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Directors Meeting: 20/01/2020

Minutes of the Hastings and St Leonard chess club committee meeting
held on the 20th of January
Apologies bill penfold Lona Stewart Gary Willson
Minutes of the previous meeting not available
Matters arising none
Other issues discussed
Proposal from Tim wall to run agm tournament at the club between August 8 and August 16
Agreed to allocate the downstairs room as long as it is only minimal cost to the club
Downstairs flat issues with the gas metre and boiler premises officer to resolve issues
concern raise over cracked glass in some picture frame agreed to purchase 10 new frames
Meeting closes 19.20

Directors Meeting: 28/10/2019

Meeting of the Hastings and St. Leonard chess club committee
Held on the 28th of October, 2019
Apologies Adrian Cload bill Penfold Garry Willson
Matters arising none
Previous meeting minute not available for signing
As requested, the chairman discussed with Derek Cosens the value of the trophy cabinet although some years ago, we would Got 300 to 400 pounds for it there so now little demand for brown furniture agreed give cabinet away possible advertise in Friday ad and if no joy break up
Honours board now up to date
express concern over match refreshment agreed to continue at present
A draft budget was produced with forecasts
Membership to renew were listed
Premises officer
Concern about the rats in downstairs flat agreed purchase rat traps and also and contact the Hastings borough council environmental health as to where they’re coming from
Also concerned about lack of smoke detectors agreed to look into the wireless sets as opposed to a hard wire
tournament controller
Club championship is now up and running and available on the LMS
junior Organizer
Approx. 14 to 16 juniors attending regularly
Match captains
Mid-Sussex League and Kent league now underway results available on the LMS
Kent summer Quickplay semi-final against Tunbridge Wells
Any other business none
Date of next Meeting November 25th 18.15

Annual General Meeting: Notice & Agenda 08/09/2019

NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting of the Hastings & St. Leonards Chess Club –

Hastings & St Leonards Chess Club Ltd, company registration 07737752 – will be held on Sunday 8 September 2019 at 2:30 pm at Pelton House, 2 Cornwallis Terrace, Hastings.

All Members are entitled to attend and speak but only Full Members are entitled to vote

Members are encouraged to attend but if they cannot then company law permits them to appoint a proxy and a form of proxy accompanies this notice.

Would be proxy givers are asked to consider carefully any directions they wish to give the proxy holder on how and when their vote is to be exercised or not to be exercised.

A form of proxy is enclosed for eligible members who wish to use it.

Members are strongly urged, in order to expedite the business of the Meeting, to raise beforehand with the appropriate person any points of information that might perhaps be disposed of without taking up the Meeting’s time.

Tea (complimentary) will be taken at approximately 4.00 p.m., and if necessary, the meeting will adjourn for that purpose.

After the AGM, there will be the customary President’s v Chairman’s Match (30 minutes per player,
ungraded) for the Reg Cload Trophy.

It is not obligatory for most to submit written reports, but the following documents are enclosed with this Agenda:

Agenda item 5: Chairman’s Report
AGENDA ITEM 7 Treasurer Report
Agenda item 8.7 Harvey cup
Agenda item 8.8 En Passant Kent
Agenda item 8.9 Tom Fuller
Agenda item 8.12 Mid Sussex 1
Agenda item 8.13 Mid Sussex 2
Agenda item 8.10 Kent summer Quickplay 2018
Agenda item 18.9 Shadforth Boger

N.B. members who receive these papers by e-mail may find them collated differently to those receiving hard copy, but the content is the same!

The Minutes of the AGM of 9 September 2018 have been previously circulated but are circulated again for the convenience of Members. Members who attended who have issues of accuracy with them should advise the Secretary in good time.

1 Apologies for Absence.

2 Announcement of any proxies.

3 One minute’s Silence for members who have died.

4 Matters Arising not otherwise on the Agenda or reported.

5 Chairman’s Report
MR. Bryant

6 Secretary’s Report – Mr Willson

7 Financial Report Treasurer – Mr. Wheeler
7.1 Report
7..2 Accounts for the year to 30 June 2019
7..3 Adopt the Accounts
7.4 Appointment of examiner of the Accounts.

