Directors Meeting: 11/03/2019


Minutes of the directors meeting held on the 11th of March, 2019

Apologies Alan Hustwayte Bill Penfold

Minutes of the meeting 11th February accepted

Chairman matters

Picture framing ongoing

Curtains done

Gas zero billing £25.00 goodwill gesture received

Championship board still to

Club Secretary one person Has shown interest

Bethune agreed to except invitation chairman to communicate with French

Wobbly table still to do

library 2 bookcases purchased £70

Treasurer report nothing to report

Premises officers report

Basement flat agreement done but still to be given to tenant.  For signing

Basement rent subcommittee not yet met on this matter

Moving electric meters chairman to investigate

Tournaments Controllers report nothing to report

Match captains report

see website

New members Nothing to report

Time and date of the meeting 8th of April

Any other business

Trophy cabinet agreed for it to be moved

Agreed to purchase first aid kit

Agreed to purchase a computer £100

Agreed to Purchase New water heater


Meeting ended 19.10