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Sixth Hastings Weekend Congress


6th Hastings U99 U199
1 2 3 4 5
2 martin cutmore folkstone 173 B11 1 W8 2 B3 2.5 W1 3.5 B9 4.5
3 paul kelly hastings 169 W12 1 B5 2 W2 2.5 B4 3.5 W8 4.5
1 tobias stock broadstairs 178 W9 1 B4 1.5 W7 2.5 B2 2.5 B10 3
4 Jerry Anstead tun/Wells 165 B13 1 W1 1.5 B10 2 W3 2 B7 3
6 Russell goodfellow tun/Wells 159 W18 0 B13 1 W9 1 W12 2 B11 3
9 Mathew Britnell Lewes 149 B1 0 W14 1 B6 2 W5 3 W2 3
10 Adrain Cload hastings 132 ByE .5 B12 1.5 W4 2 B8 2.5 W1 3
5 Brendan Ruane hastings 160 ByE .5 W3 .5 B14 1.5 B9 1.5 W16 2.5
8 Laurence Butt Eastbourne 151 W16 1 B2 1 B18 2 W10 2.5 B3 2.5
14 Paul Buswell hastings 111 W7 .5 B9 .5 W5 .5 B16 1.5 W13 2.5
7 David Heath Maidstone 151 B14 .5 W17 1.5 B1 1.5 B11 2 W4 2
11 Jonathan Britnell Lewes 125 W2 0 B16 0.5 B17 1.5 W7 2 W6 2
12 William stock Rainham 114 B3 0 W10 0 W13 1 B6 1 B17 2
18 Marc Bryant hastings 140 B6 1 Bye 1.5 W8 1.5
13 Bill Upton South Norwood 113 W4 0 W6 0 B12 0 W17 1 B14 1
16 Patrice Tourner hastings 58 B8 0 W11 0.5 Bye 1 W14 1 B5 1
17 Lona Steuart hastings 0 ByE .5 B7 0.5 W11 0.5 B13 0.5 W12 0.5
martin cutmore 1st= £80.00
paul kelly 1st= £80.00
tobias stock 3rd= £15.00
Jerry Anstead 3rd=+g/p £15.00
Russell goodfellow 3rd=+g/p £15.00
Mathew Britnell 3=+g/p £15.00
Adrain Cload 3rd=+g/p £15.00
Paul Buswell G/p £25.00
Carlsen v Giri mate in 3




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17th APRIL, 2017

2:00 p.m. CLOCKS START(arrive and pay by 1:45 p.m.)

7 Round Swiss of 10 minutes per game plus 5 seconds per move.

Results will be submitted for English Chess Federation rapid play grading.


Many modest (and often silly) prizes to be won by players at all levels.

Prize giving is expected to be finished by 6:30 p.m.

Entrance numbers strictly limited to 24 absolute tops

and people will be turned away after that number is reached

so advance booking is strongly recommended.

Book by contacting Paul Buswell

preferably on email

or otherwise phone 01424 444321.

No tournament if there are not 12 firm entries before Monday 10th April

Entry fees:

*£3.50 Club members entering before 10th April;

*£5 Club members entering later than that.

*£7 (£5 junior) surcharge for those who are not ECF members.

This is because the ECF charges for grading those players’ results.

(ECF adult membership from £15, junior from £11; £1 less if done online)

Roy’s tea time refreshments are included in entry fee.

Visitors’ parking vouchers available at cost from Jim Wheeler before the day.


4th Weekend Tournament

7th Hastings and St Leonards Weekend Chess Tournament 24/25 June 2017

Pelton House 2 Cornwallis Terrace Hastings East Sussex TN34 1EB, United Kingdom

Saturday June 24– Sunday  June 35


1 Saturday 9.30 am 2 Saturday 1.30 pm 3 Saturday 5.30 pm

4 Sunday 10 am  5 Sunday 2.00 pm


Any chess player graded 175 and under – one section only

How to enter

By post to Marc Bryant, the arbiter, at 88 Manor Road, Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 3LP

Only the first 30 entries will be accepted

Entry fee

Standard=£25, Hastings Chess Club member=£20, Under 18=£15

Prizes guaranteed

Total £265 as follows

1st £100 2nd £60 3rd £30

with three grading prizes of £25 each

U150 U125 U100

Further information

please contact Marc Bryant

telephone 01424 436313



Entry Form

7th Hastings and St Leonards Weekend Tournament

Full Name




Postcode                       ……………….

Home telephone            ……………….

Email                            ……………….

ECF Grade                   ……………….

ECF Code                    ……………….

ECF Membership No  ……………….

Membership Level       ……………….

DoB (for Under 18s)    ……………….

