Management Team

Management Team 2021 – 2022


 Alan Hustwayte                    President                                                       

Stephen Blewitt                    Committee Chairman* & Premises Officer

James Wheeler                      Treasurer & Company Secretary                 

Adrian Cload                            Director Without Portfolio

Stephen Chapman                Club Secretary*            


Non-Executive Officers

Andrew McGettigan            Director of Junior Chess

Raffi Alexiantz                                   Tenancy Officer

Rasa Norinkeviciute              Tournament Controller

[Data Currently Withheld]            Web Manager                                               

[Data Currently Withheld]  Media & Publicity Officer                             




Esteemed Responsible Colleagues

Marc A Bryant                       Housekeeper       01424 436 313

Bernard Cafferty                      Librarian

Management Team General Enquiries:                               

*  pending ratification upon acceptance of the Committee Meeting Minutes of 06/09/2021

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