ECF Council

Dear ECF Member

This is an invitation to you to consider the possibility of standing for election to the ECF Council that is responsible for setting the organisation’s budget and membership fees and which elects the Board that runs the organisation. It is made up of representatives of the unions, counties, chess leagues, chess congresses and other chess organisations. In addition there are places reserved for individual members (technically called ‘direct’ members to distinguish them from organisations).

For the purpose of the election of Representatives, Direct Members are grouped into the following five categories –
(a) Honorary Life Vice Presidents, Honorary Life Members and Life Members
(b) Gold Members and Gold Junior Members
(c) Silver Members and Silver Junior Members
(d) Bronze Members and Bronze Junior Members
(e) Platinum Members

Each of these five categories is entitled to elect two Representatives. Applications are sought among the five categories of membership . If there are more than two applications in any category, a first two past the post election will be held in that category in accordance with instructions to be issued by the Board. Elected representatives serve for a year, normally from August until the following July, although this year we are regrettably running a little late because of some global difficulties. Elected representatives can stand for re-election at the end of their term of office.

Representatives are members of Council, must be Direct Members (but not necessarily in the category for which they are elected), and remain Direct Members throughout their period of office.

Direct members’ representatives have the responsibility to consult with members in their category of membership and to represent both the views and the interests of that category in meetings of the Council. This is achieved principally through an email sent to members before Council meetings and this email normally offers the opportunity for members to reply to their representative. Council normally meets twice a year (in April and October) and reasonable expenses can be reclaimed.  Obviously this year we may not be able to meet in person but in that case ‘Zoom’ internet meetings will take place instead.

To be eligible, applications must be received at the ECF Office Email: on or before Friday 31 July 2020. Direct members may self nominate and do not require any seconders.

Do not be shy about coming forward – the intention is that the post should be open to ordinary members without necessarily any other chess credentials: you do not need to be an organiser, an arbiter, a grader, a club chairman or even a team captain. Just a willingness to read up on the papers before the meetings, present the major issues to other members and take note of the feedback. Council has its excitements and controversy but at a personal level is very open.  You will find yourself welcomed in, as I did when, with no chess standing, I served as a Silver members’ rep some four years ago (retiring from that role a year ago). It’s not for everyone but if your interest as been raised by reading this do give it serious consideration. I shall be happy to talk to anyone seriously considering standing.

Michael Farthing, Chair of Council