Directors Meeting: 05/08/2019

Hastings and St Leonards Chess Club Directors Meeting Agenda

Monday 5th August 2019, 18.15, Richard Almond Room, Pelton House

Attended by: S Blewitt, M Bryant, M Woodhams, L Steuart, J Wheeler, G Willson, A Hustwayte.

1 Apologies for Absence were received from W Penfold, A Cload.

2 Minutes of the meetings held on 1st July 2019 were agreed noted.

3 Matters arising from the minutes. All issues covered in the main body of the meeting.

4 Action Point Update: none outstanding.

5 Officer’s Reports

4 further frames had been purchased as agreed. Replica trophies had been purchased. Engraving completed on all trophies. LMS page has been set up to be used for all internal club tournaments, should be ready to go from the start of the winter tournaments.

AGM papers need to be issued no later than 2 weeks prior. Reports need to be sent to MB by 11th August.

A regular donor has asked if there is anything the junior club needs. MW will discuss with JW outside the meeting and get back to her, thanking her for the kind offer.

MW gave a verbal report on the successes during the year, including 3 players getting through to the Giga Finals. Average attendance 16.2 throughout the year, and the new grades show some of our players have shown large improvements. MW may use the board in Butlers Gap during the summer, SB offered to help if available. MW is thinking of doing junior club on 2 nights, with more advanced players coming on Friday ahead of the weekly time handicap tournament (though may need to obtain a grant to achieve this). This was warmly welcomed by the Committee. There was general agreement that the club needs to support the junior club more, for example by encouraging adult players to volunteer helping on an ad hoc basis. MW would consider including this in his report to the AGM.

Premises Officer:
Plumber has unblocked the ladies toilet. Have quoted for the other work totalling £1100 including VAT). As the work is necessary, the Committee agreed to the expenditure.

Tournament Controller:
Only 4 entries for the 10 minute tournament so far.

Team Captains:
We are again into the semi finals of the Kent Summer Quickplay. Match versus GLC was a success despite the result (1.5 – 5.5). MW approached Wood Green to invite them down for a match, but they are unable to raise a team.

a new application had been received from the parent of a junior, Barbara Jack, which was accepted nem con.

MW had created email address for all officers. He would be writing separately on the matter.
MW had identified a stand alone security camera that connected via Wifi, with motion trackers, infra red etc. Cost is £300 each. (DN: please clarify this amount). We would need 2 or 3, which would enable the trophies to be put back on display. All views to the Chairman.
MB provided the Committee with an update on our involvement in the Congress. Following a number of resignations (including all local people on the Congress Committee), we were approached to see if we could assist. A number of club members had agreed to help, and given the situation, had proposed that the Club take an active role in the running of the Congress. The Club Committee agreed nem con with the Chairman’s decision, and it was agreed a proposal be put to the forthcoming AGM, to seek and gain support from the membership. GW agreed to draft a form of words.
Paul B will be running the Roy Bourne Rapidplay on 29th September.

Next meeting: Mon 16th Sept, 6.15 pm.