Directors Meeting: 11/02/2019


Minutes of the directors meeting
Monday the 11th of February 2019
One apologies M Woodhams a Hustwayte b Penfold
chairman matters
4.1Picture framing two new picture frames purchase
4.2Curtain rail purchased but still to be put up
4.3 zero gas resolve £25.00 goodwill gesture was given
4.4 championship board still to do
4.5 club Secretary no offers
4.6 wobbly table still to do
Two second-hand places book case purchase £70
7.1 nearly everybody has payed
7.2 budget an approx. surplus £1900 to date
8.1 amended basement flat agreement given premises officer. For signing by tenant
8.2 baseman rent
housing subcommittee to meet and give recommendation to full committee
8.3 repositioning meters agree
11 tournament Brendan Ruane claimed his game against Varley by walkover
Captains report
12.2.2 allegation concerning the loss of a pen apologies have been received from the club concern
And their match Captain chairman to write to the player concerned expressing disapproval of his comments and state that we will take no further action
12.3 MacArthur cup arranged
13 no new members
14 next meeting 11 March 2019
Meeting closed 19.35