Bradley Martin

Post by simon on Mar 4, 2005 at 9:39am
Club President from 1907-1910.

A distinguished and wealthy American lawyer, he spent a considerable amount of time in this country on business and pleasure. He was a great admirer of Hastings Chess Club and gladly accepted an invitation to become its President. Resigned after 3 years because of increasing preoccupation with his business affairs in the United States. He died on 5th February 1913 aged 72.

Some additional info supplied by Brian Denman.

”There is a reference to Bradley Martin in the Hastings and St Leonards Observer of 2.10.1937, where it is stated that he lived for a number of years in Earl Willingdon’s house. Chris Ravilious lives in Willingdon, Eastbourne and he supplied me with some information about the manor house and the lord living in it (the title of Earl may be wrong in this case). Lord Willingdon was Freeman Freeman-Thomas (N.B. a strange name!) and he lived at Ratton House situated to the north of Willingdon on the Downs. His wife was a daughter of Lord Brassey, which gives him a Hastings connection. He may have been like a squire to the local people and it is uncertain in what capacity Bradley Martin stayed there. The house no longer exists, as it was destroyed by fire during WW2 during its use as an army base.”

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