Directors Meeting: 14/09/2015

Minutes of the Directors’ Meeting: Monday 14 September 2015, 1815, Pelton House, Richard Almond Room

Present: Marc Bryant, Adrian Cload, Paul Kelly, Bill Penfold, Lona Steuart [5] Mason Woodhams [6] after 4.1
In Attendance: Ken Lucas (Minutes), Mason Woodhams (WebSite) up to 4.1

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1815

1 Apologies for Absence: Jeremy Hudson, Con Power, Jim Wheeler

2 Minutes of the Meeting of Monday 17 August 2015 (previously circulated) – accepted, signed by the Chairman.

3 Matters arising not already on the agenda –
3.1 PK advised that Keith Hassock was recovering from an operation.
3.2 PK accepted the post of Premises Officer.

4 Election of new directors
4.1 Mason Woodhams – WebSite – Vote: uncontested
4.2 Gary Willson – Junior Director – Vote: uncontested
MB requested PK/GW liaise re Junior Club.

5 Chairman’s matters
5.1 Match Captains
Mid-Sussex League: Team 1 Howard Tebbs, 2 Paul Kelly, 3 Gary Willson, 4 Mason Woodhams
Paul Watson/McArthur Cup – MB seeking entry form.
Kent League: Open Team Ray Brooks, <110 Adrian Cload, MB two other teams to be decided (Fixture Meeting – MB to attend). 5.2 Company Secretary – Paul Kelly volunteered to take this position up to Christmas, to be reviewed after Christmas. Vote: uncontested 5.3 Weekend Tournament – Saturday 31 October/Sunday 01 November, <160, 3 entries so far. 5.4 Evening Tea – MB proposed that ‘evening tea will only be offered by the Housekeeper when there is a gathering (Friday nights, Matches, Meetings, etc.)’. Vote: 5 for, 1 abstention. KL to Email members. MB to display. 5.5 Universal Credit – MB advised that anyone on ‘Universal Credit’ could not be a Company Director. This issue is being investigated. 6 Secretary’s report and correspondence – MB 6.1 Bethune – ‘on-going’ 6.2 Pelton House documents – ‘on-going’ 7 Treasurer’s report and financial – none 8 Premises officer’s report 8.1 Seals for fire door – PK still pressing for original quote at £30/door. 8.2 Back wall – PK advised ‘over next two weeks’. 8.3 Cherry Picker – PK advised ‘happening tomorrow’. 8.4 Ladies Toilet – PK requested KL forward his Email to members. PK will display notice as Email. 9 Junior chess 9.1 Junior Club – GW – none 9.2 PK advised the success of Junior Member Arjun Kolani – top boy in <10 British Championship, selected for England team. PK to liaise with Father re entry on Club WebSite, and possible Hastings Observer interest. 9.3 MW advised interest from Sandown School, will liaise with GW. 10 Tournament controller 10.1 Summer tournaments – MB ‘on-going’. 11 Captains – as 5.1 12 Membership 12.1 New Members CP – MB ‘none known’ 13 Time/date next meeting : Monday 19 October 2015, 1815, Pelton House, Richard Almond Room 14 Any other business 14.1 PK advised Junior Tournament at White Rock, 12 October, 1830 for 1900. 14.2 MW asked about Priory Meadow Simul – advised no organisers. 14.3 WebSite – MW advised ‘access’ has been distributed as requested, GJ to be included, 20 visitors/day. 14.4 Internet Connection – AC advised re previous Committee decisions. The Meeting closed at 1900