Sub-Committee First Meeting: 03/04/2018



At the full committee meeting of 12th March 2018 item 7.3 :-
house keeper: Notice asking Club Members (to 18 March).
The Committee decided to appoint a Sub-Committee to make the decisions as some members of the Committee have an interest.

Sub-Committee: ACload, JWheeler, SBlewitt, BCafferty (if agrees).

First meeting of Sub Committee for use of Upper Flat, Tuesday 3rd April 2018. 18.00hrs  R. Almond Rm, Pelton House

Present: A. Cload, J.Wheeler, B.Cafferty, S. Blewitt

  1. The first role of the Sub committee is to appoint a new housekeeper for the upper flat as agreed at committee meeting. Two applicants have applied for the post, M.Bryant and P.Kelly
  2. Both applicants were invited to attend for interview. P.Kelly was interviewed first
  3. PK interview at 18.15hrs. PK said he was interested in the flat and would share the work with a Mr A. Goss from London and had some requirements for the flat including a new toilet, carpet and painting
  4. MB was interviewed at 18.25hrs. MB had provided an application letter and said he realised there would be a conflict of interest as chairman but the sub committee had been formed to avoid any conflict. MB said he was keen to keep the club clean and help set up with matches and special occasions, opening and locking although sometimes the club would be unlocked earlier than 1pm due to other work commitments. MB said he didn’t need a lot doing to the flat apart from a new lock and light by the door and the toilet has a leak.
  5. The Sub Committee discussed the applications and took a vote which was carried 4-0 in favour of M. Bryant
  6. Both applicants were informed of the decision at the end of the meeting. MB agreed a date of 1st June 2018 to start the role. A contract to be drawn up and agreed by both parties.