8 Reports from other office-holders
8.1 Premises Officer – vacant
8.2 Junior Organizer – Mr. Woodhams
8.3 Tournament Controller – Ms Norinkeviciute
8.4 Librarian – Mr. Cafferty
8.5 Website manager – Mr. Woodhams
8.6 Stevenson – Mr. Cload
8.7 Harvey – Mr Bryant
8.8 EnPassant – Mr Bryant
8.9 tom Fuller – Mr Jozwiak
8.10 Kent Summer Quickplay 2018
8.11 Friendly matches – Mr. Woodhams
8.12 Mid Sussex League 1st team – Mr Tebbs
8.13 Mid Sussex League 2nd team – Mr Bryant
8.14 Mid Sussex League 3rd team – Mr Woodhams
8.15 Mid Sussex league 4th team – Mr Willson
8.16 representative on Committee of the Hastings Chess Congress -Mrs Penfold
8.17 Delegates to Mid-Sussex Chess League – Messrs. Bryant, Tebbs woodhams Wilson
8.18 Delegate to Sussex Chess Association – Mr. Elliston Delegate to Sussex Chess Association

9 Vote of Thanks to Retiring Officers

10 Election of Directors of the Company (i.e. Committee)
Directors also serve as Trustees of the registered charity
10.1 Chairman
10.2 Treasurer
10.3 Secretary
10.4 Premises Officer
10.5 Junior Director
10.6 up to six non-executive Directors

11 Election of other Officers and delegates:
11.1 Tournament Controller
11.2 Membership Secretary
11.3 Publicity/Press Officer
11.4 Website Manager
11.5 Equipment Officer
11.6 Representative on Committee of the Hastings International Chess Congress
11.7 Delegates to Mid-Sussex Chess League (has usually been the MSCL match captains ex officio)
11.8 Delegate to Sussex Chess Association.

12 Membership Subscriptions and related matters
12.1 The Committee is not proposing any changes to the standard rates

13 Match Captains
13.1 Paul Watson Trophy (teams of six and four respectively)
Mid-Sussex League
13.2 1team
13.3 2 team
13.4 3 team
13.5 4team
13.6 MacArthur cup

14 Kent League teams: six divisions
14.1 open
14.2 Lewis 170
14.3 Stevenson 155
14.4 En passant 140
14.5 Harvey 125
14.6 tom fuller 110
14.7 Intro 95

15 Friendly matches

16 Date of Annual General Meeting 2020

17 Any Other Business

18 Presentation of Trophies
18.1 Club Championship D.Lowe
18.2 Pelton Cup S.Blewitt
18.3 Rush Cup W.Cobb
18.4 Anslow Cup 2015 (summer tourney) To be announced
18.5 Bradley-Martin 2015 (summer tourney)
18 6 Winser Trophy 2015 (summer K.O.)
18.7 Dent Cup 2015 (summer K.O. Plate)
18.8 Whyte Cup 2015 ½ hour (summer quick play)
18.9 Shadforth-Boger Trophy (merit in matches) to be announced
18.10 Starling Cup (10-minute

Directors Meeting: 05/08/2019

Hastings and St Leonards Chess Club Directors Meeting Agenda

Monday 5th August 2019, 18.15, Richard Almond Room, Pelton House

Attended by: S Blewitt, M Bryant, M Woodhams, L Steuart, J Wheeler, G Willson, A Hustwayte.

1 Apologies for Absence were received from W Penfold, A Cload.

2 Minutes of the meetings held on 1st July 2019 were agreed noted.

3 Matters arising from the minutes. All issues covered in the main body of the meeting.

4 Action Point Update: none outstanding.

5 Officer’s Reports

4 further frames had been purchased as agreed. Replica trophies had been purchased. Engraving completed on all trophies. LMS page has been set up to be used for all internal club tournaments, should be ready to go from the start of the winter tournaments.

AGM papers need to be issued no later than 2 weeks prior. Reports need to be sent to MB by 11th August.

A regular donor has asked if there is anything the junior club needs. MW will discuss with JW outside the meeting and get back to her, thanking her for the kind offer.

MW gave a verbal report on the successes during the year, including 3 players getting through to the Giga Finals. Average attendance 16.2 throughout the year, and the new grades show some of our players have shown large improvements. MW may use the board in Butlers Gap during the summer, SB offered to help if available. MW is thinking of doing junior club on 2 nights, with more advanced players coming on Friday ahead of the weekly time handicap tournament (though may need to obtain a grant to achieve this). This was warmly welcomed by the Committee. There was general agreement that the club needs to support the junior club more, for example by encouraging adult players to volunteer helping on an ad hoc basis. MW would consider including this in his report to the AGM.

Premises Officer:
Plumber has unblocked the ladies toilet. Have quoted for the other work totalling £1100 including VAT). As the work is necessary, the Committee agreed to the expenditure.

