Directors Meeting: 27/07/2015


Minutes of the Directors’ Meeting: Monday 27 July 2015, 1830, Pelton House, Richard Almond Room

Present: Marc Bryant, Paul Kelly, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler [4]

In Attendance: Paul Buswell (acting Secretary), Ken Lucas (Minutes), Mason Woodhams (Member)

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Joe Blake – the Chairman reported the sad death, remembering his long membership and pleasant manner.
The assembled stood in silence for one minute in memory.

2 Apologies for Absence: Jeremy Hudson

3 Minutes of the Meeting of Monday 22 June 2015 (previously circulated) – accepted, signed by the Chairman.

4 Matters arising not already on the agenda – none

5 Chairman’s matters
5.1 BCMS – MB reported had placed an order 3 weeks ago and would chase.
5.2 Gas meter – still to do.
5.3 Broadband – MB reported now cancelled, members informed.
5.4 Drain covers – both now in place.
5.5 Weed – MB reported that easy access was not possible and either scaffolding or a ‘cherry picker’ would be needed. PK to investigate scaffolding costs, PB similar ‘cherry picker’.
5.6 Web Site – MW invited to report: the Site is now in a new domain ‘’ and had been updated. There is now a ‘content management system’ allowing various degrees of access for several members. There is still considerable content on the old site needing transfer to the new. Between 4 and 35 visits/day being made with a peak of 107. It was agreed that JH and GW should have significant access to assist MW, and with MB also having some limited access.

6 Secretary’s report and correspondence – PB
6.1 Auditing accounts – the need to ‘examine’ or ‘audit’ for the AGM was discussed. Further investigation to determine to be done.
6.2 Council landlord tax – PB advised that ‘it all happens in October!’
6.3 Bethune – Team of 8 (+2 partners) to go.
6.4 Pelton House documents – ‘on going’.
6.5 Sussex Chess News – PB had sent a contribution obo the Club.

7 Treasurer’s report and financial – JW
7.1 E Grimstead £150 donation received along with an offer to fund any Junior Prize.

8 Premises officer’s report
8.1 Seals for fire door – PK quote of £40/door received, still awaiting original offer to be fulfilled.
8.2 Back wall – PK reports will be done at some time during the summer.
8.3 Clocks damaged – PK reported that some clocks had been damaged due to a faulty shelf.

9 Junior chess
9.1 Junior club – PK advised last session 08 July, resume early September.
9.2 GW has generously donated his tutor fees back to the Club.

10 Tournament controller
10.1 Summer tournaments – MB (RN) ‘up and running’.
10.2 MB suggested that the results sent for grading should be done at the completion of each tournament.
JW agreed to collate and send at the ‘correct’ date unless another member would volunteer.

Break 1900-1907

11 Captains
MB proposed that members should decide before/during the AGM and only those tournaments having a Match Captain will be entered.

12 Fund raising
12.1 Monthly tournament – MB reported cancelled as insufficient interest.
12.2 Weekend tournament – 3 more being planned with different grading limits.

13 Membership
13.1 none known.

14 Time/date next meeting : Monday 17 August 2015, Pelton House
1815 Richard Almond Room AGM matters
Please note change of time.

15 Any other business
15.1 MW reported the visit of GM Daniel King and asked if his photo record could be displayed – agreed.

The Meeting closed at 1923