5th Hastings and St Leonards Weekend Chess Tournament 24/25 September 2016

5th Hastings and St Leonards
Weekend Chess Tournament 24/25 September 2016

to be played in the club at

Pelton House 2 Cornwallis Terrace Hastings East Sussex TN34 1EB, United Kingdom

Saturday September 24– Sunday 25 September


1 Saturday 9.30 am 2 Saturday 1.30 pm 3 Saturday 5.30 pm

4 Sunday 10 am  5 Sunday 2.00 pm


Any chess player graded 150 and under – one section only

How to enter

By post to Marc Bryant, the arbiter, at 88 Manor Road, Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 3LP

Only the first 30 entries will be accepted

Entry fee

Standard=£25, Hastings Chess Club member=£20, Under 18=£15

Prizes guaranteed

Total £265 as follows

1st £100 2nd £60 3rd £30

with three grading prizes of £25 each

U125 U100 U75

Further information

please contact Marc Bryant

telephone 01424 436313

email bryant8830@yahoo.co.uk

Organised by Jeremy Hudson and Marc Bryant

Entry Form

5th Hastings and St Leonards Weekend Tournament

Full Name




Postcode                       ……………….

Home telephone            ……………….

Email                            ……………….

ECF Grade                   ……………….

ECF Code                    ……………….

ECF Membership No  ……………….

Membership Level       ……………….

DoB (for Under 18s)    ……………….

1/2 point bye)              ………………. (not in round 5)

Entry fee                      £………

(Standard=£25, Hastings Chess Club member=£20, Under 18=£15)

Donation (thank you)     £………

Non ECF members       £6

Total paid                      £………

Please make cheques payable to “Hastings Chess Club”

Notice of receipt will be by email if required


Other information

Game results will be sent to the ECF for grading

Refunds for non appearance will not be granted

If your opponent has not arrived within the first 30 minutes their game will be defaulted

Prizes will be handed out asap after game 5

Players may only win one cash prize

We regret that wheelchair access to the venue is not possible

Rate of play is 90 minutes +10 second increment per move

Post to Marc Bryant, the arbiter, at 88 Manor Road, Hastings, East Sussex,

TN34 3Lp



Fourth Hastings Weekend Chess Tournament results

1st         Paul Kelly                     Hastings      4 1/2  5    £100

2nd       Brendan Ruane        Hastings        4/5             £60

3rd       Jim Wheeler               Hastings        31/2   5    £25

Batuhan Kaya           Eastbourne                        £25

Grading  Prizes

Under 155         Callum Salmons       Brighton           £15

Under 135        Sam Cotterill             Exeter unv        £25

under110         Carl Sheeran               Isle of wight    £25


Minutes of the Directors Meeting: Monday 20 June 2016




Present:  Marc Bryant, Adrian Cload, Bill Penfold, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler [5]

In Attendance: Ken Lucas (Minutes), Bernard Cafferty (McArthur Cup Report)


The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1815

1 Apologies for Absence:  JH

2 Minutes of the Meeting of 09 May 2016 (previously circulated) – accepted, signed by the Chairman.

3 Matters arising not already on the agenda – none

The Chairman directed the meeting to Agenda Item 12.1

12.1  McArthur Cup – BC reported ‘difficulties’ in fixing a date with Horsham, 4 different and helpful dates

had been turned down.  In view of the history in arranging fixtures in past years BC recommended non-entry

in future and would resign as match captain.  With regard to the 2016 fixture: McArthur Cup Final, Hastings

v Horsham, the Committee fully supported any action BC decided to take.


4 Library – BC reported donations.  MB suggested : the OUT book in the lower room to sign books out as previous,

an IN book in the kitchen beside the Computer where the returned book should be signed in and left – agreed.

MB advised reminders sent, more to do, 10 books now recovered.  MB suggested sale of old, duplicate

magazines on E-bay – agreed.


