French chess

Well folks – thanks for playing yesterday, and especial thanks to Jim and Andrew for driving – it wouldn’t be possible without the drivers.

Not that we that well at the board. In fact it was a pretty disappointing day for chess.  Rasa and John picked up women’s and veterans’ prizes respectively but even they weren’t at the top of their form.  Maybe we ought not to have been in the pub at 9 a.m our time.  Maybe we ought not to have been in the pub at lunchtme.

Cross-table here:

Still waiting for yesterday’s photos to go up on their Facebook page.

Money:  I’ll be in touch individually shortly about settling up – still too knackered now.

Next events.

Sunday 23 July Boulogne.  Only been there once before, I’ve only just noticed it.  Might be about £15 each more than usual as it’s peak Tunnel fares.

Sunday 3 September Bourbourg,  Might be about £10 each more than usual as it’s semi-peak fares (last weekend of school hols).  NB this is the date of the Hastings club’s AGM, and I wouldn’t want to encourage anyone with duties there to do France instead.

If there is any interest in the two above I’d like to know by end of next week latest please, get a booking in before the fares get even worse.

Saturday 11 November Grande-Synthe.   Armistice Day so not the usual Sunday.  Cheap Tunnel fares available.