Directors Meeting: 12/02/2018


MINUTES of the Directors Meeting
Monday 12th February 18.15 Richard Almond Room, Pelton House

Present: MBryant, ACload, AHustwayte, PKelly, KLucas, WPenfold, LSteuart, JWheeler [8]
Member: APenfold

1 Apologies for Absence: none

2 Minutes of the meeting Monday 15th January 2018 – signed by Chairman as correct.

3 Matters arising not already on the Agenda: none

4 Chairman’s Matters
4.1 Roy Bourne: Funeral well represented by Club. Family have presented a ‘Shield’ (First Rapid Play) and a photograph (Mr&Mrs) to be displayed.
4.2 Framing of pictures: nothing further.
4.3 Curtains rehanging: MB/DC spent some time but already coming down again – waiting to be advised!
4.4 Dordrecht’: next Agenda
4.5 Club cleaning, Club opening: MB advised 4 weeks done, tables/boards polished each week – after some discussion agreed 3hours/week cleaning.
PK to open/shut Club for the time being (£20/month from 01Feb off arrears).

5 Secs’ Reports and Correspondence
Club – nothing
5.1 Director changes: JW advises now done.

6 Treasurer Report on financial
6.1 Member renewals – 3 still only partially paid.
6.2 Budget – new sheet circulated. JW advised only 11K in reserve.

7 Premises Officers Report
7.1 Canvas members suggestions/ideas: no Report, no response.
7.2 up stairs flat – Inspected. MB advised cleaning still going on.
Considerable work/refurbishment to be done depending on future use of this part of the Club, several options suggested and discussed.
7.3 house keeper – after several options considered the Committee decided to continue as previous and advertise for a new Housekeeper. MB to draft notice to membership initially.

8 Website: results updated.

9 Junior chess: continuing. 22/week.

10 Tournament Controllers Report: all fine.

11 Captains Report
11.1 Mid-Sussex – see Website
11.2 Kent – see Website

12 New members: none

13 Library: nothing new.

14 Time/date next meeting: Monday 12 March 1815, RA Room, PH

15 Any other business:
15.1 AH suggested MB consult the ICO Website re data protection changes.