Directors Meeting: 19/10/2015


Minutes of the Directors’ Meeting: Monday 19 October 2015Monday 19 October 2015, 1815, Pelton House, Richard Almond Room
Present: Marc Bryant, Adrian Cload, Paul Kelly, Bill Penfold, Con Power, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler, Gary Willson, Mason Woodhams [9]
In Attendance: Ken Lucas (Minutes)
The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1815

1 Apologies for Absence: JH The Chairman welcomed Gary Willson to the Committee.

2 Minutes of the Meeting of Monday 14 September 2015 (previously circulated) – accepted, signed by the Chairman.

3 Matters arising not already on the agenda
3.1 Museum Display – dropped from Agenda due to Museum disinterest.

4 Chairman’s matters
4.1 Company Directors – MB passed blank forms to new Directors for completion.
4.2 Company Secretary – PK agreed to continue until after Christmas. MB advised PB will continue if required.
4.3 Weekend Tournament – MB advised entries coming in slowly.
4.4 Council landlord registration – MB to investigate further.
4.5 Roy Bourne – MB advised now back to duties following a short period of illness.
4.6 Replicas – MB to purchase as required – agreed.

5 Secretary’s report and correspondence
PK advised no correspondence. Contact list corrected – MB thanked PK for his efforts.
5.1 Bethune – JW reported ‘lavish’ meals/entertainment as usual. Both matches won by HCC.
5.2 Pelton House documents – MB still liaising with PB.
5.3 Minutes – KL to continue to ‘take the Minutes’, draft to MB and PK.

6 Treasurer’s report and financial
6.1 membership renewals – JW reports ‘coming in steadily’.
6.2 membership cards – JW suggested permanent cards, will investigate. MB proposed no membership card issue this year. Vote: 5 for, 1 against.

7 Premises officer’s report
7.1 Back wall – PK advised now restored – pointing, cracks filled – and front door repair. PK proposed to paint with masonry paint. Vote: uncontested. PK will do, either in next two weeks, or in the Spring, depending on the weather, for £80. Vote: uncontested.
7.2 Cherry Picker – PK reports plant growth removed, drilled out, poisoned, also gutter cleared, render on chimney stack, work for neighbour.

8 Junior chess
8.1 Junior Club – GW – reports books purchased and distributed (sale or return). GW would like to expand into weekend morning and additional activities but needs volunteers. GW advised new Child Protection Policy coming requiring less stringent checks.

9 WebSite – MW – asked if we should renew both domains – agreed. Access now extended and instructions given.

10 Tournament controller
10.1 Summer tournaments – MB (oboRN) virtually completed. Winter tournaments being sorted.

11 Captains
11.1 Mid Sussex league – MB advised no matches played as yet but starting very soon.
11.2 Kent League – MB advised 3 matches played, results on WebSite.
11.3 Friendly – MB advised friendly with Bexhill was lost.

Break 1905-1914

12 Membership
12.1 New Members CP
Ben Power, Junior Member, £20. Vote: uncontested.
12.2 Junior Member subsidy – after some discussion it was agreed to ‘be sympathetic to needy’.

13 Time/date next meeting: Monday 23 November 2015, 1815, Richard Almond Room, Pelton House

14 Any other business
14.1 MW advised free software available from Microsoft for Directors of a Charity – agreed to accept.
14.2 GW pointed out the painting of Golombek (belonging to ECF) on display.
14.3 MW asked if the other picture could be framed – agreed.
14.4 MB explained that Bexhill Chess Club must relocate. After some discussion it was agreed to offer to assist with accommodation if required.
14.5 MB proposed that matches be held in the upper room to avoid tea being carried down the stairs – agreed.
14.6 MB advised 40+ books overdue in Library – next Agenda.

The meeting closed at 1950