Tournament Controller:
Only 4 entries for the 10 minute tournament so far.

Team Captains:
We are again into the semi finals of the Kent Summer Quickplay. Match versus GLC was a success despite the result (1.5 – 5.5). MW approached Wood Green to invite them down for a match, but they are unable to raise a team.

a new application had been received from the parent of a junior, Barbara Jack, which was accepted nem con.

MW had created email address for all officers. He would be writing separately on the matter.
MW had identified a stand alone security camera that connected via Wifi, with motion trackers, infra red etc. Cost is £300 each. (DN: please clarify this amount). We would need 2 or 3, which would enable the trophies to be put back on display. All views to the Chairman.
MB provided the Committee with an update on our involvement in the Congress. Following a number of resignations (including all local people on the Congress Committee), we were approached to see if we could assist. A number of club members had agreed to help, and given the situation, had proposed that the Club take an active role in the running of the Congress. The Club Committee agreed nem con with the Chairman’s decision, and it was agreed a proposal be put to the forthcoming AGM, to seek and gain support from the membership. GW agreed to draft a form of words.
Paul B will be running the Roy Bourne Rapidplay on 29th September.

Next meeting: Mon 16th Sept, 6.15 pm.

Directors Meeting: 01/07/2019


Directors Meeting Agenda

Monday 1st July 2019, 18.15, Richard Almond Room, Pelton House

Attended by: S Blewitt, M Bryant, A Cload, L Steuart, J Wheeler, G Willson, A Hustwayte.

1 Apologies for Absence were received from W Penfold, M Woodhams.

2 Minutes of the meetings held on 20th May 2019 were agreed with amendments noted.

3 Matters arising from the minutes.

4 Action Point Update
All Action Points outstanding from the previous meeting were cleared.

5 Officer’s Reports
Further picture frames purchased as agreed and boards cleaned. 5 trophies have been sent for engraving.

AGM is second Sunday in Sept. Papers will need to be issued timely. All officers will need to complete reports by Aug 11th. An email needs to be issued to members seeking nominations for club positions.

Some members still owe fees, though the Committee agreed JW could use his judgement as he saw fit. Bethune made a loss of £1.71 per player, which the club would willingly cover. Andrea Furness was appointed to become our auditor as a replacement for Paul Smith pro bono. It was agreed a small gift would be appropriate. Y/E figures show an excess of £1700, but this was dependant on the cost of outstanding repairs. It was agreed the provision of sandwiches should continue.

Director was absent due to illness.

Premises Officer:
Toilet blocked in ladies, toilet leaking in downstairs flat, and a hole in the downstairs flat bathroom. Kitchen sink is in need of repair, and the water heater in the kitchen needs replacing. It was agreed a plumber should come and look at both issues at the same time if at all possible (Booker and Best). A new premises officer is needed for the forthcoming year. The housing sub-committee will continue with existing members.

Tournament Controller:
Entries for summer tournaments all closed and tournaments up and running. A late player was accepted in the Bradley Martin.

new member Robert Wheeler was accepted by the committee.

Team Captains:
The committee was informed of the outcomes from the MSL AGM.

Another incident was reported at junior club caused by what the tenant considered to be excessive noise in the downstairs playing room. It was agreed that the incident was not helped by lack of adult support.
The following points were agreed:
(1) Junior club would stay upstairs until the after the committee had had the opportunity to consider the situation further.
(2) Noise should be kept to a sensible level.
It was confirmed that the downstairs playing room should only be used when a second tutor was present, when the new term starts.
(3) The sub-committee would contact the tenant to explain the measures we had put in place, and to remind him that should there be an issue in future, he should make contact through the sub-committee in the first instance.
(4) The committee did not accept MB’s resignation as a helper from Junior Club.
GW suggested that the club needs to consider the long term strategy of having a junior club and the way in which the club supports it. It was agreed that this could not be progressed in the absence of MW.

Directors Meeting: 20/05/2019


Directors Meeting Agenda

Monday 20th May 2019, 18.15, Richard Almond Room, Pelton House

Attended by: S Blewitt, M Bryant, A Cload, L Steuart, J Wheeler, G Willson, M Woodhams.

1 Apologies for Absence were received from W Penfold, A Hustwayte.

2 Minutes of the meetings held on 11th March 2019 and 8th April 2019 were agreed with amendments noted.

3Matters arising not already on the Agenda: New Club Secretary election of Mr Willson to Committee.
G Willson had volunteered to become club secretary, and to be a director of the company.

