Directors Meeting: 18/01/2016


Minutes of the Directors Meeting: Monday 18 January 2016 1815, Pelton House, Richard Almond Room

Present: Marc Bryant, Jeremy Hudson, Paul Kelly, Bill Penfold, Lona Steuart,
Jim Wheeler, Mason Woodhams [7]

In Attendance: Ken Lucas (Minutes)

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1815

1 Apologies for Absence: Adrian Cload, Gary Willson

2 Minutes of the Meeting of 08 December 2016 (previously circulated) –
accepted, signed by the Chairman.

3 Matters arising not already on the agenda – none.

4 Library – MB advised still chasing about 90 books and considering new Library Rules.
MW asked if the Library could be opened on a Friday evening, the event moved downstairs, and new books purchased. After some discussion, JW advised £100 in the budget for books, the matter was left for future consideration.

5 Chairman’s matters
5.1 Company Directors – MB advised all forms completed/returned.
5.2 Replicas – MB still to do.
5.3 Weekend Tournament – MB/JH May 6/7 2016 for <195. 5.4 Pelton House documents – MB advised received from PB and sorted. 6 Secretary’s report and correspondence – PK nothing to report. 7 Treasurer’s report and financial 7.1 membership renewals – JW pursuing. 7.2 junior chess fund – JW already sorted. 7.3 JW to bring budget update to next meeting. 8 Premises officer’s report 8.1 Back wall – PK 1 2/3 painted, more paint required plus good weather. 8.2 Council landlord registration – PK advised needs to be done by 26 April, will complete and send 16/17 April. 8.3 BP advised downstairs curtains need re-hanging. 9 Website – MB advised player profiles still to transfer. MW advised more active now and will pursue any issues – posting of match reports etc. BP asked about the continuation of the club on – MW will look into. 10 Junior chess 10.1 Junior Club – MB read out an Email from GW advising that he must withdraw from the Committee and the Juniors due to home/work commitments. MW may be able to take over in 2/3 weeks. MB will try to organise cover until then (possibly GW,MW,AC,DH). 10.2 MW asked if he could pursue a possible Spark equipment grant – agreed. MW also advised 200 PC games donated. 11 Tournament controller 11.1 Tournaments – MB advised all running. MW asked about Rules not displayed. MB to action. 12 Captains 12.1 Mid Sussex league – (for results see WebSite). PK asked if the first team could change their match night – to be considered. Break 1857-1905 12.2 Kent League (for results see WebSite). JH asked if Match Captains could be encouraged to post results promptly. 13 Membership 13.1 New Members – not known. 14 Time/date next meeting – Monday 29 February, 1815, RA Room, PH. 15 Any other business 15.1 Framing of pictures – still to do 15.2 Match chess sets – JW suggested purchase of quality sets just for matches – to consider at end of budget year. 15.3 Xmas party – PK/JH advised very successful, disappointing that 10 of the 30 advised would be coming did not turn up creating a significant loss. MB expressed the Club’s thanks to Mrs Hudson and all the others involved in the event. 15.4 Open evening – PK advised also successful, some members attended along with a group of Lithuanians and others (PK-J Burnett,O Mahoney). 15.5 Congress Equipment – MB advised 96 boards/75 sets/demo boards/clocks available to use. 15.6 Rapid Play 10/01/16 – cancelled as insufficient members registered to play. 15.7 Champion Board – needs up-dating. 15.8 Paris Email – possible match in Hastings. 15.9 HICC – members achievements – next Agenda 15.10 Jerwood Gallery – Bratby Exhibition. The meeting closed at 1946