of 01 September 2014 (previously circulated) – accepted, signed by the Chairman.
3 Matters Arising not otherwise on the Agenda
   3.1 Transfer of documents, codes and passwords from outgoing chairman to new secretary – to be passed to the
         Treasurer until new Secretary appointed.
   3.2 Website – MB read out an Email from Mason Woodhams suggesting update to include Word Press allowing
         others to add to the site, new domain www.hastingschessclub, £4.99/month up some admin/set up charges.
         Vote: 2 for, 0 against – passed.
   3.3 Trophy board moving – MB to action.
   3.4 Richard Almond photo – BP has computer problems – next Agenda
   3.5 New Company – PB explained still waiting for some ‘old’ directors to vote, the new Company Directors cannot
         be under 16, or bankrupt, and will be also Trustees of the Charity.
4 Chairman’s Matters
   4.1 Priory Meadow – MB will send a memo asking membership for assistance, KL to circulate.  JD has dropped out.
         PB will assist beforehand.  PK will assist if able.  MB will cancel if insufficient help available.
   4.2 Christmas function – MB advised Mrs Hudson may not be able to assist as may be away.  BP advised that Ann
         Penfold would assist if Mrs Hudson cannot but not 06/12.
   4.3 New Secretary – MB advised he will send a memo to membership, KL to circulate Email, requesting
         volunteer(s).  PB advised ‘acting’ until new Secretary appointed, or end October (whichever comes first).
         Possibles suggested to MB who will approach.
   4.4 Open Day – MB advised will go ahead, afternoon only. 
   4.5 Press/Publicity Officer – PB replacement ?
   4.6 John Driver – MB reports only ‘hear-say’.  Request intentions in writing.
5 Secretary’s Report & Correspondence – PB (as 4.3)
   5.1 HMO – PB reports having correspondence with HBC: not a block of self-contained flats, basement separate,
         less than 3 people living in entire building, only one tenant.  HBC advise not a HMO.  MB expressed Club’s
         thanks to PB.
6 Treasurer’s Report & financial
   6.1 New subs i.e. Jr country etc – JW advises:  Full £80, New £45, Family £40, Associate £32, Junior/Child £20
   6.2 New Bank Account opened.
   6.3 New signatures required for cheques – next Agenda.
   6.4 Public Liability Insurance – PB advises ‘on display’.
   6.5 10 K float – PK suggests this is reduced – Minute 7.1
   6.6 Budget – PB asked if following Budget Plan – JW advises yes except for Survey and no reply yet from
7  Equipment & Premises
    7.2 Access to Club outside normal hours – no change.
    7.4 Disability Access – PB advises still enquiring.
                                                                Break 1910-1920
    7.1 Surveyors Report – MB commented ‘only visual report’, ‘don’t panic’  hard hat put on !  PB advised that a
          discussion with the Surveyor, re priorities etc necessary first step.  PK advised ‘meeting’ planned with
          Surveyor & MB Wednesday 24 September 1300.  JS also to attend.
          PK gave Builder’s opinion, had contacted next door re joint chimney, discussion with BGas re loft insulation,
          Fire extinguishers checked today – advice given re signs/notices and keeping fire doors shut.  JS suggested
          need specialist advice.  MB advised need to do something re health & safety.  PK had a suggestion for a
          system offering 4xalarm/detectors + main unit £400.  MB suggested ‘go ahead’.  PB concerned re independent
          advice.  MB suggested second quote.  PK agreed.
          PK advised ‘loss adjuster’ happy with work done – contracts/invoices sent by Email.
7.3 Roy Bourne’s Employment/Rent – suggestion to change system to paying rent/receiving wages.
          PB advised Roy concerned with ‘ethics’, HMO possible implication, gives additional security of
          tenure, minimum wage.  Vote 4 for, 1 against to not proceed.
8 Junior Chess
   8.1 Jr Chess Club donation – JW advised this is an ‘on-going’ system.
   8.2 PK reported success by Junior Club Member.
   8.3 PB reported discussion with Malcolm Pein over School Tutor Funding.
   8.4 Tutors – MB reported Gary Willson hopes to return in November, Mason Woodhams after personal issues
   8.5 Relationship between Junior Club and the Club – PB recommended this be resolved.  MB gave an historic
          summary – agreed for Agenda in 2015   
9 Membership 
   9.1 Return of keys – Con Power – next Agenda
10 Tournaments & Matches 
   10.1 Friday evenings – with the possible withdrawal of JD – PK will run when available – agreed.
   10.2 Tournament rates of play – referred to Tournament Sub-Committee.
   10.3 MSL 4 teams entering with Match Captains: 1 Howard Tebbs, 2 Paul Kelly, 3 Rob Smart, 4 Gary Willson
           Kent League – PB advises Adrian Cload agreed to drive.  MB to Captain.  Ray Brooks attended Fixtures
   10.4 Rapid Plays – PB minded not to continue because of ECF Game Fees.
11 Any Other Business
   11.1 Honorary Life Membership – next Agenda
   11.2 The vice president membership – next Agenda
   11.3 Housekeeper’s Christmas bonus – confidential Minute (with Minute Secretary).*
   11.4 General Emails, Club Mobile – KL agreed to continue until new Secretary appointed.
   11.5 Lottery/Grant Funding – PK to pursue, PB suggested 10% remuneration if/when granted – agreed.
   11.6 Back of Building – PK reports major effort with JD – thanks expressed.
   11.7 Clearing rubbish – MB to continue – agreed.
12 Date/time of next Meeting :
                          Monday 20 October 2014, 1830, Pelton House, Richard Almond Room

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