Directors’ Meeting: Tuesday 24 March 2015

Minutes of the Directors’ Meeting: Tuesday 24 March 2015, 1830, Pelton House, Richard Almond Room
Present:  Marc Bryant, Jeremy Hudson, Paul Kelly, Bill Penfold, Con Power, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler [7]
In Attendance: Paul Buswell (acting Secretary), Ken Lucas (Minutes)
The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1823
1 Apologies for Absence: Steve Blewitt
2 Minutes of the Meeting of Monday 23 February 2015 (previously circulated) – accepted, signed by the Chairman.
3 Matters arising not already on the agenda
  3.1  Museums  display  JH – October Agenda
  3.2  Live chess match  CP – ‘in hand’, no date yet fixed
  3.3  Bethune  PB – unclear, dates not fixed, awaiting response from Bethune  
  3.4  Richard Almond photo  BP – photo lost, MB to re-send
4 Time/date next meeting: Tuesday 05 May 2015, 1830, Pelton House, Richard Almond Room  
5 Chairman’s matters
  5.1  Door lock – working, nfa
  5.2  New Secretary MB – No expression of interest. 
  5.3  Trophy replicas MB – on order, MB to collect from Wisdoms
6 Secretary’s report and correspondence
  6.1 New wording for proxies AGM PB – next Agenda
7 Treasurer’s report and financial
  7.1  Budget 2015/2016 – (sheet distributed last meeting, updated sheet distributed)
         Questions: JW – Broadband excess £59.80, now costing about £450/year, suggest cease use.
                           MB to investigate cheaper alternatives.  KL to Email members requesting thoughts/opinions.
                           JW reported Council Tax £759/year.  PK considered gas use in basement flat at £250 was low
                           – MB to investigate cost of internal meter to ascertain actual usage higher or lower.
                            PB asked about budget for housekeeper honorarium being lower than last year. To budget as
                            last year – Vote: 4 for, 1 against.  PB to contact Mark Finch re auditing accounts.
                            MB enquired about the £150 donation – advised Grimstead, Bethune – advised every two years
                            and costing only when hosted.  JH commented that Tournament costs not in budget.
                            To approve budget – Vote: unanimous.
 7.2  To approve zero accounts of Limited Company – Vote: unanimous.
8 Premises officer’s report
  8.1 Seals for fire door PK – ‘man to do’ now unwilling – next Agenda
                                                       Break 1903-1913
  8.2 Metal front door strip  PK – step replaced (very good), quote requested for further work.  LS asked if all the
         steps could be as the new step.
  8.4 Down stairs lock – MB reports working OK now.                
 9 Junior chess
   9.1 Junior education fund  PB – sponsorship from Congress dependent on HBC grant.  Hastings Chess Club to
          take over the Junior Education Fund  (ring-fenced for Junior use), proposed PK, seconded BP.
          Vote: 5 for, 0 against.
   9.2 Junior club  PK – numbers very good (~14/week)
10 Tournament controller
  10.1 Report on winter tournaments MB (obo RN) reported some confusion over Kia, now sorted.
  10.2 Summer Tournament – MB to seek Summer Tournament Controller/Organiser
11 Captains                  
  11.1 Mid Sussex League – 1st Team (PK) – draw with Horsham 2, Worthing away to be played.
          2nd Team (MB) – danger of relegation!
          3rd Team – last nights match reported.
          4th Team – none played.
  11.2 Kent League – Intro team (MB) – lost  3-1 to Medway.  1st Team beat Tunbridge Wells 5-1, now in final 10 May.
  11.3 McArthur cup – Final 23 May.
  11.4 Friendlies – (PB) – v Insurance 25 April, v Bexhill <140 19 April.     12 Fund raising   12.1 Monthly tournament  MB – this Sunday.   12.2 Raffle  BP – still insufficient numbers yet to make viable.   12.3 Weekend tournament  JH – MB read out entry form: 30/31 May, <180.  Vote to proceed: unanimous.           JH – need for publicity, web-site.  KL to Email members to advise playing space not available over this           weekend.    13 Membership    13.1 Return of keys  MB – still to be done.     13.2 New Members  CP – Alan Barton – Vote: not contested.            KL (and others) requested an electronic copy of the up-to-date membership list.    14  Any other business    14.1 Honorary life members – off Agenda    14.2 Vice president membership – off Agenda    14.3 Matters for AGM – life membership – off Agenda     14.4 Selling the silver cups or letting winners take home or as we are – BP advised how a cup was lost due to            being taken home.  Proposed (PK) to sell, seconded JH, Vote: 2 for, 4 against.    14.5 Pelton House documents – MB reported collected and safe.    14.6 Downstairs tea sign – KL reported done    14.7 HICC – Con Power has stepped down as Director, awarded ECF honour and life platinum membership, MB            expressed the thanks of the Club.  HBC grant reduced to 50% this year and 0% thereafter.                                                                                                                                         The meeting closed at 20.07  

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