Directors Meeting: 20/05/2019


Directors Meeting Agenda

Monday 20th May 2019, 18.15, Richard Almond Room, Pelton House

Attended by: S Blewitt, M Bryant, A Cload, L Steuart, J Wheeler, G Willson, M Woodhams.

1 Apologies for Absence were received from W Penfold, A Hustwayte.

2 Minutes of the meetings held on 11th March 2019 and 8th April 2019 were agreed with amendments noted.

3Matters arising not already on the Agenda: New Club Secretary election of Mr Willson to Committee.
G Willson had volunteered to become club secretary, and to be a director of the company.

4 Chairman’s Matters
Trophy cabinet: MB had moved the trophy cabinet, but now needed a decision on where it should be relocated.  It was agreed there was more space in the main playing room.
AP 010519/01: 
MW and GW to work together to present proposals on the location of the trophy cabinet.
Framing of pictures: MB is continuing work as agreed.
Championship Board: it was agreed to get the Club Championship board updated professionally.  A figure of £200 would be a reasonable figure.
AP 010519/02:
JW and MW to investigate the updating of the Championship Board using Towners.
Bethune: the trip was considered a great success by the 10 players who took part.  JW had already written to thank the hosts for their hospitality.  They will be visiting us in 2021.
Wobbly and Squeak table: this remains outstanding.
Water heater in kitchen: this remains outstanding.

5 Library
Nothing to report.

6 Secretaries Reports and Correspondence
JW needs to update Director’s personal details with Companies House, in hand.  GW will consider format and process for meeting agendas, minutes, etc.

7 Treasurer Report
JW provided an update on those members paying their membership fees in instalments, in hand.

Budget: AP 010519/03
JW to provide a budget report for the next meeting.
JW has got some new keys cut at a cost of £9 each.  It was agreed these should be loaned out to members on receipt of a £10 deposit.

Member renewals: one member has decided not to renew as he is unhappy at only getting selected for away games.

8 Premises Officers and Housing Committee Report
Agreement for basement flat: a revised has been issued to the tenant, no response received.
AP 010519/04
AC to write to PK to confirm the contract with revised wording is now deemed as in force.
Repairs to downstairs flat: tap on sink is fixed, remaining issues on-going.

9 Website
Website is being updated on a regular basis.  GW pointed out our obligations under GDPR concerning official emails.
AP010519/05  GW and MW to consider providing officers with official email addresses and report back to the next meeting.

10 Junior chess
MW had been ill for a few weeks, and temporary cover was arranged.  Was now back.
4 students have not returned since PK’s outburst, though no formal complaints had been made.  MW had dealt with all issues informally and, as far as he was aware, to the parent’s satisfaction.
Will Cobb was playing regularly in the Tom Fuller, and had qualified for the UKCC Giga Final.
2 children were having to leave because parent’s work permits running out.

11 Tournament Controllers Report
Notices had been posted inviting entrants to the summer tournaments.

12 Captains Report
Mid Sussex: the first team beat Horsham and drew with Worthing in the final game, winning the Div 1 title.  The second team maintained midtable credibility in the same division.  The third team were relegated in a relatively strong Div 2, but the fourth team came second in Div 3 and gained promotion.
Kent: The 3 teams who played in the finals performed creditably, but all ultimately lost.  All matches went down to the final boards in close games.

13 New members
A junior Chrissy Parry was formally agreed as a member.  It was agreed he should only pay £2.50 for the current year.

14 Time/date next meeting
Monday 1st July 2019 at 6.15 in the Richard Almond Room.

15 Any other business
Paul Buswell’s rapid play: to go ahead as advertised, we will provide refreshments and donate £25.
Alan Barton artistry of chess: as per email recently circulated.  MB has agreed to provide refreshments.
Mid-Sussex League AGM: a notice had been put on the MSL website.  It was agreed we should send 4 representatives as entitled, and we should agree a recommendation to retain the existing time controls.
Hastings International Chess Congress: it was agreed that we would consider providing assistance if requested to do so.
ECF membership; one player had played more than 3 games for the club
AP 010519/06 GW to renew NV’s bronze membership and report to JW for reimbursement