Directors Meeting: 05/05/2015


Minutes of the Directors’ Meeting: Tuesday 05 May 2015, 1830, Pelton House, Richard Almond Room

Present:  Steve Blewitt, Marc Bryant, Jeremy Hudson, Paul Kelly, Bill Penfold, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler [7]

In Attendance: Paul Buswell (acting Secretary), Ken Lucas (Minutes)

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: Con Power

2 Minutes of the Meeting of Tuesday 24 March 2015 (previously circulated) – accepted, signed by the Chairman.

3 Matters arising not already on the agenda
3.1 Live chess match  CP – next Agenda

4 Chairman’s matters
4.1 Richard Almond photo – MB – done/choice b&w, colour Vote: b&w 2, colour 3 , to be displayed by BP.
4.2 Gas meter – MB – £50-£80 to buy, needs professional installation Vote: to progress unanimous.
4.3 Trophy replicas – MB presented Pelton replica to KL.  PK proposed trophies should be taken home – no seconder. MB proposed (seconded SB) – replica for every tournament Vote: for 4, against 1.  Vote: replica to be kept – unanimous.
4.4 Broadband – MB read out various responses – new machine, ‘piggy back’ use.  MB to conduct further investigation.

5 Secretary’s report and correspondence
5.1 New wording for proxies AGM – PB wording as 24/03 Email – agreed plus to show voting intention.
5.2 Auditing accounts – PB awaiting response from Mark Finch.
5.3 Council landlord tax – PB advised private landlords in parts of the town need to register £150 – next Agenda
5.4 Alan Barton talks – list from AB to be sent out.
5.5 Wanstead friendly – PK match captain.
5.6 Bethune – PB – weekend end September now suggested, members to be asked again.

Break 1910-1920

6 Treasurer’s report and financial – JW advised own computer ‘died’ (RIP)
JW expressed concern ‘member in financial difficulties’ – PB explained standing sub-committee for such decisions, MB to replace JD on this sub-committee (unanimous).

7 Premises officer’s report
7.1 Seals for fire door – PK ‘to be done’.
7.2 TV aerial – accidentally cut, PK advised to be fixed tomorrow, NH advised.
7.3 Drain cover – MB cleared drains full of leaves, PK to have covered with grills.

8 Junior chess
8.1 Junior education fund  PB advised to transfer 31 July, correspondence to be exchanged.
8.2 Junior club  PK advised 10/12 children attending each week.

9 Tournament controller
9.1 Report on winter tournaments MB (oboRN) – usual Rush problems.  Championship: JS(7), BC(6.5), JA(5).
Pelton 4x tie (JH/RS/MW/AC) – MB to arrange playoff.
9.2 Summer tournaments – RN will organise.

10 Captains
10.1 Mid Sussex League – AGM coming soon.  Reports: PK(1) draw with Worthing, MB(2) relegated but close matches, GW(3) 5 out of 9, PB(4) – may escape relegation!
10.2 Kent League – Main – Final next Sunday, Intro – lost.
10.3 McArthur cup – Final v Brighton.
10.4 Friendlies – Hastings v Bexhill (Hastings won)/Insurance (won 5/2).

11 Fund raising
11.1 Monthly tournament  MB – advised 3rd now completed and breaking even, average 10 players, JS leading.
11.2 Weekend tournament  JH – MB advised 9 paid entries to date.

12 Membership
12.1 Return of keys  MB – to be done.
12.2 New Members  CP – JW : Ian Calvert, Associate Member – agreed.

13 Time/date next meeting : as agreed previously

Monday 22 June 2015, Pelton House
1815 Special General Meeting
1830 Directors’ Meeting

14  Any other business
14.1 Pelton House documents – MB advised rubbish cleared, pile left for MB/PB to complete sorting.
14.2 MB expressed concern that certain pictures/photos seem to be missing – further investigation.
14.3 MB pointed out that bound copies of BCM only up to 2000 and proposed to buy 6 bound volumes, not yet purchased, PK advised available but not bound.  Vote: for 4, against 1.
14.4 MB advised 4 members not paid ECF.  Vote:  to name, unanimous.  Stricter control next year.
14.5 JH – advised WebSite much improved.  MB to congrat MW.  KL to advise members by Email.

Meeting closed 2001