Directors Meeting: 23/02/2015


Minutes of the Directors’ Meeting: Monday 23 February 2015, 1830, Pelton House, Richard Almond Room

Present: Marc Bryant, Paul Kelly, Bill Penfold, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler [5]

In Attendance: Paul Buswell (acting Secretary), Ken Lucas (Minutes)

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: Steve Blewitt, Jeremy Hudson, Con Power

17 Date/time next meeting: Tuesday 24 March 2015, 1830, Pelton house, Richard Almond Room

2 Minutes of the Meeting of Monday 19 January 2015 (previously circulated) – accepted, signed by the Chairman.

3 Matters arising not already on the agenda
3.1 Museums display JH – no action
3.2 Live chess match CP – no action
3.3 Bethune PB – advised possibly 6 or 7. Agreed minimum of 6 players.
3.4 Richard Almond photo BP – will have done by next meeting.

4 New company
4.1 Transfer meeting date PB – Special GM of the company required . Agreed Monday 22 June 2015, 1815
before Directors’ Meeting at 1830.

5 Chairman’s matters
5.1 Membership cards and door lock MB – Membership cards distributed, possible front door card entry still being investigated.
5.2 Surveyor’s Bill MB – Letter (read out) sent to Surveyor 23/01/15 – no response.
5.3 New Secretary MB – No expression of interest. PB Email outlining duties.
PB report of progress. General discussion on ‘company’ future.
5.4 Trophy replicas MB -‘in hand’.

6 Secretary’s report and correspondence
6.1 Unauthorised opening of post PB – no action required.
6.2 New wording for proxies AGM PB – will have in time for AGM. MB requested sooner so time to discuss.
6.3 PB advised that ‘Committee Meeting’ should now be ‘Directors’ Meeting’ of Hastings and St Leonards Chess Club Ltd..

7 Treasurer’s report and financial
7.1 Criteria for next budget JW – distributed sheet showing past/present/future budget/spending – to be discussed at next meeting – next Agenda.

8 Premises officer’s report
8.1 Surveyor’s report PK – no action
8.2 Seals for fire door PK – delay as previous, will chase.
8.3 Metal front door strip PK – to be included in step repair, early March.
8.4 Down stairs lock PK – waiting on locksmith.
PK reports: rubbish at the back of the building cleared, Basement Flat hallway light repair (MB), downstair light replacement needed.

9 Junior chess
9.1 Junior education fund PB – awaiting response from Con Power.

Break 1900-1910

PK proposed free membership for new Secretary. Vote: 2 for, 2 against, Chairman casting vote as status quo
– MB suggested this proposal be re-considered when a fuller compliment present.

9.2 Junior club PK – two young girls very promising. GM J Emms rates: go to him in Tonbridge £45/hour.

10 Tournament controller
10.1 Report on winter tournaments RN (PB) – Championship: one player withdrawn (health), one player games completed. Pelton: two games behind schedule. Rush: a Junior well behind and others also behind – RN to chase. – next Agenda

11 Captains
11.1 Mid Sussex League – 1st Team (PK) – 3-2 win over Crowborough. 2nd Team (MB) – no new results.
11.2 Kent League – Intro team (MB) – won 2, lost 1. 1st Team beat Rainham 4-2.
11.3 McArthur cup – Beat Horsham 4.5 to 1.5.
11.4 Friendlies – (PB) – v Insurance postponed.

12 Fund raising
12.1 Monthly tournament MB – ‘a good time’, concern re recording moves up to last 5 mins so intended to change the rule to, a player with 5 min or less, may insist on his opponent recording the game, but this request must be made prior to the game.
12.2 Raffle BP – insufficient numbers yet to make viable.
12.3 Weekend tournament JH – MB read out proposal. Vote to proceed: unanimous.

13 Library – nothing new.

14 Club opening hours – PB reported very poor response to Email enquiry, not conclusive. MB proposal to close at 7.00pm if nobody present. Vote: 1 for, 3 against.

15 Membership – MB reported on results of chasing subscriptions.
15.1 Return of keys MB – to be done.
15.2 New Members CP – none reported. – next Agenda

16 Any other business
16.1 Honorary life members – AGM
16.2 Vice president membership – next Agenda
16.3 Matters for AGM – life membership – AGM
16.4 Summer Tournaments – PB to seek Tournament Controller.
16.5 KL proposed selling the Silver Cups. PB advised a matter for the AGM. – next Agenda
16.6 MB in process of re-arranging downstair playing room to create more space. KL to produce a ‘sign’ requesting sufficient space on table by door be left clear for the Tea Tray. – next Agenda
16.7 PB seeking all the papers/documents/etc. from Pelton House Ltd to be securely preserved.

17 Time/date next meeting (see after item 1)

The meeting closed at 1958