Directors Meeting: 22/06/2015


Minutes of the Directors’ Meeting: Monday 22 June 2015 Directors’ 1830, Pelton House, Richard Almond Room

Present:  Marc Bryant, Jeremy Hudson, Paul Kelly, Bill Penfold, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler [6]

In Attendance: Paul Buswell (acting Secretary), Ken Lucas (Minutes), Alfred Mikurenda (Member)

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: None

2 Minutes of the Meeting of Tuesday 05 May 2015 (previously circulated) – accepted, signed by the Chairman.

3 Matters arising not already on the agenda – none

4 Chairman’s matters
4.1 BCMS – still to do.
4.2 Gas meter – still to do.
4.3 Broadband – MB reported BT unlimited quoted as £12-£15/month. JW – costs still rising.  BP (JH) proposed broadband be abandoned – Vote: 3 for, 0 against.  KL to Email/notice members.

5 Secretary’s report and correspondence – PB
5.1 Auditing accounts – still awaiting response from Mark Finch.
5.2 Council landlord tax – advised private landlords in parts of the town need to register October 2015, list of requirements passed to PK, still unclear on implications for charities.
5.3 Bethune – Team (very strong), 5 Hastings, 1 Bexhill, possibly 3 more – to go ahead.

6 Treasurer’s report and financial – JW distributed budget sheet (to discuss after break).

7 Premises officer’s report
7.1 Seals for fire door – PK ‘to be done’.
7.2 Drain cover – MB to purchase 2 grills.
7.3 Back wall – PK reports 2 quotes – £350 and £350/400, pointing and odds/ends at front.  Vote: 4 for, 0 against
7.4 Weed has re-grown – MB to consider options.
7.5 Ladies toilet blocked after weekend tournament – now cleared.

8 Junior chess
8.1 Junior club – PK advised  normal summer decline in attendance.

9 Tournament controller
9.1 Summer tournaments – MB (RN) ‘up and running’.

10 Captains
10.1 Mid Sussex League – AGM tomorrow.
10.2 Kent League – nothing.
10.3 McArthur cup – Lost to Brighton.

11 Fund raising
11.1 Monthly tournament – MB reported last event cancelled as insufficient entries.
11.2 Weekend tournament – JH/MB 27 entries, won by PK, profit £215 for Club, PB offered congratulations.
3 more planned with different grading limits (next September).  Vote: 3 for, 0 against.

12 Membership
12.1 MB – Jake O’Connell Janitch, Junior. Derek Harvey, Full Member. – next year subscription to pay.
Vote: (both) 5 for, 0 against.

Break 1906-1916

6 (Continued):
JH – sale of books ? Possible stand at Club’s next weekend tournament.
PB – the unspent Bethune budget from last year to be re-instated.
JH – Weekend tournament profit £400 to be included in Budget.
MB – Computer/Website now reduced.
JW – Gas Meter is contribution income from housekeeper and basement flat.
JH – Club promotion – various costs: advertising, flyers etc.

13 Time/date next meeting :         Monday 27 July 2015, Pelton House
1830  Richard Almond Room

14  Any other business
14.1 Pelton House documents – PB advised  be done’.
14.2 Website – keeping the website up-to-date considered too much for one person and a small group, under the direction of MW, was proposed.  MB to discuss with MW.
14.3 HICC – Quote from ECF WebSite : ‘The English Chess Federation and the Tradewise Insurance Company are pleased to announce that Tradewise have agreed generous funding to assist English chess. The Hastings International Chess Congress, the world’s oldest tournament, to continue as a fixture in English chess heritage.’
14.4 E-cigs – PK proposed the use of to be banned within the building (seconded MB).  PB suggested that as no harm was as yet proved it should not be banned.  KL suggested that if anything that might be a potential risk of future harm would be banned this could include: deodorant, dry-cleaned clothes, people coming back from travel abroad, etc. Vote: 2 for, 3 against.
14.5 Junior Fund ‘wind up’ document.  Vote: 5 for, 0 against.  JW to sign on-behalf-of the Club.
14.6 Pelton play-off won by A Cload