Directors Meeting: 17/12/2018


Minutes of the directors meeting
Monday, 17 December 2018 1815 Richard almond room Pelton house

Present A Cload A. Hustwayte K. Lucas L Stewart J Wheeler in attendants S Blewitt M Woodhams

1.1 Mr. Bryant is re-elected unanimously as Chairman which was accepted Mr Bryant was invited to RE joined the committee and to take the Chair
1.2 Woodhams and Blewitt elected to the committee
1.3 Club Secretary the post is now vacant chairman to circulate membership Mr. Lucas leaves committee with committee’s thanks
1.4 Apologies: Bill Penfold

2 minutes of the meeting 5/11/18 – sign as accurate by the chairman

3 Mr. Kelly – this issue now resolved to committee’s satisfaction

4 Library
15 book donated from the estate of Lewis

5 chairman matters
5.1 Picture framing lot done more to do 2 more Picture frame to by purchase
5.2 Hastings’s library done
5.3 curtains three done two to do
5.4 Wobbly table still to be done
5.5 Utilities
Water 800-pound refund
5.5Electricn 3133 pound refunded
5.6 Repositioning meters still to go
5.7 championship board still to do
5.8 Council tax upstairs flat Refund f236 +100% exemption saving the club a total of over E613 pounds

6 Secretary’s report Enquiries up significantly following number change

7 Treasurers Report 3 members still to renew

8 Premises officer
annual gas test done all good fire extinguishers done

a.11 Tournament knockout sented for grading
a.12 Results see website