4 Chairman’s Matters
Trophy cabinet: MB had moved the trophy cabinet, but now needed a decision on where it should be relocated.  It was agreed there was more space in the main playing room.
AP 010519/01: 
MW and GW to work together to present proposals on the location of the trophy cabinet.
Framing of pictures: MB is continuing work as agreed.
Championship Board: it was agreed to get the Club Championship board updated professionally.  A figure of £200 would be a reasonable figure.
AP 010519/02:
JW and MW to investigate the updating of the Championship Board using Towners.
Bethune: the trip was considered a great success by the 10 players who took part.  JW had already written to thank the hosts for their hospitality.  They will be visiting us in 2021.
Wobbly and Squeak table: this remains outstanding.
Water heater in kitchen: this remains outstanding.

5 Library
Nothing to report.

6 Secretaries Reports and Correspondence
JW needs to update Director’s personal details with Companies House, in hand.  GW will consider format and process for meeting agendas, minutes, etc.

7 Treasurer Report
JW provided an update on those members paying their membership fees in instalments, in hand.

Budget: AP 010519/03
JW to provide a budget report for the next meeting.
JW has got some new keys cut at a cost of £9 each.  It was agreed these should be loaned out to members on receipt of a £10 deposit.

Member renewals: one member has decided not to renew as he is unhappy at only getting selected for away games.

8 Premises Officers and Housing Committee Report
Agreement for basement flat: a revised has been issued to the tenant, no response received.
AP 010519/04
AC to write to PK to confirm the contract with revised wording is now deemed as in force.
Repairs to downstairs flat: tap on sink is fixed, remaining issues on-going.

9 Website
Website is being updated on a regular basis.  GW pointed out our obligations under GDPR concerning official emails.
AP010519/05  GW and MW to consider providing officers with official email addresses and report back to the next meeting.

10 Junior chess
MW had been ill for a few weeks, and temporary cover was arranged.  Was now back.
4 students have not returned since PK’s outburst, though no formal complaints had been made.  MW had dealt with all issues informally and, as far as he was aware, to the parent’s satisfaction.
Will Cobb was playing regularly in the Tom Fuller, and had qualified for the UKCC Giga Final.
2 children were having to leave because parent’s work permits running out.

11 Tournament Controllers Report
Notices had been posted inviting entrants to the summer tournaments.

12 Captains Report
Mid Sussex: the first team beat Horsham and drew with Worthing in the final game, winning the Div 1 title.  The second team maintained midtable credibility in the same division.  The third team were relegated in a relatively strong Div 2, but the fourth team came second in Div 3 and gained promotion.
Kent: The 3 teams who played in the finals performed creditably, but all ultimately lost.  All matches went down to the final boards in close games.

13 New members
A junior Chrissy Parry was formally agreed as a member.  It was agreed he should only pay £2.50 for the current year.

14 Time/date next meeting
Monday 1st July 2019 at 6.15 in the Richard Almond Room.

15 Any other business
Paul Buswell’s rapid play: to go ahead as advertised, we will provide refreshments and donate £25.
Alan Barton artistry of chess: as per email recently circulated.  MB has agreed to provide refreshments.
Mid-Sussex League AGM: a notice had been put on the MSL website.  It was agreed we should send 4 representatives as entitled, and we should agree a recommendation to retain the existing time controls.
Hastings International Chess Congress: it was agreed that we would consider providing assistance if requested to do so.
ECF membership; one player had played more than 3 games for the club
AP 010519/06 GW to renew NV’s bronze membership and report to JW for reimbursement

Directors Meeting: 11/03/2019


Minutes of the directors meeting held on the 11th of March, 2019

Apologies Alan Hustwayte Bill Penfold

Minutes of the meeting 11th February accepted

Chairman matters

Picture framing ongoing

Curtains done

Gas zero billing £25.00 goodwill gesture received

Championship board still to

Club Secretary one person Has shown interest

Bethune agreed to except invitation chairman to communicate with French

Wobbly table still to do

library 2 bookcases purchased £70

Treasurer report nothing to report

Premises officers report

Basement flat agreement done but still to be given to tenant.  For signing

Basement rent subcommittee not yet met on this matter

Moving electric meters chairman to investigate

Tournaments Controllers report nothing to report

Match captains report

see website

New members Nothing to report

Time and date of the meeting 8th of April

Any other business

Trophy cabinet agreed for it to be moved

Agreed to purchase first aid kit

Agreed to purchase a computer £100

Agreed to Purchase New water heater


Meeting ended 19.10