Monday 23 November 2015

Minutes of the Directors’ Meeting: Monday 23 November 2015, 1815, Pelton House, Richard Almond Room
Present:  Marc Bryant, JH, Paul Kelly, Bill Penfold, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler, Mason Woodhams [6]
In Attendance: Ken Lucas (Minutes)
The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1815
1 Apologies for Absence: none
2 Minutes of the Meeting of Monday 19 October 2015 (previously circulated) – accepted, signed by the Chairman.
3 Matters arising not already on the agenda: none
4 Battle of Hastings Books to be sold via Hastings Tourist Information Centre: Aquila House.  MW has arranged sale or return, 30% commission.
5 Chairman’s matters
5.1 Company Directors: MB advised LS still to sign, GW to be followed-up.
5.2 Replicas: MB in process of sorting.
5.3 Weekend Tournament: MB advised the last made a loss of £47.10, next 7/8 May 2016.
5.4 Council landlord registration: MB advised that as a Charity need to register but not pay.  There are some
conditions – passed to PK.
5.5 Pelton House documents: MB still to collect from PB.
6 Secretary’s report and correspondence: PK advised ‘nothing of note’.
7 Treasurer’s report and financial
7.1 membership renewals: MB advised most have renewed, reminders sent by Email to those not yet renewed.
Not renewing: RW, PB, NH (health), MS (changes in Congress discounts).
7.2 junior chess fund: JW confirms monies received (£1337.36 advised by PB Email).
7.3 Budget: JW distributed new sheet – to discuss towards end of meeting.
8 Premises officer’s report
8.1 Back wall: PK advised ‘waiting on good weather’.
8.2 PK -Front Door nut tightened by DC.
8.3 Door seals – PK ‘waiting on someone to do at an acceptable price’.
9 Website: MW reports – being updated and pictures added. JH to make some adjustments. Domain fees paid. 30 hits/day.
10 Junior chess
10.1 Junior Club – GW – none.
11 Tournament controller
11.1 Tournaments: MB(RN) Summer completed. Winter ‘up and running’.
12 Captains
12.1 Mid Sussex league: 1st-draw with Horsham, 2nd-matches to come, 3rd-beat Horsham4, 4th-lost Brighton3.
12.2 Kent League: RBteam won v Rainham, Stereman lost2,draw1, won1, EnPassant won v Swale, Maidstone, lost v
Tunbridge Wells, Harvey lost v Weald of Kent.
Break 1845-1856
13 Membership
13.1 New Members  CP – none
MB – Alfredo Luaces     V-not contested.
14 Library: MB advised 40 books overdue.  After much discussion it was agreed MB would request members
showing as having an overdue book to check/return/advise MB.
MW donated a DVD player.
15 Time/date next meeting: Monday 18 January 2016, 1815, Richard Almond Room, Pelton House
16  Any other business
16.1 Framing of pictures: MW still to measure.
16.2 MW donated a childs chess set to the Club.
16.3 Christmas Party: PK/JH to organise.  JH food – budget £75+£3/head(£1.50 Juniors). Sunday 20 December 1300
16.4 MW has GM photos to display – agreed.
16.5 MW will put free software from Microsoft on Club Computer (also advised TTexchange gives other companies).
16.6 MW attended ‘Lets do business’ – info leaflets collected.
16.7 MB advised £50 anonymous donation to the Club.
16.8 McArthur Cup – do we enter ? – advisory V no1 yes3.  Decision with BC – agreed.
16.9 MW asked if the Club should put on an event during the HICC.  PK will organise an Open Evening.
The Meeting closed at 1936
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