5 Chairman’s matters

5.1 C. Power – Mrs Power had donated Chess books, MB suggested sending her flowers at Christmas – agreed.

5.2 Weekend Tournament : only 8 entered, only PK from Club.

5.3 Roy – MB suggested that teas should be served in the kitchen when more than one or two present and after

consultation with Roy – agreed.

5.4 Framing of pictures : more done, more to be done.  A further £30 agreed.  Picture of Con suggested – agreed.


6 Secretary’s report and correspondence : MB reported no correspondence.


7 Treasurer’s report and financial

7.1 Membership renewals : JW advised waiting on 3 members to complete their subscription.

7.2 Budget : nothing new.


8 Premises officer’s report

8.1 P. Kelly’s resignation – Confidential

8.2 Scaffolding estimate – MB advised £800-1200, for 8/9 weeks.  MB suggested this was necessary to remove

and repair the sign – agreed.

8.3 Curtains rehanging : MB will do.


9 Website : nothing


10 Junior chess : nothing


11 Tournament controller : MB advised Summer Tournament up and running and with a schedule.

New Tournament Results Book.


12 Captains

12.1 see earlier minute


13 Membership

13.1 New Members : none


14 Time/date next meeting : Monday 18 July 2016, 1815, Richard Almond Room, Pelton House.

AGM  Sunday 04 September 2016, @ 1400.  Deadlines: KL to Email members, MB to put up notices and

advise non-Email members.  Proposed business by 07 August, written reports by 31 July.


Break 1900-1910


15 Any other business :

15.1 Match sets – after some discussion MB will investigate (possible £150/set, £900 for match set of 6)

15.2 MSL AGM – MB advised tomorrow but as Train Strike unable to attend.

15.3 Julie Denning – to attend AGM to talk about ECF – agreed.

15.4 Roy Webb initiative – regular Wednesday afternoon social chess gathering and to include Bexhill Chess Club

members – the Committee wholeheartedly approve.  Possible fees for non-Club members – next agenda

15.5 Air Conditioning – after some discussion and concern about noise it was agreed for MB to investigate and

purchase two free-standing fans.

15.6 Bethune visit to Hastings 2016/17 season – AGM agenda.

The Meeting closed at 1918.


AGM     Sunday 4th September 2016

starting 2.00 pm

Nominations     in by 07 August

Written Reports   in by 31 July



In accordance with Clause 4.2.3 of the Club Constitution please take notice that the Club’s Annual General Meeting will be held at the Club (at Pelton House, 2 Cornwallis Terrace, Hastings) on Sunday 04 September 2016 starting at  2:00 p.m.

The A.G.M. will be followed by the customary President’s versus Chairman’s match for the Reg Cload Trophy.

Proposals to be considered by the Annual General Meeting are hereby invited. By convention such proposals should also be seconded. Proposals should reach the Chairman (at the Club) no later than Sunday 07 August 2016. Note that proposals to be made by the Committee may be made after that deadline. (Club Constitution 4.2.4) Proposals may be delivered to the Chairman by other means but at the sender’s risk. e-mail for AGM proposals (and nominations): info@hastingschessclub.co.uk; it is suggested that senders seek to confirm receipt.

A sheet inviting nominations will be posted at the Club by the end of June. By convention such nominations should be proposed and also be seconded. If you intend to nominate someone please check that they are willing to accept nomination. Nominations may also be made direct to the Chairman, and when time allows he will transfer them to the sheet at the Club.

All reasonable expenses incurred in carrying out Club duties are reimbursed.

Members wishing to talk informally about the above matters, or about any post at all, should feel free to speak with Chairman or Treasurer as appropriate.

Finally, I suggest that, if you feel that an incumbent is doing an acceptable job, and you do not want the job yourself, and you have no one better to propose, then you consider nominating them – it can be disheartening to incumbents if members feel unable to show even that level of tacit approval.

Nominations made no later than 2:00 p.m. on Sunday 07 August 2016, or by the Committee at its expected meeting before the AGM, will appear on the Agenda when it is circulated. Nominations made later, including those made at the Meeting itself, will be perfectly valid but will not be listed on the Agenda.

