Results Form
Date of Match Division / Competition 2
Home Team Away Team
Hastings 2 Hastings 3
Grade Player Player Grade
1 184 Willson, Ollie 1 0 Wheeler, James M 151
2 171 Kelly, Paul J 1 0 Bryant, Marc A 141
3 166 Fleming, Andrew SJ  1/2  1/2 Cosens, Derek 137
4 164 Cove h 1 0 Willson, Gary 137
5 159 Ruane B 1 0 Harvey, Derek D 133
4 1/2  1/2




Continuing the celebrations  to celebrate the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, a very different challenge faces the Bayeux Bowmen when they team up with chess players for a contest which will take place at Horntye Park Sports Complex on Thursday 27th October 2016 at 14.00hrs.


Chess Archery was the brainchild of Stewart Reuben, International Consultant to the Hastings International Chess Congress.  It was put to the test at Horntye Park last year and was deemed a success.  The forthcoming event will be an official world premier open to the public.


Two teams comprised of bowmen and chess players will compete against each other.  The game is a combination of chess and archery skills and therefore interesting for spectators on two counts.    The chess players taking part will be International Master Francis Rayner, a member of the Welsh national chess team and Lithuanian Woman FIDE Master, Rasa Norinkeviciute.  Both are members of Hastings and St.Leonards Chess Club.


As well as being a novel event, this is a great way to celebrate Hastings history.  Hastings and archery have been associated at least since 1066.  Maybe less well known outside the chess fraternity is that William the Conqueror was a chess player as was his nephew, Louis the Fat.   In later years, the world famous Hastings Chess Congress took place in 1895 when the world’s greatest players of the time descended on the town and laid the foundation of a great chess legacy.  This has continued to the present day with many of the world champions having played in the annual Hastings International Chess Congress which will take place later in December.


It is hoped that members of the public will come along to watch this challenging and original event on 27th October.  Admission free.  


  • Further information from Pam Thomas, PR Officer, Hastings International Chess Congress e-mail:[1]


stevenson cup

stevenson cup
Rainham   v Hastings
1 A.Compton 186 1 v 0 R.V.Elliston 181 110228L
2 D.Barnes 167 0 v 1 P.Kelly 171 130537C
3 A.Waters 163 0 v 1 B.Ruane 159 288310H
4 T.Stonehouse 142  1/2 v  1/2 J.Wheeler 151 143359D
5 S.Pike 143 1 v 0 M.a.Bryant 141 107571J
6 B.Stock 106 0 v 1 O.Namouk 121 116059L
2 1/2 3 1/2 6

club fixture list

 a Hastings  fixture list  2016/17
kent steveson away rainham 09/10/2016
sussex div 2 home hastings 3 18/10/2016
sussex div 2 away hastings 2 18/10/2016
sussex div3 away uckfield 26/10/2016
sussex div 1 home brighton 27/10/2016
kent steveson away w.o.k 31/10/2016
sussex div 1 away worthing 07/11/2016
sussex div 2 home h3 horsham 09/11/2016
kent fuller away maidstone 09/11/2016
kent en passant away rainham 13/11/2016
kent steveson away tun/well 14/11/2016
sussex div 3 home horsham 22/11/2016
kent en passant away maidstone 23/11/2016
kent harvey home maidstone 27/11/2016
sussex div 2 home h2 uckfiled 29/11/2016
sussex div 2 away h3 crowborough 02/12/2016
kent en passant away tun/wells 05/12/2016
sussex div 3 away worthing 05/12/2016
kent harvey home w.o.k 08/12/2016
sussex div 2 away h3 uckfield 11/01/2017
sussex div 1 home worthing 12/01/2017
sussex div 3 home lewes 17/01/2017
sussex div 1 away crowborough 20/0117
kent steveson home maidstone 22/01/2017
sussex div 2 away h2 lewes 24/01/2017
kent fuller away medway 28/01/2017
sussex div 1 away horsham 31/01/2017
sussex div 3 home eastbourne 01/02/2017
kent harvey away tun/well 06/02/2017
sussex div 3 home east grinstead 07/02/2017
sussex div 2 away h2 argumentatives 08/02/2017
kent fuller home w.o.k 09/02/2017
kent en passant home swale 12/02/2017
sussex div 2 home h3 lewis 15/02/2017
sussex div 1 home haywoods heath 16/02/2017
kent fuller away swale 16/02/2017
kent fuller home snodland 19/02/2017
sussex div 3 home sessex u 21/02/2017
sussex div 1 away woodpushers 22/02/2017
sussex div 2 away h3 brighton 23/02/2017
kent en passant home rainham 26/02/2017
kent en passant home tun/wells 28/02/2017
sussex div 2 home h3 argumentatives 01/03/2017
kent harvey home snodland 04/03/2017
kent fuller home maidstone 05/03/2017
sussex div 2 home h2 crowborough 07/03/2017
sussex div 3 away horsham 07/03/2017
kent en passant away swale 09/03/2017
kent fuller away rainham 12/03/2017
sussex div 2 away h2 horsham 14/03/2017
kent steveson away rochester 19/03/2016
sussex div 1 home horsham 23/03/2017
kent en passant home maidstone 26/03/2017
sussex div 2 away h2 eastbourne 31/03/2017
sussex div 2 home h2 brighton 25/04/2017
sussex div 1 home eastbourne 27/04/2017

Club subs

Club subs

members please note the club subs are now due

at the following rates

life member £800

full member £80

associate member   £32

student or child member  £20

Jim Wheeler or any committee member will be happy to take your sub at the club please ensure that you get a receipt

Marc A Bryant



ECF AGM 15th October

ECF AGM 15th October

Individual Knockout Championship.

Entries are invited for the next Sussex County Chess Association Individual Knockout Championship. I shall be grateful if you will publicise the tournament to your club members.The number of entrants has been falling over the last few years and it is hoped that some strong juniors will be encouraged to compete in future to avoid the competition becoming the preserve of senior players, but they should be advised that classic time controls are involved, with the possibility of adjournment after four hours.
There is an entry fee of £3.50 which should be sent by cheque, payable to Sussex County Chess Association, to me at:
125 Ashford Road
TN34 2HY
Further information may be obtained from me on 01424 715753 or by email: my address is
Joe Sharp
Tournament Controller

county U160 team


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