Directors Meeting: 01/07/2019


Directors Meeting Agenda

Monday 1st July 2019, 18.15, Richard Almond Room, Pelton House

Attended by: S Blewitt, M Bryant, A Cload, L Steuart, J Wheeler, G Willson, A Hustwayte.

1 Apologies for Absence were received from W Penfold, M Woodhams.

2 Minutes of the meetings held on 20th May 2019 were agreed with amendments noted.

3 Matters arising from the minutes.

4 Action Point Update
All Action Points outstanding from the previous meeting were cleared.

5 Officer’s Reports
Further picture frames purchased as agreed and boards cleaned. 5 trophies have been sent for engraving.

AGM is second Sunday in Sept. Papers will need to be issued timely. All officers will need to complete reports by Aug 11th. An email needs to be issued to members seeking nominations for club positions.

Some members still owe fees, though the Committee agreed JW could use his judgement as he saw fit. Bethune made a loss of £1.71 per player, which the club would willingly cover. Andrea Furness was appointed to become our auditor as a replacement for Paul Smith pro bono. It was agreed a small gift would be appropriate. Y/E figures show an excess of £1700, but this was dependant on the cost of outstanding repairs. It was agreed the provision of sandwiches should continue.

Director was absent due to illness.

Premises Officer:
Toilet blocked in ladies, toilet leaking in downstairs flat, and a hole in the downstairs flat bathroom. Kitchen sink is in need of repair, and the water heater in the kitchen needs replacing. It was agreed a plumber should come and look at both issues at the same time if at all possible (Booker and Best). A new premises officer is needed for the forthcoming year. The housing sub-committee will continue with existing members.

Tournament Controller:
Entries for summer tournaments all closed and tournaments up and running. A late player was accepted in the Bradley Martin.

new member Robert Wheeler was accepted by the committee.

Team Captains:
The committee was informed of the outcomes from the MSL AGM.

Another incident was reported at junior club caused by what the tenant considered to be excessive noise in the downstairs playing room. It was agreed that the incident was not helped by lack of adult support.
The following points were agreed:
(1) Junior club would stay upstairs until the after the committee had had the opportunity to consider the situation further.
(2) Noise should be kept to a sensible level.
It was confirmed that the downstairs playing room should only be used when a second tutor was present, when the new term starts.
(3) The sub-committee would contact the tenant to explain the measures we had put in place, and to remind him that should there be an issue in future, he should make contact through the sub-committee in the first instance.
(4) The committee did not accept MB’s resignation as a helper from Junior Club.
GW suggested that the club needs to consider the long term strategy of having a junior club and the way in which the club supports it. It was agreed that this could not be progressed in the absence of MW.