1/2 point bye)              ………………. (not in round 5)

Entry fee                      £………

(Standard=£25, Hastings Chess Club member=£20, Under 18=£15)

Donation (thank you)     £………

Non ECF members       £7

Total paid                      £………

Please make cheques payable to “Hastings Chess Club”

Notice of receipt will be by email if required


Other information

Game results will be sent to the ECF for grading

Refunds for non appearance will not be granted

If your opponent has not arrived within the first 30 minutes their game will be defaulted

Prizes will be handed out asap after game 5

Players may only win one cash prize

We regret that wheelchair access to the venue is not possible

Rate of play is 90 minutes +10 second increment per move

Post to Marc Bryant, the arbiter, at 88 Manor Road, Hastings, East Sussex,

TN34 3Lp




Continuing the celebrations  to celebrate the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, a very different challenge faces the Bayeux Bowmen when they team up with chess players for a contest which will take place at Horntye Park Sports Complex on Thursday 27th October 2016 at 14.00hrs.


Chess Archery was the brainchild of Stewart Reuben, International Consultant to the Hastings International Chess Congress.  It was put to the test at Horntye Park last year and was deemed a success.  The forthcoming event will be an official world premier open to the public.


Two teams comprised of bowmen and chess players will compete against each other.  The game is a combination of chess and archery skills and therefore interesting for spectators on two counts.    The chess players taking part will be International Master Francis Rayner, a member of the Welsh national chess team and Lithuanian Woman FIDE Master, Rasa Norinkeviciute.  Both are members of Hastings and St.Leonards Chess Club.


As well as being a novel event, this is a great way to celebrate Hastings history.  Hastings and archery have been associated at least since 1066.  Maybe less well known outside the chess fraternity is that William the Conqueror was a chess player as was his nephew, Louis the Fat.   In later years, the world famous Hastings Chess Congress took place in 1895 when the world’s greatest players of the time descended on the town and laid the foundation of a great chess legacy.  This has continued to the present day with many of the world champions having played in the annual Hastings International Chess Congress which will take place later in December.


It is hoped that members of the public will come along to watch this challenging and original event on 27th October.  Admission free.  


  • Further information from Pam Thomas, PR Officer, Hastings International Chess Congress e-mail:[1]


club fixture list

 a Hastings  fixture list  2016/17
kent steveson away rainham 09/10/2016
sussex div 2 home hastings 3 18/10/2016
sussex div 2 away hastings 2 18/10/2016
sussex div3 away uckfield 26/10/2016
sussex div 1 home brighton 27/10/2016
kent steveson away w.o.k 31/10/2016
sussex div 1 away worthing 07/11/2016
sussex div 2 home h3 horsham 09/11/2016
kent fuller away maidstone 09/11/2016
kent en passant away rainham 13/11/2016
kent steveson away tun/well 14/11/2016
sussex div 3 home horsham 22/11/2016
kent en passant away maidstone 23/11/2016
kent harvey home maidstone 27/11/2016
sussex div 2 home h2 uckfiled 29/11/2016
sussex div 2 away h3 crowborough 02/12/2016
kent en passant away tun/wells 05/12/2016
sussex div 3 away worthing 05/12/2016
kent harvey home w.o.k 08/12/2016
sussex div 2 away h3 uckfield 11/01/2017
sussex div 1 home worthing 12/01/2017
sussex div 3 home lewes 17/01/2017
sussex div 1 away crowborough 20/0117
kent steveson home maidstone 22/01/2017
sussex div 2 away h2 lewes 24/01/2017
kent fuller away medway 28/01/2017
sussex div 1 away horsham 31/01/2017
sussex div 3 home eastbourne 01/02/2017
kent harvey away tun/well 06/02/2017
sussex div 3 home east grinstead 07/02/2017
sussex div 2 away h2 argumentatives 08/02/2017
kent fuller home w.o.k 09/02/2017
kent en passant home swale 12/02/2017
sussex div 2 home h3 lewis 15/02/2017
sussex div 1 home haywoods heath 16/02/2017
kent fuller away swale 16/02/2017
kent fuller home snodland 19/02/2017
sussex div 3 home sessex u 21/02/2017
sussex div 1 away woodpushers 22/02/2017
sussex div 2 away h3 brighton 23/02/2017
kent en passant home rainham 26/02/2017
kent en passant home tun/wells 28/02/2017
sussex div 2 home h3 argumentatives 01/03/2017
kent harvey home snodland 04/03/2017
kent fuller home maidstone 05/03/2017
sussex div 2 home h2 crowborough 07/03/2017
sussex div 3 away horsham 07/03/2017
kent en passant away swale 09/03/2017
kent fuller away rainham 12/03/2017
sussex div 2 away h2 horsham 14/03/2017
kent steveson away rochester 19/03/2016
sussex div 1 home horsham 23/03/2017
kent en passant home maidstone 26/03/2017
sussex div 2 away h2 eastbourne 31/03/2017
sussex div 2 home h2 brighton 25/04/2017
sussex div 1 home eastbourne 27/04/2017

county U160 team