Directors Meeting: 02/07/2018


Minutes: Directors Meeting

Monday 02 July 2018,  18.15,  Richard Almond Room, Pelton House

Present: MBryant, ACload, AHustwayte, KLucas, WPenfold, LSteuart, JWheeler [7]

Member: APenfold

1 Apologies for Absence : none

2 Michael Dean, Elisabeth Lewis : MB advised the Committee of the deaths of Michael and Elisabeth.  One minute silence observed.

3 Minutes of the meeting Tuesday 5th June  2018: agreed, signed/dated by Chairman.

4 Matters arising not already on the Agenda: none

5 Chairman’s Matters
5.1 Framing of pictures: on-going
5.2 AGM: Sunday 09 September 2018, 1430 (agreed).  Reports being prepared.  To MB by 08 August 2018.
5.3 Curtains: still to be done.
5.4 Wobbly Table: still to be done.

6 Secs’ Reports and Correspondence:
Company: nothing new
Club: KL advised several liaison requests received – passed to MB who is replying.

7 Treasurer Report on financial
7.1 Member renewals: still same two to complete payment.
7.2 Budget: nothing new.

8 Premises Officers and Housing Committee Report
8.1 Housekeeper: MB advised will be taking up residence 23 July 2018.
8.2 Outside Sign: awaiting MB in residence.

9 Website: continuing, more to be done

10 Junior chess: about 16/week, going very well, will end of school term.

11 Tournament Controllers Report: Summer Tournaments ‘up-and-running’.

12 Captains Report
12.1 Mid-Sussex: reps attended AGM, new time default – 65 mins + 30 secs/move

13 New members: JW advised interest from Dave who will attend Friday evening.

14 Library: nothing new

15 Time/date next meeting:

Monday 13 August 2018, 1815, RA room, PH

16 Any other business:
16.1 JW reports entry to Kent Summer Quick-Play, first game Wednesday.

Meeting closed 1833