The Agenda and all other papers for the Annual General Meeting will be circulated by Sunday 21 August 2016.


Ken Lucas (obo Marc Bryant, Chairman)



 The intrepid quartet of Blewitt, Buswell, Norinkeviciute and Wheeler day tripped to France for a day of chess and a decent meal afterwards.   A good time was had by all although somewhat marred by Eurotunnel’s contempt for its passengers which resulted in a 3¼ hour wait coming back and an overall two hour delay.
Nine rounds of 15 minutes each sudden death.
1 gm Dgebuadze 8½/9, dropping only a draw to Rasa in round 7,
2 Roussel 7½;  3= Frederic, Hetman 6½….
=9  Norinkeviciute 5½
=13  Blewitt, Buswell 5
=32  Wheeler 3½
39 players
Women’s Prize to Norinkeviciute;  Veterans’ Prize to Blewitt;  Grading Prize to Buswell.
And something I’ve never seen in all my years of chess:  in the last round Steve Blewitt’s opponent was cradling a 5-week old baby throughout!    (Presumably mum was busy just then).    The baby was impeccably behaved but Steve still lost.   Couldn’t say too much about it, the young father was the Tournament Director!


I am shortly planning to start work on this year’s Sussex Chess News. Once again, I am asking for your assistance in helping me to compile as comprehensive an account of the past year as possible. As I am sure you will appreciate, there is a lot of information to compile and I want to ensure everybody with news has sufficient time to submit their details; that I can edit the material and that copies can be proofread, printed and distributed within a realistic timescale.

I will circulate this to as many people as I know. I have added one or two new names which I have spotted on chess websites but the circulation list is for the most part the same as last year and I do appreciate that one or two  people could have been missed out, may have changed their email address or who no longer have any chess connections. Likewise, if you wish to be deleted from the circulation list, just let me know.

If you would like to have a report included, please would you help me greatly by making sure that your clubs and teams contribute items to me by FRIDAY, JULY 29. I appreciate you are busy people!

I must have items submitted electronically. If you do not have access to a word processor or computer, could you get someone else in your club or team to key the material in, either as an email or Word document. With all my other commitments, I just don’t have the time to type in submissions myself. Sorry.

I assume most clubs are about to reach the finish line to their season and that there may be one or two outstanding issues going into the summer. This is fine and I can be flexible.

As always, I would especially welcome any comment-style pieces as well as hard, factual information – all chess topics considered….

Games would be especially welcome, with annotation, and a diagram in jpeg would be brilliant! Chess files in PGN format attached would be great, too.

I would appreciate good quality pictures (in jpeg form) that are relevant to your season, if you have them, which I will try to use.

For information, a copy of last year’s Sussex Chess News can be downloaded here: http://www.bognorandarunchessclub.co.uk/links.html

Special Chess Event 7th July Swale Chess Club

From: swalechessclub@btinternet.com

Good afternoon,

Please fell free to copy this to your club members, however we only have
a few places left

I can announce the exciting news that on Thursday 7th July Swale Chess
Club will be hosting a special chess evening featuring GM Matthew Sadler
and WIM Natasha Regan:

Matthew Sadler is one of the strongest English chess players of all time
and Natasha Regan has combined a high achieving career as an actuary,
raising a family and still finds time to play chess at a high level.
Matthew and Natasha have just written a highly acclaimed book ‘Chess for
Life’ which will be available to purchase on the night

The evening will constitute a talk/lecture on several chess themes
followed by a simul and of course a chance to buy the book.

The cost of the evening’s entertainment for non Swale Chess Club members
will be £15 which includes both the lecture and playing in the simul,
which considering what a coup it is to have a player of Matthew’s status
is, I believe, a bargain.

I would be grateful if you would let me know as soon as you can whether
you are able to take advantage of this opportunity to learn and be
entertained by a leading Grand Master as I will shortly be offering the
limited number of places to members of other local clubs too

Best wishes


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